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(11/29/02 8:36:11 am)
BoEM and RttToEE?
Has anyone compiled any lists of combining this book with the module? I"m going to pick up the BoVD today after looking over the add-ins here on the boards. Though the Book of Edritch Might may have some good spells and items as well.

There are quite a few elemental spells and feats, and new spells often give the 'ancient magics' feel for the cultists. In paticular, I could see giving the Mark spells to the clerics of the various temples, allowing them to make their mooks a bit more fearsome.

If this hasn't been done, I'll go through and make up a list. I've gotten so much already from this community I feel like I want to give something back. Then again, if its already been done, so much the better :) .

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(12/1/02 2:48:23 am)
I'm going to use Gestalt once players reach Outer Fane... I created custom sorcerer assistant for Hedrack :) That should be fun. There are plenty of nice spells on books.


(12/1/02 4:13:13 am)
Re: Boem
I've used the new sorcerer wherever applicable. And then I've added some spells (I'm in the process of boosting the Outer Fane, and quite a few spells will go there - BTW that means that Hedrack will be a 15th level cleric. R u n !).

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