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(11/29/02 9:04:04 am)
Maddman's campaign log.
Figured I'd start one of these - we are just starting the module and have gotten one session in so far.

Before, the group had run through the sunless citadel. They had two of the signet rings that the druid player's master had sent him after. He was to take them to the village of Hommlett to a druid named Jaroo for payment :) .

Additionally, they had Shatterspike, a +1 sword that enhanced sunder attempts. They wanted to trade or barter it for another weapon (sunder just destroys treasure, dontchaknow).

They get to town and at first Jaroo doesn't know what they are talking about. After a minute (thanks to ESP) he 'remembers' and asks how much gold it was for the rings. One of the players jokingly said '400 each', and Jaroo happily paid it. They counted their good fortune, but didn't catch on that something unusual was going on.

They spend some time in the bar, with Xaod talking about evil visions in the temple, and Chatrilion warns them off the moathouse. They buy it, but don't allow him to come along.

They make their way to the ruins of the temple, and see four hobgoblins outside the gates. They are in two gruops of two. They decide the druid's badger will charge one group as a distraction, while the rogues ambush the other two. The rogues kill their no problem, but the badger lets one get away. He gets inside and bolts the door.

After such a quick victory, one of the players comments "I thought this module was supposed to be hard! Monte's Meatgrinder, huh!" Bwahahaha.

Unfortunately, the hobgoblin ran and told the chieftan that they were under attack by stealthy rogues. He decided to set up an ambush. The party was gathered behind the guardhouse, waiting to see what the hobgoblins did.

Soon the gates opened and a couple hobgoblins came out, looking about. The party pounced on them, they didn't get a chance to close the gate.

The group cautiously moved in, with the two warriors up front. As soon as they got inside, they saw the entire tribe waiting for them. On one side, thirteen hobgobins and the six elites. On the other, the nine goblin slaves, the chieftan, and the adept, as well as the dire ape. The adept went invisible, buffing the chieftan.

The sorcerer stepped around the corner and luckily had thought to buy a scroll of fireball in hommlett. He loosed the ball of flame, incinerating the hobgoblin force before they could move. Even the elites went down!

Half the goblins and the dire ape charged in. The party started battleing them, except the halfling rogue. He began crawling toward the invisible adept. The Dire ape disemboweled the party's fighter before he went down. The chieftan moved in.

The halfling managed to figure out where the adept was and made short work of him. The chieftan turned out to be much less a cpaable warrior than the ape, especially since he had the badger and the TN fighter against him, denying him the benefit of his prot. from good. They mopped up and went to rest.

The next day, the remaning hobgoblins had taken over in the temple, (those from the ruined building and the tower), but they weren't too concerned. They did search the tower and found the secret tunnel. They didn't find the tunnel to the lower temple (I'd decided that excavations weren't happening yet to prevent a TPK!), but they did go to the cottage. I decided that the spies of Iuz were staying here.

After a brief questioning, they got into a fight and managed to take a prisoner. He talked, and they learned that Iuz was watching the temple and their contact was Telna the Baker in town.

They also went to the potion shop and learned that Spugnoir went missing near the moathouse. They plan to look into this and to have a 'talk' with Telna next game.

Going good so far!

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