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(11/29/02 3:17:45 pm)
The Orb of Silvery Death
I was reading about this artifact and the Orb of Oblivion to prepare for an upcoming session. It states that the Orb of Oblivion cannot be destroyed while the Orb of Silvery Death still exists. Thats fairly straight forward.

Once the Orb of Silvery Death is destroyed all 4 of the power gems are "flung" back into their respective nodes. Thats easy enough. The question I have is how are the PCs supposed to regain them in order to destroy the Orb of Oblivion?

According to the text to destroy either artifact you must have all 4 gems inset. It also states that after you destroy either one of them the gems go back into the nodes, which are not accessible without some major excavation.

Am I missing something here? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


(11/29/02 3:44:11 pm)
Power Gems
ronin, I think you've got it exactly right - the PCs may well be able to destroy the Orb of Silvery Death, but destroying the 'Master Orb' is probably not imminent.

If you intend to have Big T and his cult(s) play a recurring role in your campaign, it's a hook to hang further adventures on - the power gems are lost to the PCs and only by travelling into the nodes (or very powerful magic like Wish or Miracle) will the RttToEE PCs get to 'finish the job'. Plus the PCs won't know where the gems have gone, or that they weren't destroyed with the Orb (though they can deduce that they weren't destroyed with the Goldenskull)

As the other nodes aren't included, I intend to save the Orb of Oblivion for later in the campaign - maybe a completely new group of PCs will have to excavate the other nodes, or stop the next wave of cultists who are intent on just that.

I haven't really decided what to do about the Uber-Orb yet but I think destroying it is outside the scope of the adventure, or at the least a substantial side-trek and potential anticlimax - I think Monte included the 'how to dismantle your death orb' instructions for artifact 'completeness', so you can expand the adventure if necessary, plus the original ToEE explained how to destroy the Goldenskull.

I'll leave it be - maybe when the Silvery orb is destroyed the Orb of Oblivion vanishes, only to turn up somewhere else when it can do some harm and begin to work once again towards Big T's release (kind of like the One Ring).


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