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(11/30/02 2:21:59 am)
A Character in Purple
Holy jeez!! I have never posted as much as in the last few days. Thanks to all of you that have helped me out. Guess a lot of stuff has come to mind. Anyway, I had a thought during our gaming session on Wednesday. One of the characters (Pelizar for those who read the log) is obssessed with the color purple. All his spells are vibrant purple in color, as are all his clothes. Now, I know that this is not the veiny dark purple of big T. However, since he is all in purple, is it possible that this would provoke some kind of reaction from the CRM forces?

Zag:rollin ig

(11/30/02 3:08:00 am)
Re: A Character in Purple
those without darkvision and low ranked, my address him as a cleric of tharuzdin.
those other will see, that it's not their color and will not be fooled, I'd say


(11/30/02 1:59:25 pm)
Re: A Character in Purple
Perhaps a Torch of Revealing can affect him somehow, kind of like a blacklight.

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