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(12/1/02 10:02:02 am)
Yet another Cultist response

I'm pretty sure this topic arose befor, but I just couldn't find anything...

Well, my PCs are finally going to take on the moathouse. They have been to the old temple and Nulb (losing 2 characters in the process).

They regrouped, and are eight strong now. 5 of them are 4th, and 3 are 3rd level.

Now, a funny thing happened... after coming back to Hommlet, the Wild Elf Barabrian Rogue ist really thrilled by the fact that there is a druid's grove... So he sneaks in alone, just to converse with the druids a bit. He meets Jaroo, and thinks of him as a pretty nice guy (I described him as an elderly man, always smiling and very friendly... but the player didn't take the hint at all... well the char has only 9 Wis, so whatever)

The others are busy resting, getting their ability drain removed (corrupting gaze IS nasty), then meet Elmo the other day at the temple of Pelor. He tells them he is worried bit about Spugnoir, who's been away from town for four days now, and Yether adds in the information about someone seeing strange people in ochre robes. So they decide to investigate the moathouse after having gathered some information about Spugnoir's habits.

They met Chat early on, and don't like him at all (and they're eight alerady, so I guess there yould be no point in offering his assistance at all). But now, the wild elf decides to tell Jaroo what they are up to -really EVERYTHING (and no one else knows this - PBeMs DO have advantages), since the old druid promised advice on the area around the moathouse...


Now I was wondering if I'd be too harsh to send the whole Hommlet cultist cell (possibly Dunrat+guard excluded), after the group. After all, they don't know about Big U, but they will think that they can catch the PCs while they are busy with the cultists at the moathouse, thus ensuring everything goes according to the plan. There are 8 PCs, so this tactic might actually be reasonable.

After the battle with U, things might get really messy if the group is attacked by the cultists... and if the gnolls hear the noise... I guess you get my point

Any suggestions?


(12/1/02 6:10:03 pm)
Re: Yet another Cultist response
I say go for it. my party had 5 members when they went in & they didn't do too badly. they were mostly 3rd level (i think one was 4th). i went a little easy on them with the dragon, but otherwise ran it by the book. they did have to leave & recover after chatrilon turned on them (heh heh), but otherwise, it wasn't anything that they couldn't handle. of course, they all rolled VERY well when it counted.

i don't think that sending the cultists from town would be overkill for a party of 8. besides, if spugnoir has been gone long enough for elmo to notice, the cultists in the moathouse have probably been gone long enough for dunrat & jaroo to notice. this would be a prime opportunity for them to find out. kill two birds with one stone, as it were. also, you may think about having the cultists wait to attack until the party comes back out. perhaps an ambush near the entrance. the cult isn't known for it's scruples. they may just assume that the dragon ate their comrades & decide to give the party a day or two to clear out any nasties inside & kill them as they come out. if they come out.

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