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(12/3/02 8:31:30 pm)
Emperors, should he live or die?
To start this off I would like give an overview of what has happened.

Chat showing his true colours killed the Party’s sorcerer and fled invisible to warn the others within the Moathouse after the dragons defeat. He met Gren who had rallied the skeletons in preparation of attack and she told Chat that the artefacts cannot fall into the Party’s hands and that he should flee with them if the battle is going bad. Sure enough the PC’s did kill Gren so Chat fled with half of the artefacts (the scroll and the bead) as Gren had informed him that these were magical.

Anyway the Party near death went in pursuit of Chat only to encounter the Gnolls and Garrik assisted by Chat. The battle was going good until Garrik fell. Chat not knowing whether he’d live or die; having only one option left, threw the bead at the Party (I decided that this would be a good example of things to come; a general wakeup call).

After the explosion one party member was dead and Xaod was dying. The party having no other option but to flee, left Xoad behind (who stabilised believe it or not) contained within the sphere of force and, with Chat stuck on the other side.

My question to you is; ’should Xaod die or should he live?’

I was wondering what things Chat would do? Would he kill him leave him or use him to barter with?

I like Xaod and I don’t wish to let that get in the way of what would/should happen.

Any comment?


(12/4/02 1:43:03 am)
If I were Chat, I'd weave a beautiful story to Xaod about how he was seduced by the elemental powers and threatened into the service of the moathouse Clerics.
Have Xaod, being the righteous man that he is, talk to the PC's about Chat and convince them that he should be freed from the clutches of this terrible evil
The rest of the trap is up to you :evil

(12/4/02 6:27:15 am)
Re: hehe
He is an NPC, kill him. If he were a PC I would have cut him some slack.

Why didn't Chat just turn Invisible and sneak out?

(12/4/02 6:30:17 am)
Re: hehe
I'd probably have Chat take Xaod back to Dunrat. Dunrat could probaly decide what to do with him then.

Killing him would be a waste of a valuble resource. A captured Paladin. If Dunrat could keep him under wraps until the cult start opening up the ruined temple someone more powerful could attempt to convert Xaod to the cult, or dominate him to join. Imagine the party arriving later on to discover Xaod the blackguard leading the guards in the ruined temple. ;)

If Dunrat can turn Xaod himself he should try, or possibly ship him off to the CRM ahead of the party.

Anyway, this is just my approach, I prefer corruption to killing.


The DM
(12/4/02 7:46:02 am)
Re: hehe
I'd let him live. He might make a useful hostage, or Chat may get a nice bonus for turning him over to the cult.

I've often thought that Xaod, with his mad, drunken visions, would make a great Champion of Elemental Evil.

And, on the other hand, wouldn't it be great if you swapped Xaod with Thrommel? (Or made him a thrall of Thrommel?)

-Thrommel, who's always looking for someone to wash dishes and do the laundry.

(12/4/02 12:29:58 pm)
Re: hehe
I would assume that Chatrilon and the cultists would use Xoad as a hostage in case the PC's come back. Perhaps they could ransom him off for the their freedom. After the wagon shoulds up and they head back to the ToAC, they could take Xoad with them as a safeguard in case the PC's try to nail them.

(12/4/02 1:21:15 pm)
Re: hehe
Also, don't forget the possibility of having him sacrificed to Tharizdun when the temple gets opened back up. IIRC from my Book of Vile Darkness, a character like a paladin makes for a much better sacrifice.

(12/4/02 2:14:36 pm)
Re: hehe
I agree with the vamp (OK, he charmed me into it).

This is a great chance to integrate Xaod into the story line quite tightly. He's already just barely a paladin, how much would it take to push him over the edge? He's having such a good time in Hommlet, just think of how much of a good of a time he might have in Rastor after being introduced to a little Tanbrosh. Ah, the slippery slope down into the grasp of big T. There's a lot of RP potential here especially if the party cares about trying to rescue or turn him from a downward spiral.

Unfortunately IMC, big U lit him up like the filament of a lightbulb. C'est la vie...

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(12/4/02 8:53:17 pm)
Tanbrosh & Xaod
"There's a lot of RP potential here especially if the party cares about trying to rescue or turn him from a downward spiral."

Very true. The party could use the experience in saving Xaod when they encounter Thrommel, if you choose to use that idea from the BoB. I really like the Tanbrosh idea.

Roland Delacroix
(12/5/02 3:49:04 am)
Evil baby, yeah
Definitly make leaving the paladin to die come back to bite the PC's in the butt. Replacing Thrommel would be good, instead of a Pal3/Blk9 have Xaod turn in 10 levels of Paladin for Blackguard, making him Pal2/Blk10. This will give him another Smite to hit your PC's with and some healing as well. Throw the Vampire template on him and have fun.

(12/9/02 4:25:46 pm)
Re: Evil baby, yeah
Xaod yet lives.

Thanks to all. I apologise for the delay in replying, as I’ve been very busy.

I decided and did do the following. (Unfortunately before any replies)

Chat having to wait (as he was stuck behind the force sphere created by the bead) gave enough time for the remaining party to retreat.

To keep it simple he looted the fallen, informed Geynor and left to tell Dunrat what had happened (and conspire to eliminate the PC’s). He left behind Xaod as he’d need to travel light to sneak into Hommlet, especially with the PC’s there.

(Now, before all this, in the encounter with the Gnolls that lead to the Parties defeat, one of the Gnolls was reduced to 0 hp and had his life spared by the parties Halfling; who using his diplomatic tones convinced the Gnoll that no harm would befall him from the Party.)

Xaod, was then dragged to safety by the Gnoll (once all was clear) who was searching for potions or anything that may heal it. The creature’s intent was to use Xaod to gain favour from whoever discovered him, whether it is the EEE Clerics or PC’s.

Both lay in wait in the secret room of the winch for the Portcullis trap. At worst the gnoll only needed to rest a day and then it could do what ever it desired with Xaod.

On the basis of a good role-playing opportunity (and spur of the moment) I created the above, and when the Halfling did return (after the party having destroyed a Ghast-PC and a bunch of gnoll-ghouls) and eventually found Xoad (barely alive) and the Gnoll.

To cut it short, after deliberations all went very well.

I do like the ideas of Xoad and Thrommel, as Thrommel has become a plot hook/item for the party. This could be a very good twist. I like it!

With the BoB, Errata, and replies you all really do help make RttToEE so much more.



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