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(12/4/02 1:17:55 pm)
Inner Fane Complete
Well, the group I am running has finally finnished up business at the Temple of All Consumption. They cleared the Black Spike in our last session, killing off Tychon, the First and the Third. As with their previous battles with Hedrack, this one was another knock down, drag out, no-holds-barred brawl.

I've never introduced you all to the heroes (the PC's) of my campaign in my previous posts, but now I shall. The campaign takes place in Forgotten Realms and the characters involved in the adventure are as follows...

Deriven: Human 12th level Paladin
Dyanna: Human 1st Fighter/5th Cleric/5th Doomguide
Nashara: Human 3rd Cleric/4th Fighter/6th Auspician
Durl: Dwarven 13th level Bard
Relkordd: Human 6th Sorcerer/7th Elemental Savant
Helvyn: Human 6th Rogue/6th Monk/1 Ninja Spy
Rezzin: Drow 1st Wizard/4th Fighter/6th Arcane Archer

Dead Homies (Fallen Comrades) R.I.P.
Corki: Halfling Rogue
Oryaiza: Human Monk
Sturb: Dwarven Fighter
Thorik: Dwarven Paladin
Lucree'ele: Half-Drow Spellfire Channeler/Ranger

After freeing the slaves from the torturer and then obtaining the Talisman of Pure Good from the lower sublevels, the party began to make their way up. The Night Hags on level 4 gave them a small bit of trouble. They confused the PC's more than anything, really. Several of the party members entered the dreamingstone w/out having used the dreamstep potions and were able to make their saves successfully. They managed to kill one of the Night Hags but the other fled and escaped.

Things turned very interesting when the group made it to the 6th floor. We roleplayed out the scenario with the undead card dealer. There was some dialogue which ended with the Deriven and Dyanna smashing the poor card dealer to bits. :( This ofcourse resulted in Deriven being cursed! :evil
Dyanna lucked out and made her save, so she was not affected. After the dealer was disposed of, Relkordd picked up one of the cards from the Deck of Many Things up off the table and looked at it! :eek

Relkordd was really not sure what to expect when he drew the card, it was merely out of curiosity. Lucky for him he drew a card that granted him a boon. He drew the Star card (+2 inherent bonus to any one ability). Soon after Relkordd drew this card, temptation began to arise among the other members of the party. :evil
Dyanna and Deriven stick to their lawful ways and refuse to draw any of the cards, but Durl and Helvyn seemed very interested. Nashara follows Tymora (goddess of luck), but even she did not desire a draw of the cards because of the evil nature surrounding them.

Next to draw was Durl, he chose to draw 2 cards. He drew the Comet (defeat the next monster you meet to gain one level), and the Knight (gain the service of a 4th level fighter).

So far so good, eh? Well, it gets worse. Helvyn decides he wants to draw 3 cards. His first two draws were good ones: the Jester (gain 10,000 exp), and the Key (gain a major magic weapon); but his last draw was very bad, he drew the Void (body functions but soul is trapped elsewhere)! Ok, so the group has just lost their rogue. He ain't comin' back anytime soon. That'll be an adventure in itself to find and retrieve his soul.

Nashara then decides that perhaps she can draw from the deck in an effort to affect the misfortunate outcome of her comrade. She already has the power to affect the luck of others, so she feels that perhaps she can do the same here. She draws two cards...Two very horrible cards :( She drew the Eurayle (-1 penalty to all saving throws hencefoth), and she drew the Talons (all magic items you possess disappear permanently)! Ok, so now the group has not only lost their rogue, but one of their frontline melee's is now naked, oh, and she was also the only one who could use the Talisman of Pure Good. It was with destroyed along with the rest of her nice gear.

After reequipping Nashara with odds and ends of spare gear the party has, and putting Helvyn's body in a safe place, the group presses onward! They finally arrive at the 8th floor and the First and Third are there with Tychon, waiting. Tychon had originally fled from the PC's when he first encountered them upon their intital break in. When he saw how many they were and saw how they had handled the half-dragon/half-T-rex guardians, he quaffed his haste potion and high tailed it up the stairs and went to warn the First and the Third.

So Tychon, the First and the Third are all gathered in the Third's room at the present time. They figure that fortifying themselves behind the Forbiddance is their best option. Tychon is in the doorway, keeping watch, when he sees the PC's come upstairs. The battle ensues! Forbiddance once again proved to be very effective. Only Dyanna, Deriven's mount and Deriven himself after he used the Orb of Silvery Death to do so, were able to penetrate the Forbiddance. Relkordd did so later, but that was only after the battle was pretty much over. Nashara ended up dying, as did Dyanna and Deriven's mount. Deriven was knocked to -6, but not killed. In the end, it was pretty much Rezzin's arrows and Relkordd's spell power that won the battle. I was happy that they pulled it out. It looked really bad at one point, like a TPK, then they got a really good round in on the First and dropped him before he could heal himself. After that, the Third and Tychon, depleted on spell power, put up a decent last stand but were taken care of without much of a problem.

Now it's on to the recovered temple!

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Monte Cook
Guy with a shirt
(12/8/02 4:46:38 pm)
Re: Inner Fane Complete
"the Talisman of Pure Good. It was with destroyed along with the rest of her nice gear."



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