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(12/4/02 1:33:35 pm)
Gibbering Mouther and Stalagos
I was flipping through the MM today and happened upon the Gibbering Mouther, which got me to thinking. There is nothing that says "screwy chaos" to me more than the gibber mouther, the chaos beast, and Big T. Does anyone else think that it would be appropriate/viable to have the mouther and/or the chaos beast somewhere in the Temple of All-Consumption? Where, I haven't worked out yet. But I'm trying to figure out someplace to put an advanced (mayhaps intelligent?) gibbering mouther for the party to face. Any suggestions on how to handle this?

Secondly, what precisely is in the Stalagos? I know my players will end up trying to explore it, so I want to know: What's in there? Krakens? Kuo-toa? Poision? What?


(12/4/02 9:04:48 pm)
Re: Gibbering Mouther and Stalagos
"Secondly, what precisely is in the Stalagos?"

I started a thread discussing that topic: Filling up the Stalagos. My party is no where near it yet, so I'm still interested in new ideas. Perhaps the Beast in the water is a half water elemental gibbering mouther?

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