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(12/6/02 3:01:13 pm)
Help! someones leaking info to my players!!!!
Ok ive got a bit of a strange question really.
I started running the RttToEE adventure about a month ago and everything has been going very well.
However one of my players told me that this really annoying guy that has played through the adventure before keeps on giving them hints on what they should be doing. So i had a word with the guy and explained that i dont want him telling them anything and he told me that he wouldnt. However recently the same player has told me that he still keeps telling them things.
Its not too much of a problem at the moment as we havnt got very far into the adventure (they have just been ambushed by the ghast in area 31 of the moathouse, just before the obelisk room) and the only important thing he has told them about is the Obelisk. But im am very worried about him spoiling the whole thing for the players.
I cant tell the players to just stop talking to the guy but i also cant just let him tell them things. :S
Any ideas/comments/advice that anyone can give me would be much appreciated
Thanx !!!

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(12/6/02 3:26:10 pm)
Re: Help! someones leaking info to my players!!!!
Some folks suffer from verbal dysentery, they just run at the mouth.

The best bet is to handle this with your players. Tell your players that it will ruin their enjoyment if they know too much about the module and that when people start trying to tell them about it, to tell them that "Hey, look - right now I'm playing through this thing and I'd appreciate you not telling me about upcomming events. " Tell them to feel free to talk about what's happened up to this point.

The only other option is to change everything. That's not very practical.

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(12/6/02 6:38:33 pm)
Re: Help! someones leaking info to my players!!!!
Don't change everything - just change certain things. Try to estimate what the player will tell them. Make it so that his advice will hurt them, badly. For instance, on the fruit change it so they automatically go to 'lose two points', since they aren't worshippers of Big T.

Or make Chartilion a good guy, and Xaod the assassin. Make Jaroo the good but elderly druid, change the bartender to the doppleganger.

Once his 'friendly advice' bites them hard, they'll get the hint.

Or tell him that if he can't keep his mouth shut, you won't run the adventure.

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