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(12/7/02 8:24:14 pm)
Fire Bridge Fight
Ok, to give you all a quick rundown before I begin. The party fought the trolls in area 36 of the CRM, Krall came to help, saw both trolls fall and took ½ his hitpoints in damage in 2 rounds and realized he needed to alert the rest of the bridge complex. He fled to the south and rang the alarm, the party about 100 feet behind and pursuing fast.

The Party:

7th level Paladin/1st level Hunter of the Dead Half-Elf
8th level bard/1st level Arcane Archer Half-Elf
6th level cleric Elf
5th level Wizard Dwarf
6th level Rogue Halfling

Ok, so the bridge complex is currently in alert state “B”. The party came around the corner right after 37 and can see D’Gran, the two mages, the dinosaurs. We had to stop there. Next session I’ll re-roll initiative.

Ok guys, I need you to be EVIL. I want this fight to be no-holds-barred tough for the party. Lets start brainstorming shall we?

Thanks for any help!

(12/7/02 10:22:54 pm)
Re: Fire Bridge Fight
It's late, so just some quick thoughts -

D'Gran's best bet would be to retreat inside the complex and bar the door. Send someone down to get a Hill Giant, use the intervening time to start making his troops invisible, especially the giant. You'll want to lure them in by letting them see some of them but not all of them. Muster the normal guards and use them to do the Aid another action to help out the big guys.

(12/8/02 12:35:25 am)
Re: Fire Bridge Fight
Then, use a flying, invisible D´Gran to take out the spellcasters. From above (Use his superior reach).

If hard-pressed, he´ll turn invisible again and wait for the right moment to blast away with his Cone of Cold.

IMC, this was a TPK. Good luck. ;)

Devourer Of Worlds, Destroyer Of House Rules

(12/9/02 1:22:22 am)
We had two casualties first time on Fire bridge. D'Gran regrouped with his cronies and let characters advance in complex. They stumbled on dead-end (food storage). Then all enemies blocked way out and slugging started. Cleric had to stone shape to block enemies and then summoned thogguas to carve tunnel out of the mountainside to escape... :)


(12/9/02 2:57:58 am)
Mini found for D'Gran
I bought this Mini for D'Gran:

I can't find the reaper Hill Giant i also bought, but it looks pretty great too.

Ok, back to slaving away at the round orders! :)

(12/9/02 7:41:41 am)
Re: Mini found for D'Gran
Still need to photo and post how the results turned out.

I used this mini as a basis for D'Gran:

I then filched the wings from:

A bit of careful work with an xacto knife, some glue and some clay and it came out wonderfully.

I wouldn't suggest having D'Gran "invisible everyone". I know it doesn't *say* self-only, but I've always treated it as such.

I would recommend getting your two mages invisible, if possible, and up near the ceiling (doesn't one have Spider Climb and the other Levitate or somesuch?) Get them out of reach where they're decently safe.

A long time ago, I came up with a new feat, and I'd like to suggest that you consider putting it into use.


Requires: Improved Bull Rush

Whenever you hit an opponent in Melee that is one size category smaller than you or more, you may make a free Bull Rush attempt against them. This bull rush attempt does not require any movement, nor provoke any attack of opportunity, and will push the opponent back the full distance rolled (on a success). You cannot, however, move as part of the attempt. Instead, you are literally knocking the opponent backwards as part of the attack.

Then, replace the Hill Giants' Weapon Focus (Greatclub) and Cleave feats with Improved Bull Rush and Knockback, reducing their attack bonus by 1.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

(12/13/02 2:36:14 pm)
Fire Bridge Fight Recap
Ok, i made this for another msg board, but it'll do fine here. Here's how the fight went, with a few pics for good measure. :)

Ok, last night we had a pretty important fight in my D&D group that I DM. The players were fighting some trolls, and some help arrived in the form of the leader troll. Only 3 trolls wasn’t too much of a problem for the party, and pretty soon the leader, Krall broke away and ran for more help.

Stupidly, the Bard and cleric in the party gave chase, not knowing what was behind the door the troll had run through. It turned out to be an entire enemy complex.

Through the door and around a corner they found:

A half-demon/ogre mage (D’Gran)
Krall (Troll w/ 2 fighter levels)
2 Raptors
Heunrar, a half-orc wizard
Tippesh, a female human wizard.

We broke there for the night last week and started up this week.
Big thanks to FOX3D for making that huge map for me and providing the web space for these pics!

We re-rolled initiative, and the biggest fight so far in the entire campaign began. Things started off well for the players, the Bard dropped Tippesh the wizard before she could do anything. Then D’Gran and Heunrar went invisible, which worried the party some. Especialy D’Gran. Half-demon gives a character fire, cold, electricity, and acid damage resistance 20. Since ogre-mages regenerate, that means you have to do fire or acid damage MORE THAN 20 before he even feels it. Everything else he just shrugs off.

The wizard in the party got a lucky lighting bolt hit and tagged both Krall and the now invisible D’gran. Since both regenerate, they simply ignored it.

Krall was badly hurt from the previous fight, so he ran to cover to heal up some before re-entering the fight. The Raptors rushed into the fray, hungry and mean as hell.

Funny thing about those raptors. They’re CR3, which means a decent challenge for a party of 3rd level charactors. This was a party of 9th-6th level. So they just ignored the raptors. Ignored their attacks of opportunity, cast spells right next to them, walked around them, never attacked them, just fought other people while ignoring them. The running joke of the night was “if you see a raptor, just ignore it and it’ll go away eventually” or “yeah, I was walking to class the other day and this raptor started hassling me. I ignored it and it went away.” Ahhh geek humor.

So the dwarf wizard, for some wacky reason, decides to run into a ajoining hallway, to see what ELSE is in this complex. Big mistake. He runs into Slaazh, the OTHER 2nd level Troll Fighter. Slaazh is actually quite a bit meaner than Krall, and the wizard is all alone. So now all the players are glaring at the wizard player because he’s gonna get himself killed and they’re gonna lose their main offensive spellcaster.

Fortunatly for the wizard, trolls have a hard time hitting dwarves. He manages to slip by with taking one or two hits, and he runs out the door and back into the fight, which has gotten pretty crowded:
A Hill Giant and about 16 human warriors (read: cannon fodder) had joined the fight. Fortunately for the players, they were able to knock D’gran out after he appeared above them and cast Cone of Cold. This is good, cuz D’Gran had a lot more tricks up his sleeve. The dwarf found himself surrounded, and before he knew it he was down to -4 hit points, but he stabilized. A few rounds later the cleric manages to reach him and get him back on his feet. This, along with another action, makes the cleric the MVP of this fight.

Slaazh managed to drag the body into the doorway and get him away from the players. Now things get intense. It’s a big, crowded fight, (notice the two raptors, represented by pennies, are still there, and still being ignored).

Slaazh hits hard and often, as does the Hill Giant. The party’s rogue tries to sneak behind the giant and backstab, hoping to take it out. It successfully backstabs, but doesn’t do enough damage. 4d6 just isn’t enough when the giant has 102 hp. The giant turns and smacks him, hard, and then the giant’s pet Dire Wolverine finishes the job, killing the Thief outright.

Things go downhill from there. Everyone takes a lot of hits, one of the fighters gets nailed with a charm person and is convinced to run away from the fight. The raptors, sensing easy prey, give chase.

The Paladin of the group is down to 15 hit points, and he’s stuck in the middle of the fight, surrounded by 2 trolls, a hill giant, and his wolverine. The cleric, who has 4 hitpoints, bravely wanders into the fight, ignoring attacks of opportunity, to deliver a healing spell on the paladin. That probably saved the whole party. Unfortunately, next round when he tried to leave, Slaazh nailed him for 20 some damage, killing him outright as well.

The next round the dwarf casts Improved Inviso on the paladin, and that was the turning point in the fight. Slaazh and Krall couldn’t hit him now. The dice start to favor the paladin more, and he gets about 3 crits in 2 rounds, killing another Hill Giant, Slaaazh, and that pesky wolverine.

The charmed fighter snaps out of it just in time to kill the raptors, they had her down to 6 hit points.

It was a crazy, crazy fight, but all in all the players had a great time. They got some good loot and 4,200 xp

(12/13/02 9:04:03 pm)
Re: Fire Bridge Fight Recap
Awesome description; loved the detail and the visual aids. Those edge-of-your-seat battles are the ones you remember years later. Even though I've "substitued" the Banewarrens for the CRM in my campaign, I may have them go through the Fire Bridge Complex to get to the Outer Fane.

LOL about the raptors. :lol One question: how were they able to take the charmed fighter down to 6 hp?

(12/14/02 12:01:08 pm)
Charmed Fighter

the charmed fighter was actualy Tenaris Glimmerdawn, and NPC they found in the Earth Temple. She is only 5th level and had an AC of 21, something 2 raptors w/ their +6 rake attack and 2d6+4 damage could definitly threaten if they catch her alone, which they did.

Previously she had been hanging back and shooting into the melee, so they had ignored her. But they gave chase when they saw her run.

I have heard awesome things about the banewarrens, i'd really like to have used it instead of the CRM, as my players are getting tired of the mines. Oh well, they're almost done.

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