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(12/9/02 3:23:41 am)
Wounding Weapons vs Regen
This issue came up during my party's fight with the trolls. How does a wounding weapon affect Regeneration?

At first glance you'd think it would do 1 subdual, then the regen would heal it and that'd be the end of the story. But when I examined the rules, i found that regen does not actualy HEAL any real damage, only reduces subdual damage. Unlike Fast Healing in which real damage is actualy healed, so the wounding damage would be stopped.

Since "only magical healing or a heal check DC x" can stop a wounding weapon, does it continue to deal 1 subdual damage every round?

If you follow the rules to the letter, i think this is how it'd work. As i write this out tho, i think i'll have regen heal wounding damage just like any other kind of damage. It just makes more sense in the "spirit" of the rules. Otherwise this upcomming fight with D'Gran, the players are simply going to hit him a few times with a wounding weapon then take care of him when he drops below 0 subdual

(12/9/02 6:06:48 am)
Re: Wounding Weapons vs Regen
Regeneration just means that a creature who has that ability, actually gets subdual damage all the time unless its either magical as descriptor (magic missiles) or one of his weaknesses. He then regains an amount of subdual HP per round
A troll getting hit for 20 damage by a barbarian can regenerate and its actually subdual damage, since it won't kill him, just knock him out in the long run. A steady stream of Magic Missiles or Acid KILLS a troll cause it's his weakness.

A wounding weapon is MEANT to bypass this otherwise it would just be a minor inconvenience. They dodn't include that "magical healing or Heal check X" for no reason ya know.....

(12/9/02 6:12:55 am)
Re: Wounding Weapons vs Regen
I was half-way though a post here saying 'yeah - wounding should trump regen' when I caught myself...I can see both sides here and could go with either.

Reading the rules for regeneration and subdual damage each in isolation, I'd tend to say 'yeah, just keep dealing subdual each round' but I thought about it a little more and wasn't entirely happy with that.

Regeneration uses the subdual damage rules, but only sort of.
I mean, real wounds are actually inflicted here - it's just they're not lethal to a regenerating creature because it 'converts' real hp-damage to subdual, but isn't this just re-using a handy in-game rule-structure?

The sword stroke you use on a troll (or D'Gran, or whatever regenerating creature) still inflicts harm - it just heals at a very fast rate. Heals. Fast.

You could argue that Fast Healing is required to stop wounding damage (and if you wanna go that way, I wouldn't argue) but...

Why should a wounding weapon (which doesn't inflict real harm to a regenerating creature) continue to 'fatigue' it - even when it's healing that damage at a miraculous rate?

I can see the argument that each blow 'slows' the regeneration, as these wounds are trickier to seal, but I can also see the 'well, the wounds just heal, really quickly' side, where I'd allow wounding damage until the creature's next regeneration 'turn', then call it healed.

Oh, I don't know - either works for me...why did I bother to post? :)

Can we ask this in the Rules forum?


...and Killiak, Magic Missiles (or any other 'Magic' attack) still inflict subdual to a regenerating creature, unless 'Magic Missiles' or whatever is in the creature's list of things that inflict 'real' damage - just being magic damage doesn't in itself make the attack special where regeneration is concerned.

Edited by: Grumgarr at: 12/9/02 6:16:08 am
The DM
(12/9/02 7:22:51 am)
Re: Wounding Weapons vs Regen
{Can we ask this in the Rules forum?}

I agree - other than the reference to D'Gran, there's no reason this couldn't go in the Rules forum.


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