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(12/9/02 6:55:17 am)
Hedrack's Medallions - errata?
Has anyone else noticed that Hedrack seems to have three Medallion-slot magic items?

I could have this wrong (and please correct me) but IIRC a periapt (of Wisdom, for Hedrack) uses the same slot as an Amulet (Natural Armor) - he also has a Contact Medallion.

Now, he might only put on the Contact Medallion once in a while (and this could take crucial prep-time if he knows intruders are coming), but what about the other two?



(12/9/02 7:44:30 am)
Re: Hedrack's Medallions - errata?
The periapt has been errata'd into a Helm of Wisdom +2. The Contact medallion: I'd have him put in on and off. Maybe the sorcerers have a set time where they have to be available to him?

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