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(12/9/02 5:12:12 pm)
Orcs and the PCs who love them
An interesting situation has sprung up in my game recently. As the party neared Rastor, they met up with a band of traveling orcs from the nearby orc encampment. I had ruled that the orcs weren't really hostile...simply arrogant and overbearing to outsiders. The group had a healthy mix of alignments, including one or two with an evil bent. The group, having spotted the orcs on the road some distance off during a wildshaped scouting run decided to shoot first, ask questions later (BTW: Call Lightning vs. 6 orcs? Amusement abounds).

The PCs proceeded to Rastor, and discovered that there was indeed an orc settlement nearby, and oh, did we mention, they're actually sort of friendly? My PCs did a lot of questioning looks at this point, lots of detect evils being thrown around.

So, after finding that Rastor can't sell them anything that they need other than some food and a couple of arrows, they come up with this: "Let's go and see if the orcs will trade with us!"


Anyway, after a long drawn out session of trading (in which I'm frantically scrambling to put together an orc village complete with tribal elders and craftsmen), they decide to ask these friendly orcs if they could heal some of the wounds taken in battle long ago (Still carrying around damage from Wat's frghtful presence). I decide that they'll have to prove their worth in combat against my hastily constructed tribal chief. After a fairly short but exceedingly nasty battle, the PCs prevailed and won the friendship of the tribe (An interesting moral dilemma for the paladin in the group when I tell him later that the orcs practice ritual cannibalism...and they're not above subbing in a human now and again for dinner).

In any event, the group is beginning to move towards the orc caves past the Western Bridge complex. These orcs had to come from somewhere. My question is, are they tied to the outside tribe in any way? Should they be? If so, how much sense does it make for the PCs to find allies here? How about later on, when the restocking of cleared areas commences?

It's sort of a stramge situation. I can't wait to play it out. 8)


DM Armand
(12/10/02 3:15:18 am)
Re:Orcs and the PCs who love them
The Orcs are from the nearby settlement, but I don´t think the orcs would what to help in attacking the cultist....

My group went and spock with the chief he told them the whole story and asked them to escort them out of the CRM, they did this and the chief gave them the everful mug :) as a token of friendship.

(12/10/02 2:38:54 pm)
Hey, talk about a deja-vu! Our group did the same thing, became friends with CRM tribe and helped them by defeating D'Gran (Actually they had been kicked by him earlier, so they would have done so anyway). Then chief left to join other tribe outside and gave mug to our Half-Orc fighter/barbarian as a gift. :)


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