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(12/10/02 4:28:53 pm)
Help with the remaining Cultists in Hommlet
Party explored town, met Renne & Haunor and a few others then go to WW to eat and sleep. During dinner approached by Haunor to go check on Spugnoir. After conversation Chatrilon tries to but in and fails badly is detected evil and set upon by the party. (All he did is lie about anything going on at moat house) Part of the party almost kills Chat and then is arrested by Elmo, along with Chat. (Maridosen sees whole thing)

Two party members removed due to their choices regarding being held prisoner, Chat shipped off to Verbobonc to jail for perjury.

After a few days remains of party plus new members leave for moat house. Spend a few days cleaning out moat house. As they are leaving Wagon from Rastor and Chesnashi (sent by Dunrat to check on other cultist) show up at moat house and are defeated by party.

Current situation-
Dunrat is aware somewhat of party (due to events before they left town) and has bad feeling since he has had no word from moat house for over a week plus.

The party will be rolling into town in day or so with wagon, what should Dunrat and remaining cultist do when they arrive?

Try slip out of town to ToAC, set up ambush to take care of party or just wait and see what happens.

I’m not worried about overpowering the party as so far the only battle that has concerned them was the one with the adjusted wagon (from the boards here) Chenashi and giant frog from in front of the moat house.

Thanks for any ideas


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(12/10/02 9:50:59 pm)
Dunrat's plans
If I were Dunrat, I'd try to figure out what is going on before doing anything. He doesn't know if the PCs are working for a larger organization (he'd probably assume that the PCs attack on Chat and the moathouse being out of contact are related), so he might not want to upset the apple cart just yet.

I'd send an Animal Messenger to Verbobonc (I renamed it to Verbonic in my campaign), tell the contacts there what happened, and wait for a response. While waiting, I'd prepare some kind of instant escape plan (maybe down the river with some kind of Large sea skeleton). I'd also send an Animal Messenger to the moathouse. When the results come back, I'd spy on the PCs, probably using Vacra. If the PCs take care of Utreshimon, I'd have Dunrat ambush them in the moathouse if possible.

In Verbonic, the ex-PCs should be rounded up by the Elder Elemental Eye cultists, tortured, maybe even killed, and the information comes out that way. A good way to infiltrate the group would be by using Change Self to disguise a cultist as one of the ex-PCs. This does have the side effect of leading the PCs on a side trek to Verbonic, so you might not want to use this idea. If the PCs are having trouble deciding what to do next, an ambush by CRM forces might lead them there; if your group is getting bored with the dungeon-crawling, a side trek to Verbonic (and city adventures with political intrigue) might be just what you're looking for.

(12/10/02 11:45:05 pm)
Re: Dunrat's plans
I just fininshed a similar setup IMC. It didn't go down quite like I planned, mostly because the party decided to investigate the mill before sleeping.

Early on, Dunrat was aware that there was a dragon at the moathouse and that they had killed it (with much difficulty) since they paraded through town dragging it behind them. He also knew they were returning to the moathouse, but knew Chat and Chen were there to help the defenses. He was a bit worried, but not too much. Silly him.

Then the party returned with a wagon full of stuff and a bound, unconscious Gren. Dunrat immediately suspects that it's their wagon. IMC, the party has been having regular meetings with town big-wigs (sans B&R yet) on their progress/investigation. Jaroo is one of these, of course. So Dunrat collects most of the cult in Hommlet at the mill to wait for a report from Jaroo and to start planning a night raid to stealthily take back the wagon and split town. This is their main goal, afterall. Unbeknownst to him, the party was planning on only having one guard on it, a Badger (heh). It would have been cake and a big chase would ensue.

However, what happened is that the party headed straight for the mill after the meeting, thinking they could scan out the miller and perhaps interrogate him. They had no clue that such a force was in town. Jaroo has no chance to warn Dunrat, but he sees them coming through his eye. Vacra sneaks out and snags Maridosen and a huge combat ensues in the cellar. Good times were had by all. Well, by most. OK, the cultists sucked it down. But Vacra escaped...

Bottom line I guess, is that with Dunrat knowing what the party has probably overcome at the moathouse, he might not be willing to take them straight on without some big advantage. Instead, I saw him as trying to complete his task as best possible even though 90% of his original force is already toast. YMMV :)

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