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(12/10/02 6:33:40 pm)
Stone giant tactics
My group is currently in the recovered temple and recently encountered the stone giants and their fiendish leader. I think the way it went down really challenged the group so I thought I'd pass it along.

My players approached from room 8 and thru the secret door into room 9. They caught the giants there by surprise but were unable to kill them before the could retreat into room 10 and raise the alarm.

They decided to wait and let the giants try and come thru the door and they'd make their stand at the doorway. Once the alarm was sounded I rolled out the remaining giants (with an initiative roll for each rooms giants) into room 10.

Once the players saw there were more giants they decided to delay and wait until they were all present and fireball the room and watch them burn. They didn't realize the fiendish leader had the better initiative.

The leader approaches the door but doesn't go thru. He stops just outside and uses blasphemy on the PCs. Then he orders the assault and all the players sit there helpless as I march every single giant into the room they are currently occupying. There was almost a mini in every 5' square!

It really thru them for a loop and one player took 6 AoOs just to leave the room! I didn't plan ahead for this but it came up in the game and worked very well. It turned the encounter into a challenging one that is for sure. Hopefully someone else can use it somewhere down the road.


(12/11/02 12:31:24 am)
Re: Stone giant tactics
Nice - or should I say, nasty.
I've recently discovered the joys of Blasphemy, though my group have yet to face multiple opponents while Dazed and Weakened.
But ouch - I shall keep this possibility in mind until we reach the Recovered Temple - should be early in the New Year.


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