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(12/11/02 7:52:21 am)
Hedrack's Assassins
Now that my party has destroyed two temples and intruded fire and cleaned fire bridge complex, I'm thinking it's time to bring the assassins to play. I have been toying with idea of making these two Nimblewrights (From MMII) instead of regular assassins. Just advance them to 15 HD and make them assume human shape. In fact Hedrack will command one of them to look like Chatrilon since he knows party hates him... :evil

What do you think? Is it a good idea? ;)


(12/11/02 8:04:50 am)
Re: Hedrack's Assassins
just had a look at those Nimblewrights - I'd say do not underestimate them.

I do not know the level your characters are in by now (I assume them to be about 8th). Your Fighter might have trouble hitting somebody with AC 28 (24+haste). Your mage will have even more trouble getting to work spells on somebody with SR 27!
Being hasted, these things have 4 +11 attacks/round (+16 if you advance them) doing criticals about 50% of the time.
Not to mention the tripping thrust.

All - in - all I would assume that your party might have a very hard time with these guys and even more if you advance them. If these types even arrive while the party is low on ressources and surprises them during sleep (fighters no armor etc) this might be very deadly.

What I saw as well is, that these things do not know how to stalk at all... so you might change the type of encounter entirely by switching them...

final word - If I really want to switch them (actually I liked those provided pretty much) I would not advance them too far or I would have them come while the party is rested...


(12/11/02 8:17:44 am)
Characters ...
Actually they are 10th level and there are 5 of them instead of 4 so challenge rating should be about suitable... (Fighter/Barbarian, Rogue, Cleric, Sorcerer and Samurai/Iaijutsu Master).

I'm planning it to go so that Hedrack scries party to see where they are coming from and then sends these two to ambush them at suitable place. Hedrack can buff them a bit too before they go at it. This will probably be first serious encounter of the day as well.


(12/11/02 8:33:32 am)
Re: Characters ...

You want to throw two CR15 creatures after a party of 10th-level adventurers? This could be a HUGE mismatch . . .

I threw one CR9 assassin after my party and the 8th level wizard was killed instantly by the Death Attack. The Assassin failed to escape thanks to a Barbarian's excellent Listen skill, but the plan I had was sound.

The Assassin basically set up a diversion - a dead body lying in the mines. Th eplayers encountered it, and everybody (esxcept the timid mage) advanced to investigate. I had the Assassin following the party, Hidden (+24 hide), waiting for them to encounter the body. The did, he spen 3 rounds studying, and then partial charged in the surprise round. He then cast Darkness on the body and attempted to escape. The Barbarian, however, was able to pinpoint his location, and the rest of the party was able to cut of escape routes.

With enough planning, those assassins are DEADLY. And if you want to make them tougher, give them some more magic items, like potions of imporved invisibility or something. Or, have them attack in concert, one being the distraction (probably Beth under an Alter Self to appear to be an escaped captive of the cult) to provide the distraction, while Vicotr sneaks in for the kill. Once Victor attacks, Bethe Death Attacks whoever's closest (3 rounds of study requiers that the target not be aware of you *or* not be aware you are trying to hurt them . . .)

Remember, the Assassins are only the *first line* of things sent after the party - there's Ukemil and his Lions and the Invisible stalkers left to go.

Ramp up to the powerful stuff; put the fear of "what might they send after us next" into the party.

If you want to ditch the assassins, check out the demons in the MMII - the Babau is a great stalker-type Demon, and could prove difficult.

But I think that throwing 2 CR 15 (or more) creatures at a 10th level party is asking for a TPK.

Just my opinion


(12/11/02 8:46:32 am)
Actually the unmodified CR is 7 (and creature has 10HD). Then following rules of advancement I just pop in 50% HD bonus which increases CR by 1. So 1 of these is CR 8 and 2 is CR 10. :)


(12/11/02 9:25:36 am)
Re: CR
I'd recommend you take a peek at the "how much attention is too much" thread, which is also a discussion of the Outer Fane Assassins. I'll drop one quote of mine from there into here.


It's not about mechanical's about sending a message.

While a Nimblewight could be a readonable fight, or a difficult one, that isn't really the point. Send a real flesh-and-bone Assassin...someone who can enjoy killing off a vulnerable, sleeping PC. Someone who can be captured and, if the PCs are so-inclined, tortured for information by the party (only to die when Hedrack uses his Master Ring on the assassin's Slave Ring in his weakest moment...assuming you're using the suggested BoVD addin).

Oh...and something else I've seen fairly often done incorrectly.

The official response is to send AN Assassin. Hedrack doesn't, at least by the book, send both of them.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

(12/11/02 10:10:38 am)
Ok, I did check that thread out. Some good points in there, but I really want to replace the assassins with something bit more exotic at this point. I can always create more assassin types to use afterwards if it feels appropriate. Nimblewright seems pretty suitable replacement to assassin since it has seemingly similar (but not the same) abilities as they would and I can play mind-games with the party when they find out what it really was. Or maybe I'll replace Ukemil with these creatures.

Anyway, they can seem like humans with their alter self ability (which will be used) and unlike most constructs, they are intelligent so I'll try with one construct first (attack while they are resting, hasted one should create quite a bit of chaos). Then it will try to escape if it gets too damaged and possibly leads party to merry-goose chase within the mines... Then if it survives 2 of them attack party later on.


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