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(12/12/02 1:48:29 am)
Hedrack, Rope Trick and Assassins

Hedrack has just been informed that the party now has the second water key...this means they now have four lesser keys (2 earth and 2 water) so its time to react.

My party has a horrible habit of sleeping up a rope trick whenever they rest.

So when Hedrack does locate object, they seem to be no longer within the mines...then he does another one, and there they are!. Now Hedrack is no slouch in the magic department, would he realise how the party is resting up ? (They've been using this trick for months now, so he's probably got reports of the party dissappearing for 8 hours at a time, the re-appearing in roughly the same place).

If he is he going to send the assassin ? Would he place the assassin in the approximate area, then attack when the party is otherwise involved.



(12/12/02 2:21:51 am)
Rope Tricky...
Here's how I run it...

Rope Trick is an extradimensional space - but it's also a 2nd level spell. It's not travel to another plane.
Although you are invisible to anyone outside the Rope Trick you're still there - just hidden away and not taking up any 'real' space. Even if Hedrack can't just 'figure it out' - and I think he could - his 'locate' spells should work just fine. Camping in the CRM is NOT safe once Hedrack starts taking notice, and a mere Rope Trick shouldn't get the PCs off the hook.

I had the same question come up with Scrying PCs while they rest in a Rope Trick - are the PCs 'there'? I think the answer is yes.
Can the Scrying character see into the Rope Trick space? Again, I think yes. If so anyone with Spellcraft should be able to recognise it as a Rope Trick pretty handily.
If they can see into the RT, can they see out of the window and (depending on visible landmarks - one cave looks much like another) take a guess at where the Rope Trick is? Only you can answer this one - but if Hedrack reckons they're in a cave, the next step is...

Locate Object/Creature. I think it should find the PCs every bit as easily as if they were sleeping in the CRM.
There are numerous higher level 'Leomund's...' and 'Mordekainen's...' spells for greater security - a Rope Trick is just a hidden-from-sight place you can make just about anywhere. It's not a fortress, it's not unfindable and it shouldn't invalidate higher level spells. Mordenkainen's got that covered - he developed those spells for a reason.

If Hedrack can locate them, he can send an assassin - have them wait until the PCs climb down and stalk them a while.
Assassin attacks will always work better if he/she can tail the PCs unseen until they get into combat with someone/thing else...that's the ideal time for an assassin to strike - one blow, then vanish, kill or no - the assassins aren't combat-types, so don't hang around. Expeditious Retreat!

Grumgarr - who'd give the group exactly one wake-up call before starting on the Real Pain :evil

Edited by: Grumgarr at: 12/12/02 2:28:25 am
(12/12/02 2:21:58 am)
Re: Hedrack, Rope Trick and Assassins
You know, it's a shame - and something of an oversight! - that neither of the assassins have any ranks in Use Magic Device - no wands or scrolls of Dispel Magic for them!

But Hedrack can make up for it with a Planar Ally spell - a Glabrezu would be perfect.

Hedrack could scry on the party until they went into their Rope Trick, then send the Glabrezu to the appropriate area.

With automatic True Seeing and Detect Magic, it should be able to see the interface of the Rope Trick. Reverse Gravity around the interface, then Dispel Magic (at will - until it works!) targetting the Rope Trick.

When it's dispelled, everyone who was inside (and likely asleep) falls to the ceiling; the Glabrezu dismisses the Reverse Gravity, they fall to the floor. Keep switching gravity on and off. Anyone starts flying, hit them with a Power Word Stun, then go back to bouncing everyone off the ceiling.

Things start to go wrong, teleport away... if they recast the Rope Trick, dispel it again.

Rope Trick eventually ceases to be an attractive option.


(12/12/02 7:45:58 am)
Re: Hedrack, Rope Trick and Assassins
Spreachadamirsa, while quite clever and effective, I'd recommend saving that for later. The assassin is the "first warning" the party receives, it's not intended to be a near-TPK with 7th level spells being thrown at them constantly.

I would figure that Hedrack won't know exactly where they are, but can get the assassin into the right general area, where he or she can hide out and keep watch for them, trailing them and preparing to strike when they're weakest.

Ukemil, in Round II, can cast Dispel Magic just fine...can even memorize two of 'em. That'll serve as a less-than-pleasant surprise to them.

Now, if you want to talk ultimate security measures, you should have seen what my "barrier mage" could do when we went through Labyrinth of Madness. 15th level party, and I was running a very paranoid sorcerer.

Find a room at the end of a hall or similar with only one door in or out.
Enter the room.
Cast Arcane Lock on the door.
Cast Evard's Black Tentacles just outside the door, filling the 10'x10' square just behind the door.
Cast Wall of Stone, sealing off the EBT in it's own little 10'x10' area, and us into solid rock.
Cast Forcecage, with the entire party inside.
Cast Rope Trick from within the Forcecage.
Climb everyone up into the Rope Trick.
Close the trap door.
Set my shield on top of the trap door.
Set my stone of Alarm on top of the shield.

I told you he was paranoid!

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

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