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(12/13/02 11:42:13 am)
What is the point to the Inner Fane?
The group has the silver orb:

Why venture into the Inner Fane? Simply to assasinate
the Third and First?

Why dont they just go direct to the Recovered Temple?



(12/13/02 11:59:13 am)
Re: What is the point to the Inner Fane?
There's no reason for them not to. In fact, the module talks about that very point...that the Inner Fane isn't required, and that the party can achieve all that they need to to "complete the quest" by going straight to the Recovered Temple.

However, killing off the ringleaders of this operation is also an important goal, lest they try again in a new and different way. Completing the Recovered Temple, only to come back and find that the First and Third have vanished and Mt. Stalagos has erupted, can leave the party feeling like they left something very important undone (and they did).

By the way, if better answers than mine show up in this thread, it might make good FAQ material.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

(12/13/02 3:22:07 pm)
Re: What is the point to the Inner Fane?
Andorax is correct, if fact I'm half expecting my PC's to go to the Recovered Temple after the Outer Fane especially if the talk to Varachan.

If you look under Varachan's entry, he knows the plan for summoning the Princes in the Recovered Temple, details on the orbs, etc.

Don't feel like you have to "railroad" them into a certain order, leave the choice of the order they do things up to them.

(12/13/02 5:41:58 pm)
Re: What is the point to the Inner Fane?
I view the Inner Fane as the "head" of the beast and the Recovered Temple merely as the current "sword." Sure, you can destroy the sword (indeed you must), but there will always be another. If the party goes to the Recovered Temple first and wins, there is a good chance the Inner Fane will pack up and leave or prepare very well for the return.

The Inner Fane is currently focused on the Recovered Temple, so therefore doesn't group all their resources for defense. If the Champion and Imix are destroyed, however, I'm sure they'll know about it and prepare for the PC's. It would not be unrealistic for the party to return to the Inner Fane to have to fight them en masse. Surely, that would be very deadly.

(12/13/02 8:46:11 pm)
Re: What is the point to the Inner Fane?
If you'd like to "encourage" the group to experience both the Inner Fane and the Recovered Temple, you might have the Doomdreamers be working on a "backup plan" of freeing Big-T. Lareth & the Princes (sounds like a 70's disco group) are merely one means to this end... the DD might be simultaneously working on another, "secret" plan that is coming to fruition at about the same time.

I'm substituting the Banewarrens for the CRM, and IMC the DD are trying to find part of an artifact that can be used as a "key" to open the prison of Big-T. This will eventually take the party to the Fanes, where they will hopefully defeat the Triad. However, while in the Outer Fane they'll discover the "primary" plot involving the Recovered Temple. I'd probably time it so that the "artifact" plan is almost complete (leading them to deal with the Inner Fane first), with the Recovered Temple not far behind.

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