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Here for a while
(12/17/02 9:50:08 am)
Cold Effects
Ok I have a PC who is being "clever." When a fire elemental attacked the group (This happened in my lead up to tRtToEE) he was hit and had to make a save to avoid catching on fire. He shouldn't have to because he isn't wearing any clothes under his chain shirt. I made him anyway because he has hair that can catch, a backpack and a few other items that burn easily (and flesh can burn too, YUCK). Now as uncomfortable as it sounds I have seen many fantasy art images where there is no clothing being worn under chainmail. I've even seen a few people wearing chainmail-like shirts and such (Not quite authentic but still heavy and all) with out shirts underneath. (Yes I used to hang out in mosh-pits and the like) So I don't have a big issue with that image.
So say I give him a +1 bonus to his save for catching on fire.
What sort of rules should I give him for the cold areas or for cold type damage? exactly even and give him a -1 on saves? maybe make him take a little extra damage from the cold area near the obolisk? Anything I might be forgetting in general?
(like could he be more easily sunburned?)
Thanks for any input


Here to stay
(12/17/02 10:17:09 am)
Catching Fire
There are times when gameplay and rules clash. A completely bald and naked monk fights a fire elemental. What's to catch fire?

I've always imagined that monsters like fire elementals may leave behind patches of "elemental residue" on a successful slam attack burning the victim on a failed saving throw. A successful save means that the victim managed to shake, wipe or pat it out the elemental residue.

It's a stretch and not supported by any rules regarding elemental attacks but I'd rather not have to come up with a set of circumstantial bonuses and penalties based upon how flamable, or inflamable, the character/monster is.

Can't leave now (mod)
(12/17/02 10:18:27 am)
Re: Cold Effects
{Anything I might be forgetting in general?}

I think you might be forgetting the -2 circumstance penalty to all attacks, damage, and skill checks from the horrible blisters and chafing the PC has.

Fantasy art is exactly that: fantasy. Doing anything strenuous with bare skin in chainmail is going to rub more than a few layers of skin off.

So if your player wants to take the game to the level of realism where what your PC is wearing has an effect on saves, I would simply tell him that's a level of detail that isn't supported by the system.

Or, as you point out, inform him you'll house rule fire saves in his favor, but cold and lighting damage are penalized, etc.

-Thrommel, who wears leather under his chainmail, and silk under his leather. Under that... well, that's none of your business unless your name is Jolene.

Here to stay
(12/17/02 10:22:45 am)
Re: Cold Effects
Besides, without any sort of padding under the mail, he'll have embedded rings in his flesh after any successful hit against his body...I've seen photos of what that looks like. It's the reason that the SCA frowns upon (I can't remember if they forbid it or not) the use of chainmail in their mock combats.

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Here for a while
(12/17/02 11:39:05 am)
Re: Cold Effects
He shouldn't have to because he isn't wearing any clothes under his chain shirt.

Aside from the realism arguments...

On the easy side just tell him that he's going to take 1/2 the burning damage for 1d4 rounds (like burning) with no save for it to stop due to the searing metal in direct contact with his skin (unless he'd like to take it off). I'd also up the DC for the super-cold locations in the adventure that already mention it being harder for those wearing metal armor.

Another idea, although it's more work for you, is to read up on chill and heat metal spells. Maybe just being in melee with a fire elemental isn't as bad as the spell, but you could emulate the gradual heating if he's in melee with it for a long time.

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