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Looking around
(12/20/02 12:10:41 am)
Question about the Black thuribles...
If I remember correctly, there isn't any Black Thurible to be found by the party before they reach the Black Cyst. And you seem to need one to leave that area. All of them seem to be in the Inner Fane or the Recovered Temple. Is the party meant to hold off doing the Cyst until after doing the Inner Fane, or am I just forgetting a thurible that can be found sooner? Could the party get stuck inside the Black Cyst if they never acquired one?

I'll just adjust things if that happens, but I was curious how it has worked for other people. Thanks.

Here for a while
(12/20/02 2:32:54 am)
All the culty bits and pieces are stored in the robing room (along with several ochre robes and four Purple Robes of Tharizdun).

There's a Black Thurible and a Torch of Revealing (plus fuel aplenty) in the ornate chest-thingy (though it's got a good lock).

I think it's area 9 (but don't have my maps handy) - anyway from the Chapel of the Black Sun go NW to the robing room.

But other than this Thurible I think you're right - if your group don't get their hands on it first, there IS no way out of the Black Cyst...which I think is okay btw...either your group will have some idea that this is a Scary Cult Place and will be wary of entering or they'll blunder into it by messing around in the Greater Temple - in which case they can be trapped there for messing with dark cult secrets until their buddies can figure out how to rescue them...

...I also think that they'll be able to survive there indefinitely - no food or water required possibly, as it's a very alien planar prison in effect.


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