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Here for a while
(12/20/02 9:13:30 am)
I'm Starting a Real Live Game on Monday . . .
That's right, after months of sticking my noses into other people's business in this forum, and taking those months to get my PBEM group down the stairs in the Moathouse, I'm ready to begin my actual face-to-face game.

Here's where my party stands at the moment. I don't have everyones full info, but I at least know Classes for all of them:

Human Cleric of Cyndor 3/Fighter 1
Dwarven Artificer 4
Human (maybe) Rogue 4
Human (maybe) Fighter 4

They will all start at 4th level (obviously).

Any last minute advice? In my PBEM I had problems getting people to explore much of the town, which led to them basically hitting the Wench and a couple of shops. The only NPCs they met were in the Wench and a forced encounter twixt Yundi and Jaroo.

Any recomendations on what time of year to begin the game? My PBEM started in late fall.

Also, one of my players is planning on keeping an extensive in-character journal that I'll post here for your reading enjoyment.

EDIT: Hitting the Wench sounds bad, doesn't it? :rolleyes

There's no business like gnoll business

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(12/20/02 9:27:07 am)
Re: I'm Starting a Real Live Game on Monday . . .
Hmmm... no ka-boom sorceror huh? Well they may be able to get by without Dispel Magic or fireballs...

I think the RP stuff really depends on the party. Since it's F2F if one person starts to RP, usually others will follow. Whereas in a PBEM you have to wait while everyone takes their little moment on the virtual stage.

Even if they 'just' go to the Wench there are plenty of RP opportunities there. It's the social hub of the town, so everyone has a reason to stop in at some time.

If you start in the late fall, consider that your players may get snowed in when they get up into the Lortmils and start exploring the CRM. Good if you want to keep them isolated, bad if you want them to go to Verbobonc on a regular basis.

On the other hand, I think encountering a frozen Stalagos would be really cool. I haven't heard of anyone doing that yet.

Look forward to reading the journal.

Good luck!

-Thrommel, who notes that ice fishing on the Stalagos is excellent if you use the right bait. (I prefer jigging with sea elves myself.)

Still here? Wow.
(12/20/02 9:57:37 am)
Re: I'm Starting a Real Live Game on Monday . . .
Help me out here a bit first, please....


What manner of black sorcery are these adventures about! ;)

Let them wander as they group was all for exploring town. Try to find reasons for them to take interest in the shops around them. In one instance, it was describing the smells coming from Papa's Bakery as they walked by. In another, it was a loud argument in the smithy, with the Halfling Blacksmith standing on the anvil, yelling at one of his 'prentices. Still a third was just the loud, raucous singing coming from Terrigan's (the tavern with cheap ale, I may be misremembering the name).

Look for ways to use the descriptions provided and make the various sites and sounds interesting.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

Here for a while
(12/20/02 11:15:44 am)
Re: I'm Starting a Real Live Game on Monday . . .
Well, Cyndor and Celestial are gods dealing with time, space, and the stars. I think the player enjoyed the Barrier Peaks adventure, and is taking advantage of it. It does provide some nifty character hooks, since the church is interested in recording events of historical importance and protecting the flow of time. Since, if Tharizdun is released, time will be seriously effected, he'll probably take an active roll in preventing him from doing so. He also channels negative energy, which makes him an interesting one.

The Dwarven Artificer is especially interested in creating items. I'm not sure when he'll get the time. Maybe I'll have to work with the portable hole/Instant Fortress ideas in another thread to let him take advantage of it during the long trips to Verbobonc to sell stuff.

There's no business like gnoll business

Here for a while
(12/20/02 12:18:37 pm)
Re: I'm Starting a Real Live Game on Monday . . .
I'd say that an artificer in this campaign is a poor choice, considering some of the timing elements (restocking, etc.). Others have already posted their concerns about the PCs not having time to learn spells or make items.

Your group will be sorely lacking an arcane spellcaster before long. The clerics will get dispel magic, but there are many other very useful arcane spells that will be more helpful than their divine counterparts (e.g. sleep, levitate).

In any event, best of luck on your new live campaign! :)

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