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Here for a while
(12/20/02 10:16:13 pm)
I KNOW there have been threads about how to handle a group of PCs equipped with a hammersphere each before. Tweaks to the rules, observations, and so on.

I just cannot find them. Search seems miserably inadequate. Can someone give a link, or at least recreate the gist of it?


Here for a while
(12/21/02 7:36:13 am)
Re: Hammerspheres
I just cannot find them. Search seems miserably inadequate.

Sorry to hijack a little... In my (limited) experience, search only searches the last two pages or so. Does anyone know a way to make the search span the whole 20 pages of topics? We have such a wealth of info here and it becomes a real pain to sift through it page by page.

For those of you that have become ezSupporters, does that give you more searching power? Some boards work that way...

I've also used Google and restricted it to this board. Use a search that includes this special key: ""

Searching for 'hammersphere' this way returned this link for you:

It's not perfect though and since Google doesn't cache things everyday, it can send you to a topic page that doesn't contain your topic anymore. Usually it's just one more down the chain though, so it gets you close.

BTW, for the Mozilla users out there, if you haven't tried out type ahead find, it rocks for searching/surfing on these boards. It's still a "poor man's" solution, but beats having a dialog box pop up everytime you want to search for something on a page... back to your regularly scheduled thread topic...

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