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Lunus Quelnegarde
Looking around
(12/20/02 11:04:51 pm)
Why won't they help us?
"We're saving the freakin' world here! Can't they at least give me a free sword?"

My players are of a very inquisitive nature. They will complain "Why are we doing this quest?" every second step of the way unless I use the most intricate and carefully thought out adventure hooks on the market.

Anyways, I found it difficult to refuse the PCs aid from the Knights of the Hart and Verbobonc for no reason...

So I justified it this way:

Iuz just reared up, seemingly less damamged by the Crook of Rao then was thought. He has taken back the Shield Lands in a series of cruel hits, and now is attacking Furyondy (since he is otherwise uncontested right now)

All military resources are being sent up from Verbobonc and Veluna to Furyondy. They even ask the PC's for their aid! (turned the tables on the players with that one)

This and the many Iuz spies travelling about has foreshadowed what the characters will do after the RttToEE... they will be even further tied into the Iuz story if the recognize and restore Thrommel. (One of the PC paladins vaguely knew Thrommel... hopefully this PC lives past Hedrack)

So... The Viscount of Verbobonc (his name escapes me at this time.. Langard?) offered minimal backing to the players, but not much more than some money. Every other resource is tied up... though the PCs are wished good fortune, as they have proven their quest important.

But seriously... with no impending Iuz war, if the world was about to get destroyed, who in their right minds would leave it up to my players to stop Tharizdun???

I would think that this would warrant some government's aid at least, would it not?

How did anyone else stop their inquisitive players from asking "Why do we have to save the world alone?"?

Were they not helped because they came across as more insane than the doomdreamers, or did they actually get the Knights of the Hart to march against the temple in holy spendour?

Still here? Wow.
(12/20/02 11:34:10 pm)
Re: Why won't they help us?
In the BoB thread, I've posted a longish write-up on Verbobonc politics. That includes what kind of help the various factions will give. You might find it useful.


Siobharek is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

Here to stay
(12/21/02 4:12:50 am)
Where's the help?
And just what exactly is your PC's overwhelming proof that a group of insane priests are ready to release a deity that has been imprisoned for over a 1000 years?

I'd suspect that most people are not overly worried about the machinations of some loony priests calling themselves doomdreamers who've spent the last 100 years trying (unsuccessfully) to release a banished god from its divinely created prison.

Having said that ...

IMC, certain high level NPCs have been very helpful to my PCs by casting spells and helping them create magic items (some wands and potions) at cost. I secretly set an XP limit that helpful NPCs are willing to "donate to the cause". For example, a PC cleric's temple matron has been more then generous when it comes to donating XP. A PC wizard who has donated a few objects and books of "arcane interest" to his guild has recieved aid from his fellow members.

In addition, I have rewarded my players far beyond the gold piece value listed for items like Tulian's Eye and that statue found in the ruined ToEE when they returned them to their rightful owners (dwarves and elves respectively). These rewards are not specified in the module, but with a little work they have added some interesting roleplaying opportunities, and unlooked for help, for my PCs.

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Lunus Quelnegarde
Looking around
(12/21/02 1:53:44 pm)
Re: Where's the help?
You are correct, most people are not worried about one adventuring group's quest. In fact my PCs were wise enough to not spread rumors everywhere.

But they do have strong ties with the church of Pelor. I did not call it "overwhelming proof" but the proof nonetheless was a scrying spell cast by the party druid. Master Dunrat had escaped, and at the time of the spell he was back in the Outer Fanes reporting to Varachan. When the clerics of Pelor saw this they decided that something, indeed, was very amiss.

Aside from that, the PCs are well trusted by some influencial leaders, after a few side quests tied their paths together.

I had the fortune of one of my players recognizing the Obex in the moathouse while standing near to it (ok, he was 5 feet away). In sincere shock he said "Tharizdun!?" and boom he went to the floor.

Well, because of Festrath and another grell, the party couldn't help him... so he became cursed at -9 HP.

So now that player, as well as the saving throw minus, is counted as one of Tharizdun's blessed. as such, I keep him updated via empathetic messages on what his 'friends' have been up to.

Recently, as the party was lounging in Greyhawk, he got the message that "Imix, Prince of Fire, is Free!" This was late summer, and the paladin also was wondering why it was snowing (Tharizdun's thoughts are already tugging at the fabric of reality)

So the PCs don't know if Tharizdun is getting out or not... but they know the Elemental Princes are getting out (which they believe the Temple is going to use to attack the countryside)

So the powerful NPCs close to the party know something is up. And that is probably far more backstory into it than you ever wanted.

I am not trying to point out flaws with the module, I just wanted to know how some other people handled it.

Did it become a epic fight to save the world, or did the PCs save the lives of everyone without gratitude?

Here for a while
(12/21/02 8:24:23 pm)
Re: Where's the help?
Just wanted to chime in here:

I used the Iuz rearing reason also. I figured that around the time the Old Temple is starting to be excavated that Iuz's spies in the area report back to him about the activity. Having been involved in the Old Temple, Iuz has a inkling of what this might mean.

Not wanting to experience Oblivion just yet, Iuz is throwing troops southward, striving the reach the site of the Old Temple to prevent the freeing of Tharzidun (but the PC's don't know that, and who in power would even consider that Iuz's action would actually have a good side-effect?).

Iuz's mobilization and movement have captured most of the attention, however my players are receiving aid. Certain temples in Verbobonc are supplying aid , healing "safe houses", resurrections at or slightly below cost or just cash donations (as needed by DM fiat) to the PCs.

Also, replacement PCs that show up (I had two new PC's to bring in after the first assault on the Outer Fane) are given the plot hook that they are being sent by their respective leaders to "aid the cause" in response to the warnings that the PCs have been spreading about the cult. This makes them feel like bringing this to someones attention is actually having an effect.

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Looking around
(12/26/02 10:12:06 am)
Re: Where's the help?
I used dreams to give each of the characters a personal reason for getting involved with the adventure. I scripted out four vivid dream sequences where the players witnessed their world being torn apart by earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and fire falling from a darkened sky.

Some also witnessed a creature of incredible evil, a shadow cut out of the fabric of the universe, watching and directing the destruction. Others saw their own demise at the hands of masked priests.

This gave the players a sense of what would happen if they failed or did not intervene. However, if anyone else learned that they were doing this because of a dream...well a trip to the nuthouse would ensue. heh

Anyway, while continuing their adventure they are trying to find evidence to alert the world to the danger that the cult presents.

Still here? Wow.
(12/27/02 1:35:23 am)
Re: Where's the help?
In my campaign the cult of Tharizdun also initiated some wars and clear outside threats to draw the attention away from the real plots. In my case the cult is also lucky to have a HQ at the border of a nation plunged into a war of conquest. The PCs also freed a succubus in an earlier adventure and the succubus loved the oppertunity to help start a war.

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