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Here for a while
(12/21/02 8:56:33 am)
Fruit from the Obelisk
I decided that the fruit was strongly magical. No one successfully used detect magic to determine the school, however, which is fortunate because I'm not sure of the school myself (universal, akin to wish?). However, two questions:

1. How long does the fruit last? Currently, I figure 24 hours, similar to create food & water. Follow-up question: if you do not eat the fruit in 24 hours, can you get another? It's not exactly "going through the process" again.

2. Is anything revealed during identify if it is done before the fruit spoils (if it spoils)?

Corran Webster
Looking around
(12/21/02 10:58:42 am)
Re: Fruit from the Obelisk
The fruit should probably detect as Transmutation, like bull's strength and similar spells.

And I'd say that an identify would let the caster know that it raised an ability score (but not that eating multiple fruit, or someone else's fruit is really bad). Analyse Dweomer or some similarly powerful spell would probably give complete information.

Finally, I wouldn't have the fruit go bad: it just sits there tempting the PCs...


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