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Here for a while
(12/21/02 3:22:28 pm)
a New Campaign
I want to start up a new campaign soon. Are there any links that are a "must-visit" before I start?
I could also use a few pointers on the adventure that most ppl use to get the characters to Homlett (say lvl 2-3 to lvl 4?)

Looking around
(12/21/02 4:23:02 pm)
Re: a New Campaign

I've recently discovered the wealth of fantastic RTTTOEE info which can be found on the web, starting first and foremost with this board. I can't emphasise enough, keep checking this board for new posts and go through as many older posts as you can. There are so many truly amazing ideas on here, either for the campign as a whole or for individual events or sections. Also, make sure you check out the Yahoo group that is tied to this board, called "RTTTOEE" in the Yahoo Groups directory. Be warned though, it took Yahoo FOUR DAYS to send me my activation code when I signed up. The maps, pictures, and various other files on there make it way worthwhile though. Also, check out this amazing page for loads of custom handouts, maps, and section-by-section monster printouts: I can't remember the name of the guys whose page it is, but if anyone can then please say because I feel be for not giving named credit. I moved onto this campaign from The Speaker In Dreams, which made my party a little higher than recommended at 5-6th level. That soon balances out though, and now (1/2 way through the CRM) they're right back on track.
Hope your game goes well, and why not post a log on here when you get it going? Other DMs logs are one of the best idea-'borrowing' sources you can have!

Here for a while
(12/21/02 9:08:22 pm)
Re: a New Campaign
As Bunny says, this board is probably the best resource hands down. There is a lot of good material in the Yahoo group, but it seems to be a bit stagnant. One other site worthy of plugging is Thrommel's where you can find lots of personalized versions of the various notes and journals lying around.

Finally, depending on how much Greyhawk you're putting into your campaign, the Codex and the Oerth Journal are quite valuable. Issues 8 and 9 of the latter are particularly relevant as they have huge articles on the city and viscounty of Verbobonc. Not all the material here is 100% consistent with the bits from the adventure, but there is a lot of excellent material to pick and choose from.

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Can't leave now (mod)
(12/22/02 11:41:20 am)
Re: a New Campaign
My best advice is to simply read the FAQ.

There are a ton of links there as well as advice on which adventures to run beforehand, what mini's to use, etc.

Lenny8088 is responsible for - I agree, it's a most excellent resource.

I'd also recommend reading Andorax's campaign log if you don't have time to read anyone else's. Lots to learn there.

Good luck!

-Thrommel, who still has lots to learn himself.

Here for a while
(12/22/02 12:31:08 pm)
I have read all the logs (yes, every log!) so far and I certainly will stea.... uhm :rolleyes , "borrow" ideas.
I fully intend to keep a journal and I will put one of my players in charge of that.
I will also put the story as well as character background and all that on my site.

Still here? Wow.
(12/23/02 9:26:45 am)
Re: hehe
You might also want to try my not-so pretty website. The two links at the bottom should be particularly helpful to a DM about to start up RttToEE, although the Powerpoint presentation is a LONG download.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

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