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Here for a while
(12/23/02 1:51:50 am)
outer fane. kick down the door approach
Players: 11th lvl barbarain, sorcerer, rogue, cleric, and monk.

They've defeated all the temples but the water temple, they decided to move on into the Outer fane.

Everyone gets buffed with Improved invis and other spells and they blow thru the Air door. Alert the invis stalkers, 1 alerts hedrack the other fights them with the Arrowhawks. Ogre guards move into reinforce and get fireballed.
Hedrack tells thrommel to go to the disturbance.

The Pc's then find Varachan in his room and jack him before he knows they are there.

Hedrack casts Greater scrying in the outer fane and catches the end of Varachon die by invisible attackers, while on his knees pleading for his life.
Knowing this is not a drill, he picks up Naquent, The 2 dark elves, and Chymon to cut them off while Thrommel holds them back.

Thrommel wanders in to find a dead Varachan and then gets attacked by the Pc's.
The Pc's bring Thrommel to 0hp. He drops his greatsword and turns to gaseous form floating down the passage way toward a pair of secret doors. He gets attacked in gasous form by fireball, fireball, magic missle, Nunchucks +2 etc. taking 100+ imaginary subdual damage. Thrommel eventually escapes (via secret doors) just as the party can hear Chymon rushing down the passageway to engage them.

The Succubus is hiding out in the clone room watching Invisible guys with Clairvoyance/Clairaudiance wander about and kill her allies.

Good guys
Hedrack and his possy

Chymon flys down the 20' corridor (reduced) (double move) and stops 15' from the barbarian. The sorcerer casts Hold monster and Chymon fails SR and save. Barbarian coup de grades him with his Halberd.

Hedrack and possy turn the corner and see a dragon get coup'd by invisible attackers. Range 200' from Pc's. True seeing range 120'.

Combat short summary, and casualty listings:

Hedrack casts slay living on the monk barely hits with touch atk ac22 (monk was dodging Naquent), rolls 1 for save, dead monk.

Barbarian falls to area of effect damage, Empowered lightning bolt, lightning bolt, cone of cold, wall of fire, unholy blight, flame strike and hold person (dispelled after 2 rounds).

Hedrack got a blasphemy spell off while being grappeled by a Summon monster 5 Brown Bear. Concentration check DC27 + combat casting DC 22.
But a 2nd summoned bear grappeled him again and pinnned him. (Forgot he could cast word of recall while being pinned.)

A player joined in the middle of battle (10th lvl Paladin) and went toe to toe with the Cornugon devil.
Naquent dropped by the barbarian.
Dirass (levitating, hasted, but improved invis dispelled off him.) dropped by a flying dwarf cleric of cutherbert with a slay living spell. (spell penetration feat got him over.)
Hedrack pinned by a bear, sneaked by the rogue.
Maracla at 13hp (including endurance spell), escaped, ran through the wall of fire (protection from elements fire, absorbing the damage.) Not pursued.

end of battle.
Players have picked up all the gear and their dead and are going to wind walk to Verbobonc, to sell gear and buy their favorite spell, True Resurrection.

Meanwhile, Thrommel is in command, and has ordered Marcala to raise dead hedrack, just so he can suck him dry.

Thank you for listening.
Any more suggestions on how the outer fane will prepare for the next siege?

"Lords of Death. Street gang. Punks from Chinatown."

Lobo Lurker
Here for a while
(12/23/02 7:54:28 am)
Re: outer fane. kick down the door approach
I thought that Dragons were immune to holding magics...


Still here? Wow.
(12/23/02 8:18:25 am)
Re: outer fane. kick down the door approach
Any more suggestions on how the outer fane will prepare for the next siege?

Don't rush into combat like a rabid dog, but take your time regrouping and especially boosting yourself? ;) I mean, casting a protection from evil 10 ft. radius spell is standard spell among my PCs, so why shouldn't the bad guys do the same with a protection from good spell? Besides some minor benefits it stops summoned monsters. There are several more boost spells that I can think off which Hedrack should have cast on himself or others (death ward comes to mind). There is also one other big benefit to waiting and regrouping, low duration boost spells of the PCs tend to run out. The improved invisibility for example has a duration of 10 to 12 minutes and that is not nearly enough to explore the whole inner fanes.

To give you more advice, I would need to know more. For example, how much do the people of the Inner Fanes know of the favourite tactics of the PCs?

Here for a while
(12/23/02 10:54:16 am)
Re: outer fane. kick down the door approach
Chymon is immune to paralysis, dunno if that applies to Hold Monster, which requires a Will save. As you point out, Thrommel could turn Hedrack into a vampire under his control. He should probably send a message to this effect to the Inner Fane, something like the following (which the party might be able to find later on while rummaging in the Inner Fane):
Dear First,
Hedrack has failed to repel the invaders into the Outer Fane. For his failure, he was killed and I have subsequently brought him under my control. I now command the Outer Fane and I shall not fail.
Hugs and Kisses,

Of course, he can then make Hedrack raise Chymon and the two drow (and put Chymon back in her lair where is more effective as a huge creature). Heck, start animating everything in sight. A forbiddance in a strategic location (in the Outer Fane beyond the slow moving outer door) would help pin in the intruders in a single room. Best of all, have the raised Hedrack (he's still 13th level) use Greater Planar Ally and call the Klevasu (sp? from MMII, is this right) to kill a couple of party members.

Here for a while
(12/24/02 4:43:27 am)
Re: outer fane. kick down the door approach
Thrommel and Hedrack should be ready for them, if they take the necessary 3 days it'll take before Hedrack pops out of the ground.

Think I'll put Hedracks coffin in the Elder Earth elemental room.

Thrommel would claim Chymons treasure and send the succubus to buy him some nice gear. I'm thinking dust of apperance and boots of speed.

Hedrack will get thrommels boots of striding and springing, dust of disapperance, potion of haste.

If they try this frontal assult again, both a vampire Hedrack and Thrommel will drain the prisoners. And will get high on temporary hit points and buff with Empowered bulls str, magic vestment, spell resistance, and haste. Thrommel will stand toe to toe with the good guys using drain attacks while Hedrack blasts them with save or die spells.

I'm going to say that ability drain temporary hp last for 24 hrs like the sword of life stealing. And will cap it to max hp gained 5temp/lvl or hd. Still +60hp on Thrommel and +65 on Hedrack.

Problems: How to replace the guards at the Air door?
Maybe an improved invisible, speeded +60hp Vampire Hedrack and Thrommel could be to much. It'd be like an EL17.


"Lords of Death. Street gang. Punks from Chinatown."

Here for a while
(12/24/02 5:18:34 am)
Re: outer fane. kick down the door approach
Chymon would not stand for Thrommel appropriating her treasure. Not one bit.

I prefer Thrommel to have ulerior motives making him untrustworthy as a true servant of Big T (see the Best of the Board). As such he should thank the PCs and then get out of dodge.

Also check out the DMG, 'hold' spells are not the same as paralysis.

"It takes an uncommon mind to think of these things, Hobbes." - Calvin

Here for a while
(12/24/02 11:34:57 am)
Re: outer fane. kick down the door approach
"Chymon would not stand for Thrommel appropriating her treasure. Not one bit."

Not alive, surely, but Chymon is dead. I think Chymon should be animated. Maybe you can also use Taxman66's idea and leave the undead Hedrack behind in the Outer Fane to look over matters while Thrommel leaves. Perhaps then Hedrack could "bring over" Varachan.

"Also check out the DMG, 'hold' spells are not the same as paralysis."

True. It's still confusing though when remove paralysis also negates hold spells. I suppose it's not worth it to be verbose and call the spell remove paralysis and hold. :) Thanks for pointing that out, Taxman66.

Here for a while
(12/24/02 10:48:38 pm)
Prince Thrommel
Brilliant. Hedrack gets turned into a vamp.
Thrommel sends a letter to the first.
Thrommel returns to Verbobonc with a boatload of Chymon's treasure and takes control over the nobles of Verbobonc. The succubus will be his liaison.
Add 1 huge zombie dragon to the fire door.
And perhaps a few dominated/charmed northern barbarians to the Air door.

"I've got my country's 500th anniversary to plan, my wedding to arrange, my wife to murder..."

"Lords of Death. Street gang. Punks from Chinatown."

Edited by: wuhan at: 12/24/02 10:49:55 pm
Here for a while
(12/25/02 1:14:44 am)
"To give you more advice, I would need to know more. For example, how much do the people of the Inner Fanes know of the favourite tactics of the PCs?"

Information has been filtered from CRM to Outer fane to Inner fane.

This is the first assult on the outer fane, and Inner fane has just recently learned of it.

Outer fane: Hedrack, Thrommel, Succubus, Maracla and now everyone else know exactly what spells were used in their combat.

Hedrack will pop out of the ground, in Thrommels old room, and have a few letters of the happenings of what's been going on while he's been dead. The Pc's will find out Thrommel's a prince, and is helping fund temple activities, when they stake Hedracks coffin.

During the 3 days of Hedracks absence, with no other authority figures about, Daagra tosses all the prisoners in the infernal machine. And then back to the cells to watch them go insane.
Maracla raises Naquent, but not Dirass (due to slay living effect.) (Ukemil and assassins were slain in the CRM.)

With the CRM temple forces defeated, stone shape the Air and Fire door so they don't slide into the ground.
Unhallow effect (dispel magic) on room outside Air door #34.
Some nice 12 day dominated 7-9th lvl barbarian guards. (Thrommel's Dominate person effect is Supernatural, and I belive it can not be dispelled.)

Welcome Suggestions.

"Lords of Death. Street gang. Punks from Chinatown."

Here for a while
(12/25/02 8:45:44 am)
Re: Madfox...
(Thrommel's Dominate person effect is Supernatural, and I belive it can not be dispelled.)


According to the RAW a supernatural effect is not affected by dispel magic. Same thing goes for umber hulk gazes and other such things.

Here for a while
(12/25/02 7:01:56 pm)
Why Varachan got killed? What is the purpose behind that? I think it is unnecessary for a deep character to died meaningless!

Still here? Wow.
(12/26/02 1:30:40 pm)
Re: Hmm
My gues is that Wuhan's players really, REALLY don't pay attention to what the NPCs say.

And if attacked, Varachan doesn't really stand a chance with such a bunch: "Wait! Wait, I can help yo...". "Yeah, help us settle what hurts more: A rager with a greataxe or a flurrying nunchaku!".


Siobharek is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

Here for a while
(12/26/02 2:43:35 pm)
quick end
Varachan never met the PC's face to face before. Surprise round Varachan takes 60 dmg. "He got off a please dont' kill me, I can help you." And dropped pleading to his knees. While being surrounded by improved invisible Pc's.

"But the PC's asked, is he wearing purple robes?" Yes. And finished him.

"Lords of Death. Street gang. Punks from Chinatown."

Looking around
(12/31/02 2:40:08 am)
Re: outer fane. kick down the door approach
?Thrommel has Maracla raise Hedrack so he can be drained. That's a given. Then raise everyone
else that you think Thrommel thinks he'll need. If Maracla doesn't like it, Maracla can join
Thrommel's growing brood. Thrommel is perfectly capable of going to Verbobonc on his own

(perhaps with some elite warriors to do the actual shopping with him). If his new "cabinet" is
interested in scrying, they'll know that Verbobonc is where your PCs went. Guess who's going to
harass them in Verbobonc and guess who's going to escape afterward. If he is even SIGHTED he
should go gaseous, but if he can get one of them alone...

Maracla should be under orders to get Kelashein and the rest of Water into the Outer Fane. K
would LOVE the opportunity for promotion (she's a huge part of my campaign, and believe me:
she would relish the opportunity). Stone shape all doors except Water. Leave the some of the
Kuo-Toa in the Water Temple so they can summon an elemental if the PC's go there. Put five or
so warriors from the water temple in each bridge complex and have Urlurg do rounds (he's
diligent and will keep tabs on all of them). If D'Gran is still around, have Oomkaan invite him to
join the Outer Fane. Replace his goons with water temple troops. Put Oomkaan on the bridge
itself so he can jump in the water at first sight of the invaders and swim to the Water Door to
announce the coming attack. Do likewise with Nilbool, except have him making scrolls of
invisibility in his free time and place him on the Air Bridge (with a contingent of water forces).
Moolowik can man the Earth Bridge in the same fashion. The idea here is that Kuo-Toa will
notice invisible critters if they move. So unless your PCs aren't moving at all they'll be detected
and (even better by Nilbool if they come at the right time because he'll regularly read See
Invisibility scrolls thanks to Kadiss, see below) if by Nilbool, by an invisible guard. Send Kadiss
out with Maracla and perhaps Insentorix to recruit, recruit, RECRUIT! Anyone who is temple
affiliated and not dead should be brought to the Outer Fane. Once that is finished, keep Kadiss
inside the Outer Fane and turn him into a See Invisibility scroll factory. He can fly out to Nilbool
to make sure he's got plenty of scrolls. All capable Clerics should have at least one slot of
Invisibility Purge at the ready. If the Outer Fane is aware that among the Invaders is a Sorcerer,
Raise Naquent so that she can be an Invisibility Purge scroll factory. Poolidib is a special case and
should be kept in the water. If anyone you have left is capable of making a scroll/potion
what-have-you of Sending, make a few and the first action that any of those I've mentioned
should take is to get Poolidib positioned beneath whatever bridge the PC's are assaulting from and
Stone Shape that bridge into pebbles so that the Chuul can find out what your PCs taste like.
Don't let the Clerics cast Invisibility Purge right away. Wait until the PCs are safely within the
Outer Fane. Save the whole "Invisibility ain't gonna work this time" trap until they're
already in it. If you let on, they'll regroup and think. Wait, on second thought maybe you should.
A thinking party is a good thing, especially if their scores reflect it.

Don't forget that Thrommel
is NOT an EEE priest, has no insanity score and a Wis of 17. He used to be a "general" type in an
Army and probably knows a little about tactics. If it were IMC, I would give him the best tactics
I could come up with. Give all the organized bad-guys higher EL's if encountered under this
particular state of alert. It's up to you.

On the other hand after about a week or two of Thrommel biting everyone who is derelict in duty
(they're likely to all sluff off except Urlurg, who will very likely promptly tell his new boss and
raise within the ranks of the Outer Fane as the Vampire population grows) there will be open
rebellion. Soon they'll start to eat at themselves (chaos) and your PCs might only have Thrommel
& remaining Vampires left to fight as well as Imix & the 4 Elementals in 33. Perhaps the Elder
Earth will still be kicking--he'll be moved near the water door and into the bugbear guard-post to
harass anyone who dares to try breaking down that Iron Door to get at the bugbears. If they gas
the bugs or something, you can have the elemental slide out the arrowslits. I know that's not in
the rules, but this IS after all the Temple of All Consumption and a special place. Undead can rise
in the morning at the moathouse, so why not? Add an EL for the encounter...

Regardless, they should have to fight Thrommel & the Four from 33 once a day before they piece
together enough clues to get to the Inner Fane.

Write a bunch of letters from one Outer Faner to another that can be found in their rooms or
journals or something describing Thrommel?s tactics. They?ll hopefully realize that they?re
dealing with a general here, not some crazy cleric (watch The Gladiator for inspiration) and one
who learned tactics in a lawful environment.

ALSO, write a secret Journal of Varachan detailing his sudden inspiration and regrets; his interest
in this group who was slaughtering the troops in CRM, how he?d been Scrying on them; his hopes
that they would prevail and that he kept tabs in case they needed aid. Perhaps they?ll bury him
this time (he?ll likely be a Vampire and have forgotten his former aspirations).

Edited by: Kelashein at: 12/31/02 2:48:58 am
Here for a while
(12/31/02 11:29:10 pm)
Re: outer fane. kick down the door approach
Those are some great ideas. Kuo-toa guards men on the bridges. Lightning towers for air approaches.

Thrommel should have his own agenda. I see him
concoting a story of being kidnapped by a neighboring country.
Escaping with the help of 8 elite warrior temple guardsmen.
Dominating a high priest of a good temple and having him kill his dad so he becomes king.
Shutting down all good temples for treason.
Outlawing raise and resurrect spells.
Identifiying the Pc's as enemy of the state.
Playing more "dungeon keeper" and adding on to his graveyard...etc.

A vampire Hedrack is oooh, so strong. Don't think he should get Dust of disapperance anymore though. My players would hate me for it. :evil

He'll have assistance from the other clerics, nagas, barbarian minos, earth elemental, kuo toa replacements etc. When the alarm sounds next, nothing shall remain static.

"Lords of Death. Street gang. Punks from Chinatown."

Here for a while
(1/4/03 12:25:14 pm)
"But the PC's asked, is he wearing purple robes?" Yes. And finished him.

I'm being a goober by pointing this out but Varachan wasn't wearing purple robes [as he is listed].

It sounds like your players are having a blast, by the way.

Here for a while
(1/6/03 7:49:24 pm)
Re: oops
Yep. Messed up there. He usually wears black fatigues.

But with a succubus right next door that can read thoughts, he maybe a bit paranoid of being found out.
Plus, clerics with True seeing can see alignment at a glance.

I wasn't able to have Varachan help the PC's much other than looting his corpse and giving them xp for him. It's nice to see other people using him more effectively.

"Lords of Death. Street gang. Punks from Chinatown."

Here for a while
(1/7/03 2:17:12 pm)
Re: oops
"Plus, clerics with True seeing can see alignment at a glance."

That's a good point. If Hedrack has true seeing going and is near would he respond? I'd imagine that Varachan is in for a good butt-kicking and then a trip to the Infernal Machine!

Still here? Wow.
(1/8/03 12:29:24 am)
Re: oops
Well there's an amulet of proof against detection and location waiting to be placed!

Either that, or Varachan has actually managed to earn Hedrack's trust to such a degree that he doesn't care to spend 250 gp on material components...

Siobharek is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

Here for a while
(1/8/03 7:26:16 am)
Re: oops
I agree. I doubt he would just decide to use it out of hand. I meant more that he might use it in preparation for a battle with the PC's, glance over at Varachan, and go "What the ...?" :)

Still here? Wow.
(1/8/03 7:30:00 am)
Re: oops
At which point, Verachan might indeed make a mid-combat defection. :lol

Siobharek is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

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