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Looking around
(12/23/02 9:55:07 am)
Howler damage
How was the damage for the Huge Howler calculated in the errata? It doesn't appear that the table on p.14 of the MM applies.

Still here? Wow.
(12/23/02 1:57:25 pm)
Re: Howler damage
A normal howler is large. A 12 HD howler is huge according to the monster stats at page 121. So the howler has increased one step, which means that its natural attack damage dice also increase one step. The bite of a normal howler deals 2d8 + strength damage, which becomes 2d[2d6] = 4d6 + strength bonus. A quil deals 1d4 damage, so after the size increase it deals 1d6 damage.

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