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Here for a while
(2/28/03 2:10 pm)
Re: the Journal of Cena u'Dessi.
{you young whippersnappers}

Watch where you sling that thing ;)

My gaming took an exended hiatus from about '87 to '99. In fact, I threw nearly all my 1e stuff out (the crowd gasps) about a year or two before I started playing again. You don't know how STUPID I've told myself I was since then. Sigh...

I don't know why my ancient groups never latched onto Greyhawk. I've played or DM'ed a lot of those ancient modules, but for some reason, I don't remember them as a coherent setting, more of just a series. I think we got too distracted by Dragonlance the few years before I stopped...

Ah, those were the days... all-day and late-night 8+ hour sessions. Sigh... I often wonder if the little I manage now will survive the birth of my second this August... ;)

{roll right off your tongue(s)}

I can say them right, they just like to joke about them :) Our real GH junkie left for NZ last year to find himself by riding every raging river there. Might be for the best 'cause he might think I'm butchering thw world too much anyway :)

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Still here? Wow.
(3/3/03 8:49 pm)
Re: the Brickle Experience! (was: the Journal of Cena u'Dess
Well, let's see..

After the fracas on the boat in Nulb, the party - including new member and seriously Con- and Str-drained barbarian Tog - stayed the night in an abandoned building. Noises were heard outside during the night, but nothing came in, and the characters didn't go out. Left in the morning for Hommlet.

Once back in the village, Tog and Cena headed to Y'day; Tog to get un-drained ('twas permanent, or Cena could've fixed it), Cena to let Y'day know what had been going on with the EEE stuff; they followed completely different gods, but he trusted that she was on the up-and-up enough to have a care as to what's happening. He then left for parts unknown, presumably to follow up on his mission without frustrating mercenaries getting in the way and summoning more apocalyptic gods. That was what he was trying to prevent. ;)

The rest of the party's at the Wench. And in walks.. a wild-lookin' outdoorsy guy. This is my new character, Juuda (spellsong bard 2/barbarian 3, CN human). The ever-awkward new-character introduction ensues. During this, Brickle refers to the party as the "Brickle Experience" (Juuda having mentioned hearing of the party's exploits); Juuda fully believes Brickle is the de-facto party leader, and is encouraging the use of the name.

While Juuda's not exactly a sunny-funny guy, he's more personable than Cena, at least, so this works. ;p

Party heads back to the Temple o' Elemental Evil. Some hobgoblins are dispatched in front of the gate. We go in, do some poking, and then the party is swarmed by every hobgoblin in the place, as well as that funky monkey; said ape kills Tog towards the end of the combat, with two rends in a row (74 HP with rage, but a 38 and 39 total damage rolls). The rest of the party fared alright, although Juuda got his butt kicked fairly well being surrounded by a bunch of hobgoblins, he himself raging, and having a pisspoor AC.

Glognus and Brickle swear they heard the sound of feet running out of the temple, but Markum and Juuda heard nothing, and Glognus' attempted dispel magic in the general direction of the doors yielded nothing. Maybe a bit of metagaming there, mebbe it was fine. Onwards..

Some poking around and looting of the temple, some Bardic Knowledge checks to uncover bits and pieces of information, and then it's off to the northeast tower. I dig Bardic Knowledge. If that's not the best class ability ever, I don't know what is.

In the temple, we also found the hobgoblin children, who we let run away, and the human carpenter, who Markum lent a horse to (?.. don't ask me..) in order to get back to Hommlet. I think something's fishy with him.. Brickle was also persuaded to dig down into both the latrine, and the murky pool of blackish water, in search of.. treasure? Unsuccsessful, though.

On the way to the tower, we ran into Tog's player's new character, Peter the human ranger, archery specialist. Only cursory roleplayed introductions here; two awkward intros in one session was too much. ;p

DM gave the hobgoblins in the tower this spectacular pseudo-Mexican accent, and I'll never be able to imagine a goblinoid speaking otherwise for the rest of my life. ;) Brickle talked his way into the tower.. then proceeded to insult the size of the leader's goblin-hood (and his father's, as well). Combat!.. and then some dead hob- and gob-goblins. The only attack of note was that each of the four goblins lobbed alchemist fire.. but their damage rolls were pretty sad.

Next room.. rats. Markum slew one and cleaved the second dire rat, and then he, Glognus, and Peter proceeded to spend three rounds trying to kill these dinky four other rats. Juuda and Brickle exchanged looks of disbelief, and just hung back for all that nonsense.

Down through the rat-feces trapdoor, this time courtesy of Glognus. Uncovered the secret door, followed it back to the well northeast of the tower, started exploring the farmhouse.

Glognus, Brickle, and Peter wriggle through the trapdoor, and deal with the hobgoblins below -- two normals, and a caster of some kind (we assume), although said third hobgoblin was hit with a hold person and killed before any information was extracted.

And.. session end, or thereabouts. I think the next plan is hauling stuff back to Verbobonc for liquidation.. again. If we're going to be doing this a lot, considering the travel time, I think I'll look into setting up some kind of limited teleportation thing somehow; maybe a circle in Hommlet, and one somewhere safe in Verbobonc..


Still here? Wow.
(3/4/03 2:03 pm)
Juuda's Mental Sketchbook
(Sound is the name of Juuda's double-weapon)

Hobgoblins running
A wave of cruel steel and rage
Sound cuts through the noise

Wild beast asserts self
Monkey bites barbarian
Half-orc lays in half

Treasure seekers search:
Fragrance leads to secret wealth?
Gnome in pit of @#%$

[edit] hey! the code's got a censor. oh well. it rhymes with "pit".


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Still here? Wow.
(3/18/03 12:19 am)
Rastor and the Crater
At start, Brickle, Markum, and Juuda are all 5th level; Glognus is 6th.

Well, rather short session as far as number-of-things-done. Rather long as far as number-of-things-killed.

Having cleaned out the old Temple of Elemental Evil, we trekked (by random whim, more or less..) out to Rastor by way of Hommlet, following a vague clue (courtesy of El Dunrat's letter) about someone named Tal Chamish(sp?) and a wagon he might provide.

In Hommlet, we bought a wagon (the poor cart was creaking under the weight of the Temple loot), and chatted with Elmo a bit.

Players (us) poked the DM (benhamtroll) for some random encounter rolls. We landed.. six orcs, about a half-day out of Hommlet. Four died in the first round before the orcs even had their initiative come up; the remaining two ran away. Second random encounter was some farmers not far outside of Rastor, which was good. Bumbo, commoner, may be showing up elsewhere..

Some brief chatting with Rerrid(sp?) and an ex-adventurer woman at the Grey Lodge; conversation about Tal and the Crater (both topic keywords kindly provided by good Bumbo). Party continues with trek up to Tal's place.

Gnome proceeds to get high on whatever the heck it is Tal's selling; this is after the party more or less bumbles their way into his house despite some pisspoor Bluff checks ("Didn't I just give you folks a wagon a few weeks ago?" "Uh.. did you? Wasn't us. Who'd you give it to?" "..."); Tal's unsettling eagerness to be friendly anyway is.. well.. unsettling.

Party gets tossed out of the cabin a few minutes later, although Tal tells Brickle to, "Come on back tomorrow if you want some more tanbrosh." Tossing-out is due to Markum's not-really-subtle-at-all threats along the lines of, 'If you're in league with these unfriendly people, I will be unfriendly to you!'

So the Brickle Experience decides to press forward and check out this temple in the crater, figuring we might as well get to them before Tal decides to warn 'em.

Taking a less-used-looking path at a fork in the road, (which brought the obvious Robert Frost quote from me and Glognus at the table) we wind up at what might be the back door to.. something. Arrow slits in the walls! Brickle, still feeling "amasing" from his pick-me-up, decides to climb on Markum's shoulders and take a peek inside.

Surprise! People! Except they're paying no attention to the entry approach, and this is good enough reason for Brickle to toss a smokestick in, thinking it'd produce far more smoke than they actually do. Much carrying on ensues.

Party opens up the doors to the complex, proceeds to engage some gnolls before hitting an intersection (this is important: party basically holds a loose line across the hallway without reaching the intersection, and thus doesn't get completely swarmed). No biggie, yeah? Then reinforcements come as one of the gnolls rings an alarm.

Cue long-ass battle. I think the final tally was something like 40+ enemies, in maybe three or four staggered waves.

The members of the Brickle Experience did, more or less, the following on most turns:

Brickle: No longer able to be flanked, the rogue mostly wades into battle off and on, and doesn't drop to 0 HP until the second-to-last round when there were only a couple of dinky undead left. Some archery work, some sneak attackin', and he force-fed Markum some potions when the fighter dropped and was bleeding everywhere. Most important combat act: drinking a potion of haste and doing 36 damage in a single round to that !&*(@#) troglodyte.

Glognus: Much the same as Brickle; get into battle, use stupid-AC (mage armor, shield, decent Dexterity score) to hold off the creatures that attacked him. Lacking fireball, most of his damage came from a couple of burning hands and a wand of magic missle. Most important combat act: A tie between being the main target for the ogre (who couldn't hit him) and casting dispel magic on Markum when he was hit with the troggie's hold person.

Markum: All-around fighter-ness. Went toe-to-toe with the howler for a good while, before it dropped him (this was to be the first of Markum's collapses) and Glognus had to magic missle on the next turn to finish that sucker off. Traded some blows with the troglodyte for awhile, but didn't maange to do much good. Mostly cleaved out the little guys, which was good, since there were approximately fifty million of them. Markum nearly-died three or four times. Most important combat act: Did most of the damage to the howler (80+ something? a lot).

Juuda: Occasional damage from his two-bladed weapon (needs TWF to go along with that Ambidexterity), and brought Markum up from negatives once and patched him the rest of the time with the minor healing spellnote. He also spent 10 rounds backed wayyy out of the battle after coming under the effects of the troglodyte stench (I pouted for a bit after that, then got better. oh well. stupid troglodytes..). Thankfully, none of the main baddies targetted him, mostly just some decent shots from the cannon fodder. Most important combat act: Eh.. not sure. Felt relatively useless this battle. =/ I considered raging on more than one occasion, but that'd drop his already sad AC (17) even lower, which is maybe not a great idea considering his HP (36) and being faced with lots and lots of enemies (50 million; see also last session, re: hobgoblins doing the exact same thing to him).

Pretty okay session overall. We watched 'The Gamers' beforehand, and I had trouble getting into the RP groove after that, unfortunately; seeing other people game (even if it is a parody) made be acutely aware of how ridiculous this hobby can look. ;p


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