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Looking around
(12/24/02 10:49:31 am)
Query regarding BoB 'Fetch My Coffin!' strategy
This is the big bargaining chip Hedrack holds over Thrommel. If he steps out of line, that coffin is going to quickly find itself surrounded by running water. I assume this was made clear before Hedrack released him into the CRM.

I just received Return as a christmas gift and as part of the preperation for running the adventure I'm reading up on what others have done/encountered. I'm really liking this idea of somehow negotiating with the vampire, but I have just one question: The book places the vampire in room 27 of the Outer Fane, near his coffin. How is he supposed to be out in the mines if his coffin's in the Outer Fane? Am I missing something here? :)

I appreciate any help with this concept that may be forthcoming.

Still here? Wow.
(12/24/02 12:33:42 pm)
Re: Query regarding BoB 'Fetch My Coffin!' strategy
The vampire needs to stay within a couple hours' travel from his coffin. Presumably, if he is in the mines, he could probably make his way from wherever he might be slain (in gaseous form) out across the Stalagos, into the Outer Fane, and to his room.

He won't travel far distant, though, as if he's slain more than two hours' travel from his coffin, he's dead for good...but the CRM should be perfectly safe for him.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

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