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Looking around
(12/25/02 5:57:40 am)
(Rt)ToEE - Sidetrecks
Has anyone some sidetrecks to share?

Some funny thing I found at a NWN conversion of Hommlet:
A young apprentice druid (missed for a time) became tempted by the forces of EE to wreak havoc on the village. This druid is to some degree already insane, his mind tainted by the dark forces and things he has seen when he communicated with the cult.
To spread chaos and destruction he started a revolt among the village animals to attack the villagers at night. He used his drudical skills to charm them. He meets them on a regular basis in an abandoned barn and speaks to them viciously.
Farnham, an old farmer, knows that something like an animal attack might happen. From birth he has a limited ability to speak with animals. Farnham has bought an old ox (Old Dale) from Ruffus and saved the lame animal from slaughter. Old Dale once saved the farmers live, when he fought in the war years ago. Farnham volunteered to drive supplies to the militia. At some point he was ambushed by 4 bugbears. Although he managed to kill three of them, the fourth hidden one injured him. Farnham finished him of but fell unconcious. With his last words he asked Old Dale for help.
The next thing he saw were the walls of the temple.
When Old Dale went lame, Farnham felt the duty to repay his debt and bought the animal. From Old Dale he got word of the upcoming animal revolution.

The players are approached by Farnham, who tells them to go to the old barn where the final meeting is held. There they meet the druid and a couple of animals.
On leaving the Inn (Farnham often drinks) they are observed by a messenger raven (who later attacks as well).
Animals in the barn include
- a couple of Killer chickens
- a cow
- a watch dog
- a pig

Think alittle bit on "Animal Farm" on running the whole encounter.
You can either fight the animals and the druid or try you diplomacy an other skills (some of the animals feel indeed mistreated)

Ok. Do you have some additional ideas for sidetrecks in and around hommlet??

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