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Looking around
(12/25/02 6:01:22 am)
Faith x2 = conflict?
In ToEE there are two faiths
The old druidical faith and the new church of St. Cuthbert (in RttToEE there are even more temples).
I guess this may be the source some conflicts between their diffrent believers. Has anyone some ideas to flesh out such a conflict?

Here for a while
(12/26/02 11:36:17 am)
Re: Faith x2 = conflict?
Actually, one of my players did it herself! I assumed that Yundi and the real Jaroo were of the Old Faith, likely dedicated to Nature itself as the source of spells. However, Jennithar is a worshipper of Ehlonna, and the player, a druid, is a druid who follows Obad-Hai. Curiously, Obad-Hai and Ehlonna are at odds. To exacerbate this controversy, I had St. Cuthbert be more of an Obad-Hai supporter, and Pelor more of an Ehlonna supporter. Nature, of course, supports both, but resents the intrusion of St. Cuthbert and Pelor. The followers of the Old Faith are followers of Nature or Ehlonna.

In summary, I hope this adds to the, conflict. :)

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