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Boden Blagden
Here for a while
(12/27/02 11:28:16 am)
How have the rest of you been doing the campaign in Rastor. My players I believe are going to go there for the first time tonight. I was just wondering how to handle things there correctly. I already know that other adventurers have heard about the Temple rising again and there will be some advneturers in town looking for work, maybe a few dead ones found in the crator mines or outside it, and there will be a rival group that they have to deal with.

Still here? Wow.
(12/27/02 12:01:43 pm)
Re: Rastor?
Well if this isn't too late, here's what I did: I played up the incongruity (sp?) of seeing orcs and dwarves together. Then I emphasized the "mind-our-own-business" attitude that comes being too close to something that's really bad and can squish you really fast and that you can't do a thing about. Other than that I played it as a safe plae. It would be too obvious if it were the cult's civilized front, so I played it safe. That'll also make the punch harder if I let Thrommel go postal on the leaders later on.

Hope that helps. My kid's crying. Gotta go.

Siobharek is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

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