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Here for a while
(12/27/02 1:16:15 pm)
Epic Elemental Evil
Hello all,

I'm usually just in the Psionics Section, but soon I'll be a DM again.

My players are chomping at the bit to play Epic. :P
They recently beat the Temple, but didn't destroy the artifacts.
They didn't even recover the gems. They just hollered for
the "Big Bad Guy" and waited for Imix to show, then beat him.

So, the Temple fell, but the evil isn't even close to over.

Now, my current plan involves some of that evil coming back.
They want Epic, and that means a quest. :)

So, I wanted to see if any one was interested in hearing my ideas,
and bashing them into something reasonable.

Also, one of my players reads the boards here, but I don't
think he reads this one. :) I trust him, I think. We just have
a camera over his dice when he rolls.


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Here for a while
(12/27/02 7:25:48 pm)
As I said in the "Post-RttToEE" thread, I'd be very eager for anything you have, fire away!


Here for a while
(12/27/02 8:26:56 pm)
Re: Sure!
Well, my party couldn't destroy the Orb, since they
never found the gems.

So, one of my players used a planer ally spell to get some
divine type critter to place it somewhere safe.
Since the big T is hated by everyone, I sent a Solar.
In a fit of Chaotic Humor, I had the Solar drop the skull
outside of T's prison. We all had a good laugh.

Now, they want Epic...
So, I'm having sections of the land
near Homlet vanishing. I'm going to have a certain volcano
turn into a valley, and stuff like that as T is pulling in his power. Also, Clerics suddenly burst into black flames, etc. :)

Once the party finds out it has something to do with T, they
will journey through part of the temple to find the coffin
that holds the void. Once they go through to T's prison, they will see a cocoon holding the skull and a hand reaching
out of the prison.

Basically, the Solar came back to change sides for power.
T's calling in all his power, which so far is slowly letting his
hand reach out to his new servant...

Then, the party will have to search the Abyss to find the
demon who had the stones, and find where he sold them.

All in all one big Epic reaching mess. :)

It'll be fun!!


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Here for a while
(1/13/03 9:40:22 pm)
Re: Epic Elemental
Hello all,

I have ran my first session in my Epic goal version of the Temple.

Since there was at least one responce I'll drop this first
session in, and post more if it seems to be taken well.

It's every six weeks, we do it the day after a local lan party. if you're interested. :)


The party is assembled by the fact that most of them chose
to be orphans for a background. :P
They are attending a funeral for the founder of the local orphanage,
when the priest turns into a tentacled pseudonatural monster.

I like someone's previous idea that Big T seemed to be
alienist since he used a lot of tenticles and madness...

Since he started as a 15th level priest it gave him SR 30.
This helped since the cleric of the party shot him with at
least 3 harm spells. :P

The party consists of a drow assassin, human cleric, elven
arcane trickster, human diamond warrior, and a human
chaos mage.

I tweaked the pseudonatural template to make him a little
more challenging, and better reflect the innate chaos.
He got the head attack of that alienist monster in some book.
Basically a will drain on any hit. I gave him variable resistance.
Flat 20 to elec, etc. just didn't fit.
I decided that he did have an anatamy, but a wierd one,
so I cut critical hit damage in half.
I also gave him a little hardness, and variable "skin" damage,
just to zap the people trying to touch him.
We use max hitpoints on all monsters, so to make it simple,
I just gave him d10s and dropped any Con mod.

I'd say that short of a little role playing, and of course set up...
The combat took most of the night.

Next stop, moathouse. They are going to find the beginings
of Big T's new rise to power.

I'm thinking about following the original RttoEE a little closer
by bringing U back as a few junior versions with extras. :)

I'll let you all know in six weeks.


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