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Roland Delacroix
Here for a while
(12/28/02 4:23:22 pm)
Chase scene help
Hey ya'll. After a month off for school i'm starting RttToEE up again. My party left off assaulting the south gate, even after I warned them away. When we left off they were in the gate area when Fatchish, Choranth, an Invis Stalker and a summoned Dir Badger in adamantite armor (summon individual monsters variant) turned the corner. Aaaannnd, we stopped there, NPCs have initative.

I'm hoping to rebuke my party (average 6th level) and set them running. Assuming it works out that way I want to playtest the Spycraft chase rules on the way back. My party travels in a wagon. Tal Chammish hasn't had a chance to act yet so im going to have him prepare an ambush at the fork in the road where the south/west gate paths split. He figures they will be weak after delving the CRM. As the PC's wagon rolls past Tal will pull out in his wagon, loaded with recruits (and driven by the dopplegander? He's the only one left in Hommlet).

Question is, what kind of followers can I give Chammish that will challenge a 6th level party? They cut through Gnolls like nothing. I don't see low level cleric challenging them either. Any ideas?

Xanthos Prince of Darkness
Here for a while
(12/29/02 9:06:14 pm)
Re: Chase scene help
I'm hoping to rebuke my party (average 6th level) and set them running

Ummm. Am I missing something here. Rebuking is controlling of undead. I assume you don't actually mean rebuke just make them retreat. Got me confused for a while.
How about a low-level cleric or two and gnolls. With a bit of buffing and a good ambush it could be very interesting. Try Obscuring Mist dropping on the party and of course Bull's Strength, Aid and the like. Suddenly a few Gnolls become a lot more dangerous. Maybe a few levels of Fighter/Ranger/Rogue are in order for a gnoll. Sorcerers/Wizards are much less common in RttToEE so maybe stick one of them in.
This could be a good time to introduce a member of a rival organization, really whatever you can come up with. Maybe Tal also works for this organization and they have provided some muscle. Making sure that Tal escapes could set up some nice RP. He could return to Rastor and continue selling drugs. What would the party do to try and uncover him without cutting off drug supplies for the town? Try to hook it back to the adventure somehow, don't just kill off Tal with no adventure advancement.

Y'know it's very hard to talk quantum using a language designed to tell other monkeys where the ripe fruit is.

Looking around
(12/30/02 9:34:07 pm)
Re: Chase scene help
Thandain Deeperdark (p.40--sidebar) is hooked on Tanbrosh & Chamish could force her to help. Give her a Spiked Shield of Bashing+1, Power Attack, Power Charge (Quintessential Fighter), Improved Shield Bash & Shield Charge (Defenders of the Faith) and dress her up in black with a Robin-style mask (she'll look funny & your players will never forget this) and hide her near the ambush site where she can get a good charge in.

Give Chamish an extra level of Rogue (he's been active, right? Besides he operates with very little supervision). Give him the Exotic--Bola's feat and a couple of bola's to throw (info in Sword & Fist or Quintessential Fighter). They only require a ranged touch (so he can still have Dex & Int as his highest scores) and automatically trip if they hit. Once they're tripped, they lose their dex mod & Chamish can move in for the sneak attack (+2d6 if he's 3rd lv).

Go ahead with your plan to have him use a Clr3 & some ruffians and if you still think the encounter is too weighted in the favor of the PC's, add Verg as well; who is also a Tranbrosh addict. I didn't use him for much (he was found dead after his supply ran out so I never bothered much with him conceptually), but since Orcs get like +4 to Str & he's a War2 he could cause at least a little trouble before he gets taken out.

Have Fun!

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