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The guy from Belgium
Looking around
(12/30/02 5:02:05 am)
Hi guys, wanna read my campaign log so far?
hi everyone!

I'm a 24 year old guy from the rainy belgium.

For the last half year, I've been mastering the best campaign I've seen so far: RttToEE!

If you guys are interested in reading my personal log, please check out:
[link= newwindow]my own site[/link]

everything's there, my players, the log, the setting, extras (lots of it)

enjoy! The site also has a private forum, where you can spill comments, or you can do it here, replying to this thread.

In short, my party consists of:

Dwarven Paladin of Pelor (lived among humans most of his life), lvl 8: the very essence of being a paladin
Human fighter4/cleric4 of Pelor, enthusiastic to the core, bashes heads first, ask questions later, the party's main source of healing
Halfling Monk 8, recent addition after his first character was killed
Elven Wizard7/Loremaster1, totally paranoid and pretty bad in interacting with people (charisma 6)
Elven sorcerer5/dragon disciple 3 (silver dragon), powerhungry munchkinlike player... knows only one spell apparantly: magic missile...

hope you enjoy my site!



The guy from Belgium
Looking around
(12/31/02 9:09:03 am)
Re: Hi guys, wanna read my campaign log so far?
ok, maybe you guys are a little short on time, no problem... my site is there to stay!

anyway, on another note:

Happy Newyear to you all!

Greetings from Belgium


The guy from Belgium
Looking around
(1/2/03 3:26:39 pm)
Re: Hi guys, wanna read my campaign log so far?
ok, since people are not rushing to see my site, i'm gonna post the whole lot here for your convenience!

The main thing to know, since i'm not gonna post the quests before RttRoEE, is that the party has a house in Hommlet, granted to them by the Duke for rendered services! Since there are strange things going on in and around Hommlet, this was a convenient solution for him, as the PC's would automatically look into the mater(s)

My party consisted of

Father Fattyboy: Dwarven Paladin of Pelor , lvl 6, raised by humans, therefor allowed to worship Pelor, does not have all dwarven traits (no +4 dodge vs giants, no +2 to appraise or stonecunning)

Father Dumbo: Human Fighter 4 (weapon spec bastard sword) / cleric to Pelor 2 ( convinced by Fattyboy to allow the love of Pelor into his life, now Faith Healing spell rocks for these two)

Yaotl: sun elf wizard 6 (outcast of evermeet, nice background to justify it)

Kyoku: standard elf sorcerer 5 (MC originally, kicked afterwards due to being overpowered, i mean, stoneskin 5 times a day for a silly 10 experience per casting? get real!) / dragon disciple 1 (has a thing with dragons, now has a hard time levelling up, having to consult fellow DD's or real dragons to do so!)

Master Wolf: human monk 6, got killed last session, replaced by master Roka, a halfling monk who despises magic in his life

So the party started of as five level six characters, too hich to start the module, so every encounter is boosted to match their EL's

recently i've seen the error in this (they're levelling too fast, so i've installed a new XP system, based some more on second edition, and the party has agreed to it)

If you wanna read the entire character build up or their backgrounds:

the logs will be posted momentarily!

The guy from Belgium
Looking around
(1/2/03 3:29:21 pm)
Re: Hi guys, wanna read my campaign log so far?
darn... i've tried to post the logs in one huge post three times now.

as i've stated before, it's 34 pages in word, and i cannot post it in one large post (probably considered flooding i guess)

i'm gonna chop it up!

hang on!

The guy from Belgium
Looking around
(1/2/03 3:31:48 pm)
Re: Hi guys, wanna read my campaign log so far?
here it goes!

13/10/02 – Getting their feet wet

Okay, so here we go. The party arrives in Hommlet. First things first: time to check out their new home! A large mansion, fitted for eight persons, including stables. Quite a nice gift from their 'friend' the Baron. After checking out their new abode, it was time to explore the city. Master Wolf encountered Elmo, leader of the town guard and even obtained the password to get into the castle and speak to Rufus and Burne, if his need was high. In the mean time, Father Fattyboy met up with a fellow dwarf, the local stonemason and after a nice little chat, got a serious discount on all future purchases. He immediately cashed in on this promise by buying horses for the entire party. He himself didn't need a horse, since he obtained a paladin mount, a nice dwarven war pony. Bonkie, who had multiclassed into a Pelor-worshipping cleric after attaining his fourth level as fighter (weapon specialisation), went to the temple of Pelor to seek council. After a visit to the local tavern, the party became aware that there was more to this quiet hamlet than met the eye! Strange people were stalking the surrounding countryside, the moat house was showing signs of activity again, etcetera. Time to stop wasting time in town, and seek out some more adventures!

The current date in the campaign is July 3rd (Moonday, Reaping third, greyhawk setting). The year is the 73th of the second era. (my own year count)

On their way to the moat house, the party had a little run in with a Yeth hound. In itself, one yeth hound isn't a formidable opponent, except for its damage reduction. The party couldn't damage it enough to overcome the damage reduction and spent half the night trying to waste the stupid thing. In the end, the wizard gently asked everyone to get out of the way and fireballed the Yeth hound, incinerating it completely ( 7D6 for a total damage op 26 damage, due to a failed save by the hound). This little encounter had cost the party a lot of resources ( especially hitpoints and spells) so they decided to rest before proceeding to the moat house.

The next morning, the party decided to investigate the moat house…

15/10/02 – How to tame a Dragon…

Before entering through the main gate, there was en encounter with a giant frog in the reeds near the drawbridge. The paladin got entangled in the monster's tongue and was about to get swallowed when Bonkie decided to hack off the thing's tongue, ending their battle before anyone got really hurt (except for the frog of course)
After this minor incident, it was time to solve the moat house mystery. So in they went, onto the central courtyard, where not a living thing stirred. There was only one strange thing: in the middle of the courtyard was a shiny curved dagger in the middle of what seemed to be a stain of dried up blood. There was also a smear of the same colour leading into the main building. Slowly, they traversed the courtyard and entered the main building which was partially ruined. Once inside, they found what caused the bloodstain. There was a partially eaten man on the floor with a heavy mace sticking out of his back. As soon as the party was inside, a large shadow dropped on them and the two front rank fighters (the paladin and the fighter/cleric) each were hit by a heavy claw. When they had recovered from the surprise, they found themselves face to face with a young blue dragon…

At that moment, the sorcerer had a brilliant idea: he spoke draconic, and wanted to have a chat with the dragon. All went well in the beginning, while the dragon's patience lasted (This was going to be the first meal that talked to him before being eaten)
After a few sentences, the dragon tired of the conversation and simply said "Time!". The sorcerer didn't understand. "Time for what?" His question was answered by a sudden strike with from the dragon's claw. Combat ensued and everything went well for the party until the dragon blasted them with a lightning bolt and then started hovering. The hover attack is a special dragon ability that allows him to create a maelstrom of debris which blinds all those within 90 feet and incapacitates spell casters while they remain in the dust cloud. The consequence was that the dragon wasn't hit anymore (50% miss chance) while he could pick off his opponents one by one (blind sight). After a few minutes of hacking (immobilizing the monk by bashing him below 0 hit points) the party had a reversal of fortune.
Despite the dust cloud, the party was able to deal a significant amount of damage to the dragon, forcing it to choose between a continued battle with a chance of dying or fleeing the scene, allowing it time to heal and come up with a plan for revenge. It chose the latter, figuring it had years to plot the demise of the party which chased it from its new home.
After they had healed their own wounds and brought back the monk from the brink of the abyss, the party set out to explore the moat house. They first searched the two bodies in the main hall, finding some minor magic items (+1 short bow, +1 heavy mace), some none-magical treasure and some cash.

One of the two bodies seemed to be a cleric of some unknown deity, and the other one was that of a female human rogue (black studded leather armor).
Both possessed a holy symbol of some sort, but a knowledge check by the cleric revealed nothing of interest. After the looting of these two corpses, the party explored the other rooms of the top floor.

Nothing much of interest was found, except for a costly encounter in one of the collapsed towers. At some point during their search of the room, the paladin noticed something that appeared to be a large body of water covering a piece of wall. A ripple betrayed this transparent goo to be grey ooze. Initiative was rolled and the party won ( the fact that the ooze has a -4 on its initiative has nothing to do with it ? )
The paladin shot an arrow into the ooze, which dissolved only seconds later, tipping at the acid nature of this creature. After switching weapons, the paladin engaged the ooze with his mighty dwarven war axe. The fighter/cleric was already in melee with it when suddenly half his sword was dissolved by the ooze. The monk noticed this too late and landed an unarmed blow on the ooze, withdrawing his fist just in time before it dissolved. A second-degree burn on his hand now reminds him of his ignorance. The ooze was defeated thanks to a combination of magic missiles and the hacking of the paladin’s war axe. Thankfully the fighter had a spare bastard sword in his backpack, so the party was still at full strength.

22/10/02 – Duom-Time!

The rest of the rooms yielded nothing of value, and the party discovered a staircase leading down into the cellar of the moat house. They immediately descended, only to be ambushed by four gnolls armed with duoms at the bottom of the stairs. (Duom: 1D8, 20 X3, value 20 Gp, source: sword and fist, WotC)).
Battle ensued and the gnolls did massive damage thanks to their attacks of opportunity.

Duoms have reach and can be used at close quarters. A duom resembles a long spear with two inverted blades on the shaft, allowing it to attack someone in the back with a +2 on the first attack. This makes duoms quite deadly, as the party would notice later on in the adventure. The duoms only drawback is the fact that an exotic proficiency must be taken to fight with them.

Anyway, the combat went pretty bad for the party, since it was their first run in with this unknown weapon, but again, magic missiles and some good rolls by the fighter and the paladin did miracles for the party. The monk also landed a blow or two, but was around to soak damage, not deal damage ? After this encounter, initial reconnaissance revealed two doors adjacent to the staircase. They were immediately checked and the party discovered a refugee stowed away in one of the supply rooms. Spugnoir the potion seller was trapped down here on one of his scavenging tours of the moat house because some ‘dragon beast’ blocked the only way out… After sharing a ration with the famished Spugnoir and healing his broken ankle, the party lent him one of their horses and assured him it was safe to return to the village. He gladly accepted and offered them a nice discount when they visited him in town.
Since the party still had some hit points remaining, they explored some more and found another door on the other side of the staircase. After opening it, they found a large dusty room and noticed some fresh footprints leading through the room towards a door in the opposite wall. They immediately boosted themselves a little and kicked in the other door. To their horror, they saw that they were being expected… Four more gnolls with duoms and a woman in cleric robes were waiting for them in combat formation, each gnoll covering his allies. The woman cursed and left the room through a back door, only to re-emerge a few moments later, followed by some medium-sized and large skeletons. Faced with these apparently impossible odds, the fighter-cleric charged in, before anyone could stop him. He was hit by several duoms, but still closed with one of the gnolls, dealing a massive blow. The rest of the party didn’t have a choice and also engaged the enemies. While the party was busy with her minions, the cleric continued boosting herself and finally entered melee as well. It took the party over an hour (real time) to clear the room, and it was very, very close at times…
The sorcerer wanted the wizard to fireball the whole room, but a spot check made him change his mind. In the corner was a blanket with several items on it. Fearing those might be magical or important, the idea to flood the room with fire was abandoned. After the fight, the party was all over the blanket, trying to determine what was on it… A black sceptre with a nice-looking violet gem in it (not magical), a black scroll case (not magical), a small black bead (magical) and a black metal torch with three strange cones (also magical).

After these discoveries they searched the bodies, finding a masterwork half plate, some scrolls and potions, a NEW holy symbol and some cash.

Still not satisfied, the party decided to take twenty and search the room top to bottom. While doing so, they discovered a secret door, leading to another staircase, deeper into the moat house. They decided to reseal the secret door and head back to town for new supplies and hopefully some insights from the local temples (whose holy symbol they had uncovered and the like…)

29/10/02 – Get that Bard!

They returned to town with one horse short, since Spugnoir had indeed borrowed one to get to town faster. All the way to town, the party scanned the air, looking for anything that might resemble a dragon, but nothing showed itself… yet ?
Once they got to town, they stopped by the armorsmith to sell the useless armors, the weapon smith to sell all the duoms they had gathered, the sage to gather some information on the area and local history and Spugnoir to see what good deals he could make for them. The cleric headed to the temple of Pelor to see what he could learn about the holy symbol (Black upside-down triangle with inverted yellow Y inside it). The eldest cleric immediately recognized the symbol for what it was: an obex of Tharizdun! She related the story recorded in eons past…
Many years ago, there was a dark god whose evil was unmatched anywhere in the know multiverse. So vile was he, that he was not allowed to exist any longer and so all the other gods decided to unite against him to bring his reign of terror to an end. Even with all their combined might, they were unable to defeat him permanently… but they did manage to imprison him on a specially constructed plane that would serve as his eternal prison. There were no gateways leading towards it, and no gateways out of that plane. After their ‘victory’ the other gods decided to strike the name of Tharizdun from all written history, but the rumours and tales always found a way to survive, in part because of Tharizdun’s followers, who eternally sought a way to liberate their master…

The fact that Bonkie was carrying many symbols of Tharizdun did not bode well for the world, for it was a sign that evil stirred once again in the area, and that the temple of elemental evil might be rising again !

After a productive day in town, the party decided to put an old plan into reality. They ordered the construction of a forge and an alchemist lab. Both would serve them well in their future journeys to brew potions or forge magical items. Yaotl the wizard was the most likely candidate for the job of potion maker / item enchanter since he was very skilled at both. Father Fattyboy’s connections in town (especially with the stone mason) got them a nice deal. They didn’t get much discount, but their orders were a priority… And so ten days later, they would have a forge and a lab. All works were paid in full in advance and the party restocked on food supplies and headed back to the moat house. Little did they know about the reinforcements that had arrived in the meantime…?
When they cleared the woods surrounding the moat house, they noticed a cart and four extra horses tied up in front of the drawbridge. Not wanting to give their adversaries the advantage of initiating the fight on their terms, the party decided to ambush whoever was inside. The sorcerer would stand in front of the drawbridge unarmed and act as if he had been mugged in the forest, drawing out the enemy one by one, while the rest of the party ware hiding around the drawbridge, bows at the ready. Everything went according to plan and the sorcerer stood alone and unarmed several feet before the drawbridge yelling for help. All of a sudden; a duom-armed half-orc appeared asking what all the commotion was about. The sorcerer did his best to convince the half-orc to come out, but he wouldn’t fall for it. Instead, the sorcerer was urged to leave. Still trying to lure the half-orc out, the sorcerer kept up his plea for help… he got more than he had hoped for. The half-orc lowered his duom and charged the sorcerer. Dealing a whopping 13 damage, a large grin appeared on his face as he impaled the sorcerer. Seeing this as their only chance, the paladin and the fighter each let their arrows fly. The half-orc was struck twice and initiative was rolled for combat. Thanks to a twist of fortune, the half-orc won, and withdrew into the moat house yelling ‘ambush ambush’…
Seeing their advantage lost, the party decided it was time to take this fight into the moat house once again and prepared for an all out assault against an unknown amount of adversaries. The sorcerer cast invisibility on himself and went scouting ahead of the party. He crossed the drawbridge, but made too much noise on the wooden planks, and gave away his position. One of the clerics inside cast an area dispel and ‘poof’… the sorcerer was visible again… Immediately after the dispel magic, an enemy bard cast a ‘tasha’s hideous laughter’ on the sorcerer. He was allowed a will save but failed and was out of the game for six rounds… It happened to be an empowered spell. The rest of the party charged inside (the fighter-cleric once again leading the assault before the paladin could set up a battle plan) and mass combat ensued. Inside were two fighters with duoms, three clerics and one bard boosting his allies with a nice rhythmic song. Every enemy did what he was best at. The fighters stabbed everyone with their duoms, the clerics cast spells on anything that moved and the bard sang a song. Fattyboy and Bonkie dealt with the two fighters rather well. Despite being knocked down to a mere ten hit points each, the managed to kill their two opponents. In the mean time, the sorcerer spent the entire battle laughing his @ss off on the drawbridge, the rogue spent the entire combat shooting arrows at the bard and the monk spent the entire combat missing the armoured clerics and saving against all the spells cast at him. When the half-orc fighter and his human companion fell dead to the ground, the most important-looking cleric decided to make a run for it by casting invisibility upon himself (maybe there was more to him than met the eye… a cleric casting invisibility?) . The bard followed his example by casting darkness on a rock and using its cover to get away. Unfortunately, the sorcerer, who had stopped laughing by this time, decided to dispel the darkness, ruining the attempt. Bonkie then decided to charge the bard before she got away, but misread some faint gesture she made during his charge and suddenly felt compelled to cover the bard’s retreat. ( a charm spell can work miracles sometimes… ? “guard this door for a moment will you… those guys look angry and I’m afraid…”) So the bard got away with three hit points remaining… Fattyboy considered attacking bonkie to get past him and chase the bard down, but was held back by the common sense of the party.
With all their spells for the day wasted and not many hit points remaining, the party had no other choice but to rest so that they could heal and recharge their spells.

The guy from Belgium
Looking around
(1/2/03 3:34:05 pm)
Re: Hi guys, wanna read my campaign log so far?
31/10/02 – Night-time Trouble

After a good night's sleep, they descended again into the moat house cellars. They first wanted to clear the cellars before proceeding into the secret tunnels, so they sweeped the remaining rooms. In the largest room, they found some ghasts hiding themselves. The monk was surprised and was viciously attacked. He failed his save and found himself paralysed for about ten minutes… Once again it was up to the party to save one of their own. Fattyboy charged in, followed by Bonkie, and the ghasts were in for a world of hurt. Unfortunately, the shrieks and the sounds of combat drew six more ghouls into the fight but Yaotl decided to end the combat a little faster and fireballed the ghouls. Five of them were reduced to a pile of smoking ashes before they were allowed to land a blow on anyone… The ghasts were defeated shortly before dealing more damage to the party than they could handle… because somewhere in the fight, Father Bonkie got paralysed too. After this ‘swift’ victory the party spent the rest of the day taking twenty on every room they found, granting them nothing. During the following night Yaotl took first watch. Father Bonkie and Father Fattyboy had decided to take of their armor for the night, so that they could heal better. Halfway through Yaotl’s watch I let him make a listen check. Being an elf with a familiar allowed him to hear the sound of a door opening nearby. He awoke Bonkie and Vermin, but by that time, the door to the supply room (the one where they found Spugnoir) flew open and they were faced with two Cleric-like figures. One clearly human, the other seemingly a troglodyte. It is important to state that at the start of combat Bonkie had 10 hit points and Vermin had 29. Thankfully for them, they both won initiative, allowing them first blood. They both went for the largest danger, being the troglodyte, and missed due to his extreme armor class. Next up was the human cleric. He dealt Bonkie a serious blow, knocking him to zero hit points in the first round of combat. The Yaotl casted haste on Vermin, granting him more armor class and an extra attack, for a total of three, but also dealing him 1 subdual damage each round. Next up was the troglodyte. In one telling blow he would have killed Vermin (critical roll… 1D8+8 x 3 for a total of 39 damage). Being the DM allows me to juggle the numbers a bit, so I disregarded this very unlucky roll for vermin and did minimum damage on my roll: a 1 on the D8 + 8 times 3 still gave added up to 27 damage, but at least Fattyboy was still alive, albeit with only two hit points. With the clock ticking (1 subdual each round), I knew he was going down two rounds later, after six more attacks on his part. The monk then did what no one ever expected of him: he actually started hitting things! In a total reversal of fortune he started dealing an average of 8 damage per attack, even on his second attack. But still, it wouldn’t be enough to save the party. The sorcerer started hitting the troglodyte with magic missiles for 4D4+4, but still, it wasn’t going to be enough. Then the wizard did what would determine the outcome of the battle. Using his staff of fire, he cast a wall of fire on top of both enemy clerics dealing 2D6+7 damage at once and forcing them back or ahead. On the round he cast the wall of fire, Father Fattyboy went down due to the sudbual damage. All that remained of the party was a monk, a sorcerer and a wizard… no melee characters remained standing. The troglodyte reacted furiously to the assault by the wall of fire and charged the first spell caster he laid his eyes on. Unfortunately, that was Kyoku, the sorcerer. The charge dealt 16 damage and forced Kyoku back, disengaging for safety. The monk then charged the troglodyte in the back, hitting him and even killing him! The second enemy cleric, who had withdrawn due to the wall of fire suddenly leapt through the flames again, and pierced the monk as a ‘thank you’ gesture. Despite the unexpected attack, the wizard, sorcerer and monk killed the last remaining enemy without too much problems. Again, the monk dealt the killing blow. The monk was definitely the man of the match so to speak. Another decisive factor was the wizard using his staff of fire with limited charges at precisely the right time! They finally came through when the need was highest!

04/11/02 – Mopping up the remains.

The next two entire days were lost to healing and resting. Many wounds needed to be tended and the party could use the rest. The next day, the party made their way down to the lowest level, prepared for anything, or so they thought ?
The encounters were scarce, having met such concentrated resistance on the upper levels, and the occasional ghast was quickly dispatched.
They also discovered the main chamber where the clerics seemed to have maid their lair. A locked footlocker yielded an important letter, but not before spraying 3d6 acid damage on the monk attempting to open it… the letter stated something about a stay in the mill of Hommlet and how the writer loathed everyone in Hommlet, wishing them all dead…
The party scouted the corridors of this lower level, passing a lifted portcullis, and found a gnoll guarding a room. Fatty boy shot him twice with his bow, killing him before the alarm was sounded. Out of the room, three more gnolls appeared, but they were killed before they reached the party through a combination of magic missiles and conventional arrows. While the party was getting some easy kills, Bonkie was out trying some doors. When he attempted to open the second door, there was a grating sound, almost like metal over stone. It didn’t take the party long to realise the Portcullis had dropped down… they were trapped down here until they discovered another way out…
After following some ancient tunnels, the group discovered a large altar-like statue. A large block of stone, cut into a rectangle, with each side carved into a large image of a man. Each side had a distinct colour and every carving was very different: a hooded priest, a heavily armed warrior, a mysterious stranger, …
Kyoku decided to throw a rock towards the statue. He scored a hit and a much unexpected event occurred: the statue became a translucent pink block. The rest of the party decided to light the torch of revealing. Wherever its light hit the statue, it reverted back to its original state, the rest of the block remained translucent pink. In its interior, a black orb seemed to grow. It continued growing for a few seconds before it filled the entire interior of the statue. The party made a spot check and noticed several ‘openings’ in the statue. Every side of the statue hid a secret compartment. Vermin put his hand into the first opening, attempting to retrieve whatever was inside. He touched something round, almost like a pearl. When he withdrew his hand, he was holding a bead of force, the second one the party found so far. Vermin went to the second opening and put his hand in, but something happened no one expected. The statue got personal. the next thing everyone knew was that vermin was suddenly paralysed. The party pulled him away from the statue. Inside his paralysed hand, they found a small black drum. Nightwolf decided to check the remaining openings. He grabbed whatever was inside the third crevice, but he was also paralysed by some unknown force. In his paralysed hand, the party discovered a small set of silver bells. With two members of the party paralysed, Father Bonkie decided to use his scroll of remove paralysis on vermin. As soon as he was back on his feet, Vermin tried to retrieve what was in the final compartment. He managed to grab hold of the item, but ill luck struck again, and once more, he was paralysed (despite his very high saves)… The retrieved item was a Brazier with three incense cones… The statue remained in its translucent state until long after the party had left the room, which was four hours later, the time it took for the paralysis to wear off.
A detect magic spell revealed that all the found items radiated magic. The bells, drums and brazier had a faint magic aura, the pearl a somewhat stronger one.

08/11/02 – Riddles, traps and more stuff…

The party was now nearing the completion of the moat house. There were only two more options to explore: the shaft leading down or the newly excavated tunnel. (the wall of stone which the party had hacked through in merely four days ? )
They decided to clear their current level first, so they went exploring what was beyond the wall of stone again. The cockatrices were still where they initially encountered them, and the only way to get past them, was through stealth. The party decided to send out Master Wolf, made invisible by Kyokus spell. He passed the first two abominations without problems, only to find a third one in what seemed to be an old barrack. Smashed up beds, torn sheets, smashed furniture, a rusted axe were scattered across the floor. Master Wolf found a door and silently opened it. He stuck his head through and saw he had discovered some kind of bedroom. He snuck in and found a fine bed with silk sheets, a nice chair, a table and a long dead corpse on the floor in the middle of the room. He decided to take twenty on his search (he had 70 minutes of invisibility, with about 40 remaining).

Master wolf discovered a wand and a medallion (a strange design, resembling a spider). He found nothing else of interest and returned to the party. Yaotl recognised the Medallion as a symbol of Lolth, the Spider Goddess… The wand turned out to be a wand of Doom with only 3 charges remaining…

Having cleared every room on this sublevel, the party decided to take the elevator and descend into the shaft. First Vermin and Bonkie descended into the shaft, testing the strength of the elevator. Both had their weapon drawn. Descending into the shaft, they felt a cold, humid air rushing up to meet them. They had a torch so Bonkie could see in the dark. While descending, the torch flickered violently, threatening to go out any moment. At last, they could see the bottom of the cave, some 60 feet lower. The shaft had opened into a cave, but it was so wide that neither could see the walls. A successful spot check revealed that the bottom was made of very smooth black marble with purple veins. The marble had lost its lustre however… They stopped the elevator just before it touched the bottom. A second sweep of the cave revealed that this wasn’t really the bottom of the cave. It was the top of something inside the cave. Its surface was convex, and the edges were about 30 feet in all directions.
At the very edge, Vermin spotted a secondary elevator leading further down. Bonkie and Vermin then decided to step off the elevator onto the ‘surface’. A mere fraction of a second later, the veins inside the marble sprang to life, creeping towards them. At first, both were unsure what to do… “Do the veins move towards us?” … “Not directly towards you, but they’re moving yes…” The next thing they knew, Vermin was hit by one of the tentacles… he felt an immense cold permeating his clothes, right to his very heart. He immediately lost 4 Strength (1D6). Both he and Bonkie rushed to the elevator leading down, desperate to get of the black surface. The moment they stepped of the black marble, the veins returned to their dormant state. In the mean time, the rest of the party, that was waiting one floor higher, had pulled the elevator back up. They decided to descend together, which was no problem for the elevator as it had clearly been designed to carry a lot more than 400 pounds…
Bonkie and Vermin had decided to delay their descent to warn their friends to get to the second elevator in the shortest possible time… before the veins could harm them! They succeeded in warning the other three party members, and no more harm was done…
The second platform accommodated the party with ease, albeit a little crowded.
The party started their descent, and I called for a spot check. No one succeeded in spotting the grell getting ready to attack from the shadows of the cave. Moments later, the attack came…

Yaotl was the first victim of this 10-tentacled-nightmare! Two tentacles hit him, paralysed him and grappled him… The party responded by hacking off the tentacles holding their friend. A nasty combat ensued, with the grell grabbing a new opponent every round. Yaotl, Master Wolf and Kyoku were all immobilised and grappled, ready to be hauled away and eaten. The grell’s only tactic was: paralyse, grapple with at least two tentacles, fly away with prey, eat it somewhere nice and quiet. Sadistic creature isn’t it ?. The party finally managed to chase it away, by hacking off all its tentacles, disabling its only way to attack… It silently floated off and withdrew in the darkness, but it was pursued by a barrage of magic missiles and melf’s acid arrows…
After a careful search of the area to reveal any other threats, the party continued its way down on the elevator. They finally reached what appeared to be the real bottom of the cave.

In its centre was a large pillar, on which the obelisk rested. To one side, there was a dark pool of water and to the other side were some rocks and two strange designs carved into the floor of the cave. One resembled a black sun, the other two trapezoids entwined in each other (an obex), resembling the holy symbol of Tharizdun. Beyond the carved sun was a small stone slab with two words engraved “Worship Tharizdun”. Yaotl read the runes and warned the party there was something wrong. He wouldn’t say what, fearing that mentioning the name might invoke some major evil. The party pressed him for information, but he refused to tell them what bothered him… Kyoku decided to go scouting on his own… he found more than he was bargaining for. An unsuccessful spot check caused him to miss some rocks shifting and the next moment he was assaulted by an old, armoured man. An incantation followed and the world went momentarily black for Kyoku. He felt he wasn’t in command of his own body anymore. He walked towards the black sun, stopped in its centre and muttered a single word.

The rest of the party had no clue what was going on but suddenly they saw Kyoku utter a single word and falling down in the centre of the black sun. All of a sudden, Master Wolf noticed the armoured man and wanted to charge in. Father Fattyboy told him to wait and loosened an arrow upon the old man, hitting him for 8 points of damage. Immediately afterwards, Wolf charged in… He dealt the old cleric some damage, but the punishment for this brash attack was quick to follow! Suddenly, the cleric’s hand lit up a pale blue and he merely touched Master Wolf. This touch turned out to deal a massive 30 damage to Master Wolf (inflict serious wounds). Yaotl decided to boost his friends in the mean time, casting haste and keen edge on Bonkie, while Bonkie cast protection from evil on Vermin and Vermin cast bless weapon upon his own axe. Powered up like this, they decided to close with the cleric. By this time, Wolf had been hit again, this time by an inflict moderate wounds for 20 damage, bringing him down to 0 hitpoints and dropping him. When Father Fattyboy had closed with the cleric he decided to smite evil. And then the unimaginable happened. He rolled a natural 20. With his blessed weapon any threat is automatically a critical hit, so he did 5 normal damage + 3 from divine might + 2 from his strength modifier + 7 from his smite evil times 3 (!!!), totalling a massive 51 damage and killing the cleric in one swift blow (ruining nearly any item the cleric was wearing, including his full plate mail. The hit cut the cleric in half, leaving our heroes covered in gore and blood.

While this was transpiring, a strange thing was happening to Kyoku. He doesn’t exactly recall what, but he seemed to be in a dream in which a dark hooded man approached him, asking Kyoku if he wanted to free him from his imprisonment. Kyoku answered “yes” and the dream ended. He was back at full health and at his feat was a jet-black dagger (+1 dagger) with his name engraved into its blade. After this commotion, Father Bonkie and Father Fattyboy decided to check out the pool of water. It turned out to be clear water with a hidden cave somewhere across the water. Both heroes crossed the water, forcing them to make a fortitude save twice. Both succeeded and they were safely across (the water was only three inches deep). The cave appeared to be something unnatural. Upon Yaotl’s request, Bonkie described what he saw in the cave. Its rear wall was a sort of black, shallow stone. Yaotl successfully identified it as a portal, but was of course unable to identify its destination or its direction. Father Fattyboy decided to cross the water again to explore the rest of the cave. This time, his luck ran out and he failed his fortitude save, robbing him of 2d6 constitution, luckily for him only 6 in total. The gods must have smiled upon Fattyboy that day, because I forgot to roll the secondary 2d6 constitution drain one minute later (potentially killing him). The cave yielded no more information except for the central pillar which had iron rungs hammered into its side, providing easy access to the bottom of the obelisk. One by one the characters climbed the ladder, seeing that in reality nothing supported the weight of the obelisk, it seemed to be floating. But the fact that the top of the pillar had an uneven surface betrayed the fact that there might be something invisible between the pillar and the obelisk. The torch of revealing revealed a very large gem linking the pillar and the obelisk. A successful spot check by Yaotl revealed that the gem wasn’t actually touching the bottom of the obelisk and that it might be possible to remove it and claim it as a prize for the party. However, the moment Yaotl touched the gem, he vanished from sight. The party didn’t know what to expect, so they decided to wait until their friend returned.

Yaotl found himself inside a dark sphere, where a dark, booming voice spoke to him: “Seek the heart of each of the four moons. Together they can sunder the walls of my prison. For now eat my fruit and be blessed…” After the speech, a black pear appeared in his hand. Not daring to go against the wishes of this dark voice, Yaotl ate the fruit. He was immediately teleported to the place where he had boarded the first elevator, some 500 feet above his friend’s heads. He did feel strange however… eating the fruit had caused his dexterity to be raised by one. Yaotl decided to rejoin his friends and tell of his experience, so he casted spider climb on himself and commenced the descent into the shaft. In the mean time, his friends at the bottom of the cave were suffering from hypothermia. One by one, they failed their fortitude saves. This caused them to be fatigued. They all lost -2 strength, -2 dexterity and 1D6 subdual damage. After nearly an hour, Yaotl reached his friends and told them what had happened, but by that time, the worst cases of hypothermia had accumulated more than 20 points of subdual damage. Yaotl had saved himself by wrapping his winter blanket around him…

No one else was interested in eating from any sort of dark fruit, except Kyoku, who couldn’t resist the temptation of increased power. The rest of the party decided to take the elevator up and exit the cave. Kyoku touched the gem, ate the fruit, and gained one point of constitution. After all this the party decided to seal the pit again and return to town. Before returning, they took twenty in every single turn where they hadn’t done so before. This only yielded one secret room, with a lever to raise the lower portcullis. Taking twenty throughout the moat house cost the party another two days. This didn’t matter to them, since that way, by the time they returned to Hommlet, their forge and alchemist lab would be finished. The next day, they arrived in Hommlet again, ready to figure out what to do next…

Vermin officially opened the forge and Yaotl tested the alchemist lab by identifying the fifteen potions the party had discovered in the moat house. The next few days would be spent on forging and creating magical items and questioning people about retrieved items…

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16/11/02 - Downtime

The objective if this session was threefold:
- Allow the characters some time to figure out what to do next.
- Forge magic weapons or other items.
- Offer some non-hack ‘n slash downtime for the players

The moment the party got into town, Yaotl set out to fire up the forge and create his first magic weapons. Fattyboy wanted a +1 Dwarven war axe and Bonkie a +1 Bastard sword.
This would take Yaotl four days to forge, so the party had four days to find out as much as they could from the townspeople. The first day, they strolled around town, picking up the rumours and making mental notes on who to see. These rumours included:

Important events:
- The miller and his wife have disappeared a while ago (somewhat over a week)
- Some ugly goblinoid is asking questions about townspeople concerning Halflings in the village…
1. Moneir (weaver) and Ganna (woodcutter) are secretly in love
2. Tragge (friend of the stonemason) has dug a tunnel that leads into the keep
3. Todarich (sage) is in love with Genitar (cleric) but the feeling is not mutual
4. Telna is a real nuisance, bugging every one about the moat house and the activity around the town (especially the robed figures)
5. Nady (leatherworker) claims Joman Dart (general store) is evil!
6. The potter is losing customers to a new arrival in town (Asherm, gnome artisan)
7. The druid Jaroo’s companion bear has gone missing…
8. Jaroo claims his assistant is behaving strangely…

Day one:

First off, Master Wolf wanted to talk to Elmo, the leader of the town guard. The conversation didn’t yield much information, except that hobgoblins currently occupied the old temple site and that ‘the four hearts of the moons’ reminded him of something within the ruined temple.

Bonkie and Fattyboy went to the temple of Pelor for advice. They asked Yether to identify all their items. The silver bells, the drum and the brazier seemed to be needed for some kind of ritual, but she couldn’t tell them what exactly. Their black sceptre was non-magical. The black metal scroll case was opened, and revealed a worm-eaten parchment, written in an unknown language. Yether proposed to have one of her scribes translate it, but it would take some time. When asked about the four hearts of the moon, she didn’t have an answer, but referred to canoness Y’Dey for more information. Bonkie and Fattyboy thanked her for her time, bid her farewell and headed for the Church of St-Cuthbert. Canoness Y’Dey informed them that the four hearts of the moon were actually a reference to four rooms inside the ruined temple of elemental evil. Every ‘moon’ was a node of energy, each one linked to one of the four elements: earth, water, fire and air. When confronted with the medallion of Lolth, the spider queen, she mumbled something about how she had always suspected an alliance between Tharizdun and Lolth. She bid Bonkie and Fattyboy to return the next day, as she would dig into her archives for additional information. She also kept some artefacts to research further.

In the mean time, Master Wolf was strolling through town, when he felt a sudden urge to walk into the milk market for a drink. When he entered, it was as if he was looking into a mirror. Chonas Divor, the shopkeeper, was a bald man, dressed only in loose trousers and with a stern look on his face. Both recognised each other as a fellow monk. They chatted for a while and in the end, Chonas challenged Master Wolf for a sparring match. It was agreed that no magic was allowed and that only subdual damage would be dealt. Initially, Chonas had the upper hand, but after a few minutes of exchanging blows, Master Wolf changed tactics and won. Out of respect for his fellow monk, Chonas awarded Master Wolf with a pair of bracers, which turned out to be Bracers of armor +1. It appeared that Chonas had given up the path of adventuring and that he no longer needed the bracers. Having found a worthy candidate for them, he gave them to Master Wolf.

Day two:

The next day, it was time to investigate the matter of the missing miller family, the disappearance of the druid’s bear, and to see what the scroll and the artefacts had revealed overnight.

Master Wolf went to the miller’s house, only to discover a hastily abandoned house. A male servant in the still-working mill yielded no useful information, so Master Wolf decided to check out the house itself. The table was set for two, a cooking pot over the fire place had boiled over and the beans had even burned into the pot. There was fungus all over the sink (about one week old), and there was one chair missing. There was however no sign of a struggle, and Master Wolf checked out the upper floor, only to discover a dust covered bedroom, where no one had been for a week. On his way to and from the mill, he was observed by a strange bird on a nearby branch, which seemed to have an unnatural fixation for him.

Father Bonkie went once again to the two temples. Yether had a translation of the scroll. It detailed some dark ritual to summon the dark lord to this plane. It involved multiple wish spells, human sacrifices and some more grisly components. Furthermore, it would take years to complete. The scribe who had spent the previous day and night translating it had fallen sick, and when Father Bonkie asked if he could help the man in some way, his healing powers were welcomed by Yether. Father Bonkie chose to discharge all his healing spells for that day into the temple’s spell pool, a gesture that was appreciated by all inside the temple!
His visit to Canoness Y’Dey also revealed useful information. In her archives she found accounts of Drow activity around the temple’s site, shortly after its second destruction.
Recounts told of two factions of Drow, one loyal to Lolth and one faithful to elemental evil. Bonkie was told all there was to know about Drow and about the fall of the second temple. The artefacts (the bells, etc) turned out to be over 1000 years old, the secret of the ritual they served long lost. The canoness advised testing them near where the party found them if they really insisted on finding out what they did! Knowing enough, Bonkie left the church to meet up with his friends.

Father Fattyboy decided to visit his friend, the stonemason to address him regarding the supposed tunnel into the castle. Realising his dwarven friend Tragge had told everyone during one of his drinking sessions, he decided to be honest with Father Fattyboy. There was indeed a tunnel meant to allow him and his family to withdraw to safety in case of trouble. Father Fattyboy insisted the tunnel be closed, since news of the tunnel was spreading and evildoers could abuse the tunnel in case of an evil uprising! The stonemason agreed to this and would call on Tragge to seal off the tunnel.

Later that day, Fattyboy went looking for the goblinoid stalking the city. He found him just before sunset. It turned out to be a hideously disfigured Halfling. Not only that, but it seemed to be a savage barbarian of some kind. Wearing a ragged bear skin and wielding a great sword, Father Fattyboy decided to discretely detect evil on this guy. All clear as it turned out… it was borderline, but then again, so was Kyoku, Yaotl or Allandrielle at times…
The Halfling introduced himself as Questin Timble, out on his own business, but always interested in joining a party, because he was low on funds. After a long chat, he explained he was looking for his long-lost parents in Hommlet, who had ‘mistakenly’ left him at birth. Father Fattyboy showed his kind heart and invited him to stay with them for the time being.

Day three:

During the third day, Master Wolf was charged with finding out more about Telna and her interest in the moat house and cultists. This turned out to be quite disappointing and he learned nothing of value. She claimed to have lost her husband, and that gossips were all she currently cared about…

Father Bonkie decided to check out the miller’s house for himself this time. He took Questin along (lucky turn of events, it would seem soon enough!).
Inside the mill, the same guy that Master Wolf had encountered the day before was working and a little chat revealed that there were some friends of the miller in the basement and had been staying there for about two weeks. Bonkie and Questin headed down, and politely knocked on the door, which automatically opened. They stepped inside and Bonkie realised too late that one of the three men inside was in fact the same guy that had escaped them in the moat house… the heavily armoured cleric that had gone invisible when things went bad… Bonkie tried to pretend he didn’t notice and casually asked about the miller. Master Dunrat (the evil cleric’s name) told Father Bonkie he was about a week late to meet the miller and asked how well he could swim in his full plate… Suddenly the door behind Bonkie and Questin slammed shut. Glancing over his shoulder, Bonkie saw the man they had seen upstairs change his appearance into that of the female Tiefling bard that had also gotten away in the moat house. The barbarian immediately charged the bard who had begun singing a mighty ballad to boost her allies. His attack roll totalled 23, which was just not enough.
(shield and mage armor can work miracles…) All of a sudden, one of the evil guys closed with the barbarian and dealt massive damage (he was a level 5 rogue, level 5 assassin, making him quite formidable… the barbarian succeeded his fortitude save or it would have ended right there, right then for him).
Next up, the bard cast Tasha’s Hideous Laughter on the barbarian, making him quite useless for three rounds… Bonkie was now on his own against three opponents plus the bard. All of his opponents won their initiative and Bonkie took some massive damage! One of his opponents cast a spell and suddenly there were four mirror images of him there… it was impossible to tell which one was the real caster. Master Dunrat felt overconfident and decided to fight a melee battle with Bonkie. At last it was Bonkie’s turn, and he was able to deal a nice amount of damage to Master Dunrat. At the end of this round, there was suddenly a large amount of noise outside the door… Heavy feet trampled down the stairs and someone started banging on the door…
Bonkie feared the end had finally come for him, when at the beginning of the second round, he was beaten down to fifteen hitpoints out of his total 62… Before he could take his turn, the door burst into splinters and a mighty armoured man appeared brandishing a large battleaxe…
“For Heironeous, ATTAAAAAAAACK!” he shouted and charged Master Dunrat. He decided to smite evil with his attack and dealt a massive 23 damage with one cleave of his axe. In the attack, he pushed Bonkie clear of the melee, allowing him to catch his breath. Before he could do so however, he was hit by some more magic missiles, and was down to four hitpoints. As soon as he got the chance, he casted a healing spell upon himself, and rejoined the fray! The barbarian regained his feet and charged the bard once again. This time he hit her quite hard, and she was down to one hit point. All would be decided on the next round by means of initiative. The bard won (phew) and concentrated to make herself invisible again… She succeeded and got away again. The rest of the enemy pack was quickly annihilated. Master Dunrat fell due to another heavy blow from the newly arrived paladin (Xaod the Slayer).
After a hefty battle, it was time to collect some goodies, and Father Bonkie found a letter, some gold, and a nice collection of unidentified magical items…

After this piece of action, the barbarian was needed to accompany Master Wolf to the druid’s grove, to solve the mystery of the missing bear. In short, Master Wolf didn’t learn a single thing about a single thing, except that the bird that had been watching him from the tree near the mill wasn’t common in the region!

Day four:

Father Fattyboy decided to take matters into his own hands and investigated the druid’s companion’s disappearance. He learned that the druid claimed his assistant had something to do with the cult’s presence in the area, while the assistant claimed his master had been acting strangely lately, even neglecting the trees he had cared for all his life! Confronted with his assistant’s accusation, the druid responded it was the assistant’s fault and that he couldn’t cope with all the groves care alone… Father Fattyboy casted ‘detect evil’ upon both of them, but that learned him nothing new. He let the matter be and decided to spend his time on something more useful, while keeping an eye on things whenever he had the time…

Father Bonkie once again visited all the temples to see if any new information was revealed and to enquire how the scribe was doing.

Finally, Father Fattyboy looked into the matter of the ‘evil’ general store owner. Nady claimed that he was evil, but a detect evil revealed nothing. Apparently, the previous shopkeeper was evil and in league with the cult of Tharizdun, and because of that, every new owner of the shop was per definition evil according to the leatherworker. Father Fattyboy convinced the man that his detect evil had proven otherwise, which mostly convinced Nady to lesser his statement about Joman Dart… he was now officially ‘a little evil’…

That concluded the party’s presence in town, and with their two items forged, Father Bonkie and Father Fattyboy were now both the proud owners of a +1 weapon…

The letter found earlier revealed another important clue… It was a letter to Master Dunrat, detailing his mission to excavate the moat house, gather all relics and bring them to the temple of all consumption… And that if needed, a cart could be demanded from the distant village of Rastor, over the Kron Hills…

The items recovered in the moat house were mighty treasures:
An identify cast by Yaotl on the morning of the fifth day revealed the weakest ability of each:
- A brooch of shielding, meant to absorb damage from magic missiles with 38 points remaining
- An amulet that could mask its wearer's alignment
- A ring that could also mask its wearer's alignment
- A +1 buckler
- A +1 rapier
- A wand with magic missiles (5th level, 30 charges left)
The buckler, the rapier and the wand were sold to get some more hard cash, the rest was distributed among the party members.

Since Yaotl, Master Wolf and Kyoku also wanted some magic items, the party decided to remain another twelve days in hommlet, assisting Yaotl in the creation of may magical items. During this time, the party was able to attune itself to the items it had previously encountered and forged.

The party also spent some days training, meditating and preparing to advance to the next level. sparring against each other, doing magical research and all other things necessary to improve their skills.

The party now had two ways to go… either check out the old temple site and pass through the ghost town of Nulb, or investigate the new link and head for Rastor…

Since Rastor was at least a week’s journey, the party decided to first check out the old temple and deal with the hobgoblins who had made their encampment there…

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23/11/02 – “ Close encounters of every kind”

Having created all the items they craved for, the party set out for the town of Nulb, a three day trip by horse. They took the road that led to the moat house, but veered north and continued along a deserted sandy path until by the end of day three, they saw a dark and gloomy hamlet. It was obvious that this was once a place of great evil. There was no sunlight within the town, there was a lingering feeling of evil in the air and the buildings were all boarded-up.

There were only three places of interest in Nulb. On their way into town, the party noticed a largely intact building without any sign hinting at its previous use. They decided to dismount and check out its interior.

Inside, it quickly became obvious that it once served as a tavern/inn. There were broken tables, stools and a large counter. Watching their every move from the ethereal plane was Wat, the bartender from many years before. An experienced rogue / assassin with an impressive death-count, willing to add some more victims to his list. After the party had snooped around a little, Wat manifested himself and attempted a death attack against Questin, the barbarian from Hommlet that was still accompanying the party. Questin succeeded in his fortitude save and the attack was only worth 1d6+3 + 6d6. Nice, but not enough to kill Questin. The rest of the party was quick to respond and with their brand-new, untested +1 weapons, they made quick work of Wat, banishing him back to the ethereal plane; where he remains, lurking and looking for another attempt…

After this minor incident, the party headed upstairs. On the second floor were the rooms of the inn, six in total of which one was locked. Father Dumbo decided to kick in the door and was immediately forced to make a reflex save. There were several objects flying through the room. He failed his reflex save and was hit by a chandelier. A quick inspection of the room revealed a shadowlike figure on the bed, with its back towards the party. Father Dumbo and Father Fattyboy charged in and Dumbo dealt a serious blow to the shadowlike presence.

It didn’t even bother to turn around and Fattyboy’s ‘detect evil’ revealed that the allip was definitely evil, but only to a certain degree. He lowered his axe and drew the allip’s attention by speaking to it. The allip turned out to be the damned soul of one of the inn’s former residents. She was a rogue all her life and participated in many crimes before death caught up with her. Her soul was trapped in here, together with Wat’s ghost. Wat was responsible for the death of her husband, and even after they had all died, he still tormented her. She informed the party that Wat could not be destroyed, but that for her, final death was like a wish finally coming through. She stopped the maelstrom of animated objects and prepared to be killed for the final time. Dumbo and Fattyboy raised their weapons and made quick work of her. With the final evil presence in the tavern gone, they had time to search for treasure. They found a nice pair of jewelled earrings, a potion and 87 gold pieces. With their newly acquired goodies, they decided to run through the rest of the ghost town.

Suddenly, they noticed an old building with a sign outside, labelled herbs. They decided to check it out. Inside, there were four rooms, and they entered by the main room, with a counter, some shelves with broken pots and a cupboard with some plants, which after many years still seemed to be in good condition. After collecting the plants for future alchemical use, they checked out the back room, an old useless storage room. Still looking for more, they entered one of the two doors in the back. Inside, Father Dumbo and Father Fattyboy noticed a robed figure holding a mighty staff. “Who are you” he demanded. Father Fattyboy, obviously not in his most diplomatic mood answered: “We are a party of good aligned people, seeking to destroy all that is evil in this world”. With that, conversation was no longer required and battle ensued. Lareth the Beautiful would prove to be more than a match for the party, as will become clear very soon…

Meet Lareth the Beautiful. This guy is bad news: a level 12 cleric with a serious grudge against nearly the entire world.

His arsenal of spells include:

-Inflict spells: all of them, from the puny 1d8+5 up to the massive 4d8+12

-Heal: if things go bad for Lareth, this will put him back together

-Harm: without any doubt the most destructive spell in the book (except for the power words)

-Divine power, shield of faith and divine might.

-Summon monster up to VI

In short, this guy is one heavy powerhouse, capable of wiping out any unready party in the blink of an eye.

Lareth won the initiative (the first of many) and cast his most destructive spell on Father Fattyboy. Despite spell craft checks, the name or power of the spell was unknown to the party (ingame anyway) but the ‘Harm’ left Fattyboy with only two hitpoints out of his normal 79…

Next, Fattyboy and Dumbo unleashed a series of blows on Lareth, but half of them couldn’t even penetrate his array of spells. Even the ever-feared magic missiles of Kyoku were of no avail, just like his lightning bolt, which fizzled because Lareth’s spell resistance wasn’t overcome by Kyoku. Seeing how their offensive spells had little chance against this opponent, Kyoku and Yaotl opted to boost their allies with haste, bull's strength and more goodies.

By this time, Father Dumbo had managed to sneak around Lareth and started hitting him in the back. Enraged, Lareth wielded around and dealt 30 damage to Dumbo ( by means of an inflict critical wounds spell). With his back now exposed to Fattyboy and Master Wolf, he was hit twice. Once again he dealt nearly 30 damage to Dumbo, almost killing him… After two more hits by Fattyboy, who had been hasted, Lareth decided to dispose of the nuisance and dealt enough damage to send Fattyboy all the way down to -5.
“That’s one” Lareth hissed. Despite the damage he was dealing, he was taking massive punishment himself, so he decided to heal himself (by use of a heal spell) to full hitpoints.

Master Wolf decided to help his friend by emptying a potion of cure moderate wounds into his mouth, but that provoked an attack of opportunity from Lareth. Despite the vicious attack, the plan worked and Fattyboy was back at four hitpoints, but he still didn’t regain consciousness, because fo the subdual damage dealt by haste. The next round, Master Wolf was also dealt a near fatal blow and he was down, right next to Father Fattyboy.

“… and that’s two” Lareth said with a large grin.

Because the two casters in the background were finally breaking through Lareth’s spell resistance, he decided to deal with them. He summoned a nice Barbazu in front of them both. Kyoku immediately cast a shield in front of himself, and Yaotl disengaged, buying time for Lareth to deal with his last threat: Father Dumbo who had, unfortunately for Lareth, managed to heal himself quite nicely.
The battle between the Barbazu and Kyoku went bad for the latter, and if Yaotl hadn’t succeeded in dispelling the Barbazu, it would have ended for Kyoku as well. Father Bonkie managed to deal the killing blow to Lareth and was immediately needed to tend to all the wounded and dying in the party…

After this hard-fought victory, they stripped Lareth of his belongings ( a nice cloak with an embroidered spider motif, a pair of bracers and a nice staff).

They left the herbs shop and headed for their final encounter of the day, on an abandoned river boat.

For some unknown reason, Master Wolf volunteered to scout inside the ship. Once he opened the door of the cramped cabin, he was attacked by an ochre jelly and two wraiths. The jelly used its improved grab to entangle Master Wolf while the wraiths did their best to drain Wolf’s constitution. They didn’t succeed thanks to Master Wolf’s disgusting saves ( the monk’s strong point) The jelly however was able to push Master Wolf into the ‘danger-zone’ disabling him very fast and threatening to kill him in a few rounds.
The rest of the party wasn’t willing to sacrifice Master Wolf just yet, so they all boarded the rotting river boat and contemplated their options. The final decision was that as soon as Master Wolf was liberated from the jelly’s deadly embrace, Yaotl would fireball the entire boat. Father Dumbo had the perfect tool to rescue Master Wolf: ‘Sanctuary’

This is a spell that encased him in a force field that could not be breached as long as Dumbo didn’t undertake offensive actions. He called out to Pelor to enable his feat of strength for that day, making his strength 20, and was boosted further by Kyoku by means of a bull's strength spell, bringing his final strength up to 25. He succeeded an opposed strength check against the jelly despite rolling a 2 on his d20, only because I couldn’t roll higher than a 4. *sigh*

With Wolf rescued, the party evacuated the boat and Yaotl invoked his Staff of Fire to deal a massive 7d6 fire damage on the cabin. The old boat burned like a torch, billowing black clouds into the air that could be seen from miles away, and sank after a few minutes.
Kyoku then decided to go for a swim to determine if anything of value could be found in the burned out boat, now residing on the bottom of the river. His search check revealed a metal container which he brought to the surface. It was rusted shut, and a successful strength check by Father Fattyboy broke it open. Inside was a large bag filled with gold pieces, a smaller bag filled with silver pieces, and a nice ring, which Yaotl appraised to be worth somewhere between 2000 and 3000 gold pieces.

Having seen all there is to see in Nulb, the party left for the site of the ancient and ruined Temple of Elemental Evil…
They travelled for the remainder of the day until by the falling of dusk, they saw the old walls of the temple compound rise up before them.

Not wanting to try out their luck inside the temple by night, they decided to retrace their steps until a grove they had passed a little earlier and make camp there.

Fattyboy was willing to take the entire guard shift, as he was the only one with darkvision and the party didn’t dare to make light so close to such an evil place, but Yaotl argued that he had low light vision, so he could take first watch. Not wanting to argue about such a futile matter, Fattyboy agreed and Yaotl sat in the pale starlight peering into the woods while the rest of the party slept.
After a while, he heard some noises not far from the camp site: the breaking of small twigs and the shuffling of feet.

Instead of waking up his companions, he decided to take a more drastic course of action. Without a second thought, he cast a wall of fire in the general direction of the approaching enemies (if in fact enemies they were)

A split second later, a large area of dried wood was ablaze, flames consuming trees, undergrowth and dead wood alike. The fire was quickly spreading and the party immediately awoke. Seeing the entire grove on fire urged them to break camp as fast as possible and head for a safer haven, outside the grove. They barely made it.

Still gasping for air, a nearby tree suddenly shimmered with a pale blue light. From the tree emerged an aged female human, dressed in animal skins, with white hair. She was accompanied by two large wolves. This was without any doubt a druid of high authority.
Before the company could act, the druid hit the soil with her staff and suddenly, the party was surrounded by a very thick and very high wall of thorns. The next thing they knew, the druid pointed her staff to the air, and out of nowhere, a large pack of clouds gathered above the party, while even more clouds gathered above the burning grove, pouring a large mass of water to quench the fire. To the party, it was obvious the clouds above them held a more sinister purpose. Thunder was audible from them and occasional streaks of lightning danced between the clouds.

The druid now spoke in a stern voice, demanding the name of the being responsible for such foolish destruction.
Yaotl stepped forward, simply said “ I “ and put down his staff.

The druid then asked if he was stupid, casting such a powerful magic fire-spell inside a dry wood in the middle of august.
At that moment, Father Fattyboy intervened (seeing the damage potential of the clouds above and the way the conversation was going). “I am the leader of this party and anything the party does is my responsibility as well”

“Very well”, the druid replied, “then you shall all be held accountable for this senseless destruction”.

“I will give you all three fortnights ( 6 weeks) to restore this forest to its previous glory. If you fail, the consequences will be very heavy! For now accept this punishment”

And with that, she aimed her own staff at the clouds above the trapped party, concentrated, and drew down a mighty beam of pure lightning energy that struck Yaotl’s Staff of Fire, reducing it to even less than ashes, which immediately blew away in the soft night breeze.

Without a further word to the party, she turned around, stepped into a tree again and vanished from sight. A moment later, the threatening clouds dispersed and the wall of thorns disappeared.

Not knowing what to do next, Father Fattyboy and Father Dumbo decided to call upon their deity, Pelor, for advice.
They secluded themselves, burned some incense and prayed to be heard. The next thing they knew, they were in a very bright locale, unable to see anything, but they both heard a familiar voice.”

During their conversation with Pelor, they explained the situation and asked for assistance in this grave matter. Pelor agreed to help them in return for a quest they would undertake for him at a time of his choosing. In return for this quest, Pelor restored the forest to what it was before Yaotl’s unfortunate decision and wished Fattyboy and Dumbo the best of luck on their great current quest against the forces of Elemental Evil. The very next moment, Fattyboy and Dumbo were back on their own plane, dazed from the encounter with Pelor, but wiser nonetheless. For the remainder of the night, no one slept…

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Re: Hi guys, wanna read my campaign log so far?
[Interlude 1: The Druid’s Wrath]

After the party had accidentally destroyed a local forest, they discovered to their horror that they had just laid waste to the sacred grove of Kella, the resident druid.
Seeing this as a direct assault against herself, her religion and her goddess, Kella decided to call for a divine intervention by Ehlonna.
Ehlonna heard her pleas and laid a heavy curse on both Yaotl and on the entire party, which had pleaded for ‘shared responsibility’

To Yaotl went the gravest imaginable punishment:
- All of his offensive spells were immediately erased from his spell book.
- From now on, he wouldn’t be able to learn, copy or cast offensive spell that harmed persons, animals, monsters, natural occurrences, be it natural or unnatural, corporeal or incorporeal, be it material or immaterial.
- He was denied the further use of any staff, wand or item that contained damage dealing spells or effects.

To the rest of the party went a harsh punishment as well. These effects also affect Yaotl, superseding his curse.
- The party is denied the use of fire in any form (lantern, torch, campfire, …) whenever they were within a natural environment (forest, grove, park, …)
- The party is denied the use of fire-based spells which cause fire by primary, secondary or even tertiary effects. This list includes, but is not limited to:
o Burning hands
o Fireball
o Firewall
o Flame strike
o Flaming sphere
o Lightning bolt
o Chain lightning
o Call lightning
===> In short, any spell with the [fire] or [lightning] descriptor.
- From now on, the party is extremely vulnerable to fire. Therefore, they suffer a -5 miscellaneous modifier on their saves against fire spells and effects
- Due to their vulnerability to fire, they take an additional 1D6 fire damage from fire based spells or effects.

All these effects are a direct curse bestowed by the nature goddess Ehlonna herself. They cannot be undone by any mundane means and will last until Ehlonna herself decides to lift the curse.

[Interlude 2: The end of the Monte Cook Sorcerer]

In the beginning, Kyoku asked me to play a Monte Cook sorcerer as a test-case. I agreed, but decided to put some regulations on this experiment. After a few sessions of watching Kyoku sacrifice all his slots to cast 12+ magic missiles, I decided that offensive spells could no longer migrate from one spell level slot to a higher one.
The MC sorcerer was a lot better than his PHB cousin. 1D6 hitpoints in stead of 1D4, 4 skill points in stead of 2, more class skills, more spells known and more spell slots per day. The ‘disadvantage’ was that most of the powerful spells were now one level higher (separate spell list). I had no problem with all of this until Kyoku decided to take ‘stoneskin’ as his 4th level spell. This is a nasty spell that grants 10/+1 damage reduction but costs 250 gold pieces each time it is cast. The MC sorcerer had one more advantage I hadn’t foreseen: he could fuel his spells with experience in stead of material components. 1/25 of the component cost in XP was all it took. As a direct result, Kyoku could cast ‘stoneskin’ for a mere 10 XP per time. Seeing as the party gathered between 1000 and 3000 experience per session, this was a ridiculous idea! Kyoku couldn’t live with my judgement and didn’t think this aspect of the MC sorcerer was overpowered (although the rest of the party immediately agreed with me) so if I wouldn’t withdraw my judgement he would swap to another class entirely. I disallowed him to change, so he rebuilt his character as a normal PHB sorcerer. In short, the test-case was finished!

27/11/02 – How NOT to raid a temple.

The session started with a sleepy party. Since they couldn’t sleep for the rest of the night due to some small accident, they decided to raid the temple at night. The ‘invasion’ started around 3 am.

They approached the temple from the front, headed towards the main gate.

Between them and the gate lay a few piles of rubble. It was a cloudless night, with a waxing moon and a few stars. Visibility was normal. Humans had about 20 feet sight, elves 40 feet and dwarves 60 feet perfect vision. Since this was going to be a sneaky assault, the party headed in without light. When they had neared the barricades to about 60 feet, the dwarven paladin suddenly noticed some movements behind the apparent barricades. The rest didn’t see a thing.

Initiative was rolled and suddenly eight javelins flew towards the party. Three hit home and Dumbo, Fattyboy and Master Wolf each took a hit.

The party, except for Yaotl and Kyoku decided to close the distance as fast as possible and a melee combat ensued. During this entire combat, Yaotl was hiding behind a ‘shield’ spell and Kyoku was behind Yaotl, casting magic missiles from behind his ‘living’ cover. His missiles did take down some hobgoblins though. Dumbo and Fattyboy made short work of the rest.

There was one problem however: one of the hobgoblins was able to shout an alarm before a magic missile silenced him!

Wearily, the party advanced through the main gates towards the temple itself. Once past the gates, they noticed that they still had to cross nearly 100 feet of courtyard to reach the ancient building. On the courtyard, not a thing stirred.

Kyoku decided to cast light on a rock and throw it towards the temple entrance. In view of the light, they noticed two massive bronze doors, one partially open, but no movement near the doors.

When the party was about 30 feet from the doors, I allowed them a listen check. Some succeeded and heard an animal growling. The next thing they knew, no less than eight battle-bred rottweilers charged them from the partially opened door. At the same time, arrows flew from arrow slits in the temple walls. Dumbo and Fattyboy were engulfed by the furious hounds and peppered with crossbow bolts, but together with some assistance from Master Wolf and a magic missile from Kyoku, they quickly slaughtered the menace. Inside the temple, there was still no sound of any other movement. The melee characters decided to head for the doors, using their shields to block the arrow slits.

Loud curses in an unknown language were heard from behind the walls. The first one to enter the building was *insert drums* Master Wolf!

He went in but unfortunately, being human, he saw precious little. He moved around a little and while his eyes were adapting to the darkness, he heard reinforcements headed towards the door. Before he could think of his next move, he was attacked by several hobgoblins. To add to the injury, a barbarian decided to take care of this unarmored ‘fool’ and severely damaged Master Wolf.

In a last desperate attempt, Master Wolf yelled to the party that there was "trouble inside" and tumbled away, further into the darkness. The rest of the party was still outside at this time and heard their friend in trouble: a loud cry echoed through the temple. Yaotl, who had gone invisible some rounds earlier decided to move inside, as did Dumbo and Fattyboy. Kyoku, also invisible by this time, followed last.

Inside, things were going badly for Master Wolf. With a few mighty blows from the barbarian and the warriors, he went down to 4 hitpoints.

Kyoku perceived his friend in distress through an arrow slit and cast magic missile through the arrow slit at the first thing that moved. Through a perverse twist of fate, it was his ally, Master Wolf that was struck for 12 damage and was now hovering near the abyss of oblivion.

Yaotl had already foreseen such an event and had cast ‘spectral hand’, a ghostlike invisible hand that could deliver touch spells. He then saved Master Wolf’s life by casting a ‘false life’ worth 12 points into the hand, and sending it to deliver the much needed health to Master Wolf. Being restored to a fragile 4 hitpoints, Master Wolf decided to spend the rest of the battle ‘feigning death’.

Due to another twist of fate, one of the hobgoblins, ignorant of the fact that Master Wolf was still alive, decided to steal his amulet by yanking it away with his bastard sword. The amulet’s chain cut through Wolf’s neck, and he was unable to restrain a faint scream. The hobgoblin didn’t hesitate and performed a coup de grace on Master Wolf, sending him back to -8 !

For the second time in three rounds, Master Wolf was nearly dead.

Of course, while all this was happening, the rest of the party had entered. Father Dumbo threw the rock with light cast on it inside, illuminating 30 feet of the area behind the doors, but he was attacked by three hobgoblins waiting in ambush behind the door when he attempted to open it further. Although he had no problems dealing with these puny adversaries, they cost him precious time. Time he needed to reach Master Wolf in time!

Fattyboy also slipped inside and was ambushed by the barbarian, who was hiding behind a corner.
This time, Yaotl hadn’t the time to cast another ‘false life’ and all seemed lost for Master Wolf. He slipped further into darkness and was now at -9, known as the final edge!

Kyoku then decided to reveal what he was by performing a ‘breath-taking’ action. He cast back his hood, inhaled and blew out a cone of intense cold. The signature weapon of the silver dragon in this minor form dealt 2D8, enough to kill the hobgoblin warriors, while also damaging Dumbo and Fattyboy. Dumbo then cast ‘sanctuary’ upon himself, picked up the illuminated rock and looked for Master Wolf to save him for the second time. The barbarian succeeded in his will save versus the sanctuary spell and dealt impressive damage to Dumbo. Despite the blow, Dumbo reached Master Wolf and brought him back from the brink of the abyss. Wolf sprang to his feet and charged the barbarian in the back. He even succeeded in dealing damage, although his stunning attempt failed. Immediately afterwards, the barbarian dropped Father Fattyboy with a heavy blow from his greatsword. Fattyboy fell to the ground dying.

Once again, the combined healing powers of Dumbo and Yaotl (false life) prevented a loss for the party. Another set of Kyoku's magic missiles struck the barbarian, hurting it, but not quite killing it. Father Fattyboy then decided he had had enough of the barbarian and slew him.

Unfortunately, the rest of the temple’s inhabitants were aware of the combat (could it have been any louder?) and were rapidly approaching en masse. Yaotl and Kyoku, now near the door suddenly saw nearly a dozen hobgoblins just outside the radius of their light source.

Yaotl grabbed Master Wolf and together, they used ‘dimension door’ to get to safety. Kyoku also rushed towards the door and was out of danger.

This left only a badly damaged Father Fattyboy and an even worse damaged Father Dumbo to fend off ten fresh hobgoblins.
Dumbo then used a very clever trick. Since he was defended by the sanctuary spell, he was free to heal Fattyboy while they withdrew towards the door. Unfortunately hobgoblins are no mere goblins, but the more intelligent branch of the ‘family’. They blocked the escape path by surrounding Fattyboy and Dumbo.

Fattyboy called for his pony to come to their aid, and one round later, it arrived, hooves flickering and assisting its master to escape.
But once again, fate was not on the party’s side this night! The next round, the paladin’s pony miscalculated one of its hoof attacks and broke its leg. Needless to say, it was now useless for combat and withdrew. Gathering his anger, despite his vows, Fattyboy attacked with renewed fury and slaughtered all the hobgoblins blocking his way.

They barely escaped the death-trap temple…

The party headed for the grove where they had planned to stay the night to rest and heal. There was no pursuit.
Once in the forest, everyone crashed to the ground, all near exhaustion and even nearer to death. For some, this had been a harrowing experience.

Fattyboy was now confronted with a huge problem: his paladin mount had become ‘useless’. Was it time to retire his beloved war pony? Or was there perhaps a way to save it? He decided to take a chance and went looking for Kella, the druid that had punished them the night before.

By the end of the next day, he suddenly spotted three wolves following his every move. He called out to them, drew his axe and laid it on the ground. The wolves approached, and Fattyboy suddenly had a bad feeling: what if these were just ordinary wolves out for a meal? An unarmed paladin and a crippled pony would be a nice main course wouldn’t they? Still, he had faith in his god, and he kneeled. At that moment, the three wolves stopped before him, two of them sitting down, while the middle one transformed into a woman. A moment later, Kella stood before him.

Fattyboy briefly explained what happened, and mentioned his alternative: returning to Hommlet and seek assistance of Jaroo, the local druid who was acting strangely. For a moment, Kella was more interested in Jaroo than she was in Fattyboy’s pony.
After a short conversation, she agreed to help the pony in exchange for a nice donation to Ehlonna in the local shrine in Hommlet. It would take her three days to heal the pony.

Fattyboy thanked her and he withdrew to the camp to rest and sleep.

Before there could be any sleep however, a large storm gathered over the grove’s edge. Immediately recognising it as a spell cast by Kella, Fattyboy telepathically asked his pony what the problem was. Kella answered through the pony “Intruders, no time to talk!”
Lightning began to strike in the distance…

The part gathered what they needed and headed for the combat. Fattyboy once again tried to see through his pony’s eyes to assess the situation, but all he saw was a huge wall of thorns all around the pony. The pony reassured him it was ok, the wall of thorns had been cast to protect it.

After several lightning strokes, the fastest party members reached the clearing where Kella was battling the ‘intruders’. One of her wolves was already on the ground and the other one was seriously injured. Master Wolf managed to kill one hobgoblin while Kyoku used magic missile to kill another. Kella herself killed the last one.

One round later, Dumbo arrived on the scene and offered assistance. He managed to heal one wolf, but there was no way to help the other one, it was too late. Kella thanked the party for their intervention, but wished to be left alone, to mourn for her fallen companion.
The party understood and withdrew, hoping to spend a quiet night and recuperate a little.

Nothing more happened that night, and the party awoke rested once again.

Since they had unfinished business in the temple, they decided to raid it again, and finish the job this time!
They passed the now unmanned barricades, and walked through the gateway towards the temple entrance. They immediately saw that both doors were now opened. Kyoku and Yaotl even noticed something strange. There was a wall or a barricade of some kind in the doorway. Closer examination revealed the wall to be a barricade of corpses. Before anyone else could act, crossbow blots flew towards the party, hitting several members. Master Wolf once again deflected several bolts, but there were too many, and he was eventually hit several times.

Kyoku used his magic missiles to pick off some opposition from a safe distance, while Fattyboy used his magic short bow to repay his attackers with an exchange of arrows.

After a few rounds, Dumbo decided it was time to handle things the old fashioned-way: charge in first, kill everything in sight and then ask questions. Master Wolf wanted to accompany his previous saviour, and charged in as well. There was a misunderstanding however: Dumbo made a triple move, stopped and prepared to cast a spell on himself in the next round.

Master Wolf however, used his full-round action to charge (100 feet total move), and hit one of the crossbow-armed hobgoblins square in the face.

Initiative was rolled for the next round, and the next thing he knew, the wall of corpses moved. The dead hobgoblins stood up, and the flesh dropped from their bones. He was immediately peppered with crossbow bolts and engulfed in a mass of skeletons, all armed with their bastard swords. Things were looking grim for Master Wolf again…

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Re: Hi guys, wanna read my campaign log so far?
14/12/02 - “Time to clean out that temple once and for all”

The session started out with Master Wolf being surrounded by about a dozen skeletons and zombies. Before he could act, a spell was cast on him and he just froze. The undead surrounding him seemed to be more invigorated than the average undead and Master Wolf went down under a flurry of claws and slams. Father Dumbo sensed Master Wolf’s life force ebbing away and realised there was nothing any of them could do to save their fellow party member.

Undaunted by the situation, father Fattyboy and father Dumbo proceeded to close the gap between them and the enemies at the entrance of the old temple. A hail of crossbow bolts welcomed them and father Fattyboy attempted his first turning for the day. He managed to send five skeletons fleeing the scene, alleviating some of the pressure on father Dumbo, who as already in the thick of it, smashing undead skulls with his magical bastard sword. Kyoku used his magic missiles to pick off the enemy archers who were hiding behind pillars inside the temple complex.

It was at this moment that the party noticed a strange presence on the battlefield. A large hobgoblin dressed in all black with a skeleton pinned on a stake. The party’s first hunch was that they were facing a necromancer, which made sense, since every hobgoblin they had slain returned to life to face them a second time. This robed figure rebuked the fleeing undead and started calling for reinforcements from within the temple. The party’s holy men slaughtered the undead but were suddenly confronted with a familiar face. Among the undead was their former friend, Master Wolf, fighting with all the abilities he possessed in his prior life. He proved to be a greater challenge in unlife than he had been in life and dealt some heavy damage to the party, stunning Kyoku and turning on Yaotl. Whenever he took damage, there seemed to be some invisible force healing him back to full hitpoints. The necromancer had gone invisible and was helping his new pet to deal with the party. Kyoku then decided to facilitate an escape for the party and cast obscuring mist, allowing the necromancer and Master Wolf to escape in the confusion.

The party realised they were up against overwhelming odds and retreated a little to come up with a better plan. Yaotl would use spider climb to scale the temple walls and throw the party’s only remaining bead of force on the archers lurking inside. He was made invisible and was boosted with a resistance spell. All went well and Yaotl spotted a tight cluster of archers and melee-armed hobgoblins and threw the bead. This made him visible so he decided to climb to the roof and support his friends from up there. His bead knocked out four hobgoblins, slaying them where they stood, and he crawled to the roof. But something happened up there which he didn’t anticipate. He didn’t even knew what hit him, but he was suddenly blown off the roof by a powerful force that sent him flying though the air for 100 feet and he crashed down 50 feet lower against the temple outer wall. After this dreadful fall, he had only three hitpoints remaining and the wind had been knocked out of him, leaving him gasping for air for a few rounds.

With four opponents down, Fattyboy and Dumbo used their famous shield wall to close the distance again, one final time. Despite the good protection the shield wall offers, they were still hit several times, but at last they were in melee range. Combat ensued and most of the javelin armed hobgoblins went down. Kyoku once again used his breath weapon to take some of the opposition down, and subsequently cast mirror image to confuse his opponents with four copies of himself.

Suddenly, things looked grim for father Fattyboy, when a piece of rope seemed to drop out of thin air, leaving a raging barbarian in its place. Fattyboy took some serious blows, but with some help from Kyoku and Dumbo, the new threat was vanquished.

During the entire combat, there had been no sign of Master Wolf or the necromancer. The party decided to push on, cleansing the temple of all evil once and for all. Using the pillars inside as cover, they pushed on through the darkness. The outside light peering though the old and broken windows provided enough light to scout the temple’s interiors. Yaotl once again used spider climb to scout the temple by crawling along the ceiling. Thanks to their spider-like friend, the party was aware of an ambush ahead. After a short discussion a plan was deployed. Running from pillar to pillar, the party would split up and hit the ambushers from multiple sides.

Despite the good plan, the continuous clanging of Dumbo’s and Fattyboy’s armor betrayed their presence to the weary hobgoblins who left their barricade and swarmed out to surround the party.

While the dwarven paladin was running at maximum speed (15 feet) to close with his enemies, they decided to unleash several volleys of javelins on him. He was struck once or twice, but this enraged him even more and he started smacking down all who opposed him. In the mean time, Dumbo had also reached his designated targets and was quickly disposing of them. Kyoku too was trying to get some blows in, using claws and teeth, while avoiding retribution by deploying some mirror images.

Ten dead hobgoblins later, the dust settled once again. Behind the barricade where the hobgoblins had planned to execute their ambush, the party found a door. Fattyboy decided that this was no time for diplomacy and kicked in the door. A few moments later, he wished he hadn’t. Four huge hobgoblin fighters (obviously elite warriors judging from their equipment and size) were awaiting someone to stick his head through the door. In the first round of combat, Fattyboy soaked a huge amount of damage, forcing him to withdraw from the room. Together with his trusted Ally Father Dumbo, he once again reengaged the hobgoblins and with some boosting from their fellow party members, the four elite warriors were disposed of.

In the back of the room, Fattyboy noticed a strange character chained to the wall. Closer investigation revealed it to be a Halfling! After using his detect evil, Fattyboy unchained the prisoner and interrogated him. It turned out to be a Halfling monk, going by the name of “Roka, the Slayer”. We had a new character for Master wolf to inhibit. From now on, I shall try to remember to put Roka instead of Master Wolf.

Apparently, Roka had been captured some days earlier while strolling through the forests, looking for enlightenment. He was set upon by a scouting band of hobgoblins and swiftly subdued. He had no recollection of recent events inside the temple, since he had been blindfolded and chained since his arrival.

Due to the state of the party (low hitpoints, few spells remaining, etc) Father Fattyboy urged them to spend the night in the little room, making a new makeshift door to seal the shattered door in order to provide some cover for the night. Father Dumbo decided to take watch. During the night, he heard some strange noises in the temple, and peering through the cracks in the improvised door, he could see several hobgoblins performing some unknown activity. Time would tell, and father Dumbo decided not the wake the party to make sure they could prepare their spells for the next day.

Morning came, and Father Dumbo set about healing wounds. When everyone was about halfway healed, it was time to get going and smoke out this nest of evil hobgoblins.

When they removed the door, the party was confronted by the necromancer and his personal bodyguards standing in the centre of the main hallway. Kyoku unleashed a few magic missiles and one bodyguard went down. Dumbo and Fattyboy moved to engage the enemy when suddenly the necromancer made a simple hand gesture and several flasks and vials dropped out of thin air, crashing down on the party’s two holy men. Both attempted to jump to safety, but nonetheless, they were both struck by several flasks, and within seconds, both were ablaze. Abusing the momentary confusion, the necromancer and his retinue crept away. Dumbo decided to cast a useful spell on himself: “create water” and extinguished the flames. Enraged, they pursued the enemies. After a few paces, Yaotl uttered the remark that the enemy seemed to be luring them somewhere, but despite the warning, the party pushed on. At the end of the main hall, there was a staircase leading down.

The party’s new arrival, Roka decided to go first, since he has insane saves and the party was weary about new traps. He spotted something at the bottom of the stairs. Despite flaming looks from fellow party members, he picked up a rock and threw it down the stairs. The next thing he knew, two big balls of fur ran up the stairs and Roka was confronted with two dire apes. Needless to say, they made quite short work of the monk, and he had to fall back to avoid being slaughtered on the spot. Dumbo and Fattyboy charged in and combined with some boosting spells from Yaotl and some magic missiles from Kyoku, they were able to finish of the apes without too much damage.

Slowly, the party advanced down the stairs, and suddenly, Dumbo, who was leading them down the stairs saw the necromancer downstairs. Fattyboy was right behind him and the rest of the party was not on the stairs yet. Before Dumbo could utter a word of warning, the necromancer made a gesture again and the support beam above the staircase began to crumble. Fattyboy was able to partially throw himself out of harm’s way, but Dumbo wasn’t so fortunate and was buried alive.

When the dust settled, Roka, Kyoku and Yaotl had to combine their forces to liberate Fattyboy from beneath the rubble. Time was running out for Father Dumbo though. Buried beneath several hundred pounds of rock, he was running out of air. With the help of his trusted ally Fattyboy, he was saved from suffocation. But some harm was done and temporarily irreversible. Dumbo’s full plate was cracked in several places, lowering the protection it granted him. Once again, the necromancer had eluded them while they were occupied, adding to the party’s resolve to end this folly once and for all.

The only way was ahead, so on they pushed. Father Fattyboy took point and pushed the door open. He saw a large room with a very impressive throne to one side, some faded tapestries on the wall depicting human sacrifices, demons and people getting killed by the four elements. In the centre of the room stood the main host of the enemy army. Directly ahead of him he saw a huge hobgoblin armed with a lance atop a boar of some kind. To its sides were two equally large hobgoblins and in the back he noticed the necromancer and it’s barbarian (obviously) bodyguard.

Hobgoblin chieftain:

Dressed in full plate, riding a huge boar and wielding a magical spiked chain.

Probably as tough as a hobgoblin can be.

Before he could set foot in the door, he was charged by the chieftain on his boar. The lance pierced his armor and dealt a serious blow to the proud dwarf. Fattyboy wasn’t going to go down without a fight and he decided to strike back at his attacker. Dumbo entered the fray and side by side, the old friends attempted to end the madness they had unchained. Kyoku did his best to fire magic missiles on obvious threats and Yaotl cast every defensive and boosting spell he possessed on his desperate allies. One by one, the hobgoblins started to go down. The chieftain had one other trick up his sleeve however. Using a well-practiced manoeuvre, he dismounted and pulled out a massive spiked chain. Wielding this formidable weapon, he was able to dish out a sick amount of damage. At several times both Fattyboy and Dumbo mumbled that this was a hopeless battle and that the end was near for them.

To add some flavour to the battle, Yaotl decided to use a non-support spell. He aimed a ray of enfeeblement at the chieftain but miscalculated and drained Fattyboy of 5 precious strength points. To add insult to the injury, no one responded to repeated request for a bull’s strength.

At a certain moment Roka also entered melee. This happened only after he had spent several moments measuring up the situation. Favour was not on his side however. He was seen as an unarmored fool by the barbarian who promptly charged him. Two rounds later, roka lay on the floor dying. The previous wounds caused by the dire apes combined with the onslaught of the barbarian were too much for his broad frame to handle and he went down. Dumbo went to his rescue after dealing with one of the chieftain’s lieutenants. In the mean time, Fattyboy had dealt with the chieftain himself, but was grievously hurt in his attempt. After seeing its master go down, the boar became a breathing frenzied engine of destruction and used its horns to twist Fattyboy’s intestines until they were hanging out. With a final effort, the party dropped the last two opponents and most party members feel down where they stood, their iron will being the only thing keeping them standing.

After catching their breath (and their bowels in some cases) the party noticed the necromancer was not among the casualties. They swiftly proceeded to block off the only entrance, and camped in front of the door for nearly two hours, but to no avail. The necromancer had escaped them yet again.

Another odd thing was that despite the fact that the entire temple had been cleared, there had been no sign of the reanimated Master Wolf, nor of his items (which was considered worse).

The party had no choice to set up a camp in the throne room, hoping for a quiet night, so that they could heal and regain their depleted strength.

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Re: Hi guys, wanna read my campaign log so far?
18/12/02 – “Will the defendants please rise!”

After surviving the hazards the ancient Temple to Elemental Evil held, the party decided to spend the night in the throne room. Searching for treasures and the like would have to wait until the following day. Yaotl and Roka took shifts guarding their fellows.
The elven wizard discovered a strange sort of puzzle around the throne. The flagstones around it were coloured in a strange pattern: white, red, green and brown. Fascinated by the possibility of discovering ancient secrets, he set about pushing several tiles in different follow orders.

When the sun rose in the sky the next morning, Yaotl was still pressing the tiles fanatically. Due to the complete lack of sleep, he wasn’t able to prepare spells for this new day.

The first thing on the agenda was to explore the room behind the door in the throne room. Inside was a nice and large bedroom, equipped with a huge bed and a pile of straw with a feeding bin. There wasn’t much of interest inside, except for the vague outline of a door in the far wall, with a strange series of dials on it. Closer examination revealed that there was a series of numbers above each dial. Thanks to a combined effort of all party members, the puzzle was solved and they were granted access to the treasure room of the commander.

Inside were two chests, several sacks filled with coins and a suit of full plate on a stand.
The party decided to sweep the rest of the temple grounds, but Fattyboy suddenly realised it had been three days since he had parted with his mount and the druid Kella, so he insisted that he be excused to pick up his healed pony. Kyoku opted to accompany Fattyboy, so searching the temple was up to Dumbo, Yaotl and Roka.

After some explorations, the necromancer’s room was discovered, the walls dripping with blood and a strong smell of incense and blood permeating the entire room.

Further investigation led to a gruesome discovery. Father Dumbo stumbled upon the chopped up remains of Master Wolf. Inside the baptism shrine, filled with weeks of hobgoblin faeces, floated the mangled remains of his old friend.

Honouring his fallen friend’s remains, he waded through the pool of vile slurry and recovered most of Master Wolf’s body parts. Casting a ‘create water’ on the reassembled corpse and gave his former ally a proper burial outside the temple grounds. There were no magic items left on the corpse, except for the small silver ring he carried during his life.

For the remainder of the day, Dumbo, Yaotl and Roka collected all the armours, weapons and other useful stuff and gathered them in great piles.

In the mean time Fattyboy and Kyoku had ridden off to fetch Fattyboy’s pony. The first thing they noticed when they left the temple to go to their horses was that one of them was missing. “Damn that necromancer” Father Fattyboy muttered.

After an uneventful trip, they reached Kella’s sacred grove. All of a sudden, two familiar wolves came into view, accompanied by a very young boar. Fattyboy and Kyoku dismounted just before the lead wolf transformed into Kella. After a short conversation Fattyboy was led into the forest where his pony stood, fully patched up. Behind him, he heard a soft curse. From the corner of his eye, he saw the small boar racing through the forest towards him, straight through his legs. With a mighty reflex, he succeeded to grab the young boar and deliver it back into the waiting hands of its mistress. After exchanging thanks, Kella’s wolf suddenly growled violently at Kyoku, who stood a little further. Its eyes pierced the shadows provided by Kyoku’s cloak and revealed his unnatural appearance, fangs and scales included. Kella politely asked Fattyboy to lead the ‘abomination’ out of her forest. As they left, she took Fattyboy aside and reminded him of his donation to Ehlonna and that he should be wary of his ‘ally’. Dragons, after all, are not to be trusted!

After the party was reunited, they felt it was time to explore the rest of the temple grounds. In an old building, they found an abandoned cellar, the smell of fur still fresh in the air. The final area to be explored was an ancient guard tower, forming part of the wall around the complex. Inside, cheering could be heard, so Fattyboy sheathed his axe and entered.

When he stepped inside, he couldn’t believe his eyes. About a dozen goblins were sitting around a large table, drinking some kind of fluid as if their life depended on it. Some were lying on the floor, obviously passed out.

Without hesitating, Father Fattyboy sat down among the goblins, and was offered a mug of stale beer to join the goblin feast. After some small-talk, Fattyboy learned that the goblins were celebrating the demise of the “evil ugly hobgoblins”. After some more drinks, Fattyboy decided they should be leaving, so he left the goblins in charge of the now cleared temple and gave them the hobgoblin equipment they couldn’t carry and a sack containing 1000 copper pieces, which was considered dead weight by the party.

After saying goodbye, Fattyboy climbed to the roof of the ancient watchtower from where he could see the roof of the temple. He hoped to catch a glimpse of whatever it was that had blown Yaotl off two days before, but his search revealed nothing.

After packing everything they could carry onto their horses, the party left the old temple site for Hommlet.

The return trip home was uneventful.

When they reached the town gates, the party noticed several heavily armed guards at the gate. After a grim nod, the party was kindly requested to report to the Inn of the Welcome Wench. Fattyboy rode there immediately, while the rest of the party wanted to drop off their loot in their house and report to the inn afterwards. They never made it home. A patrol intercepted them on the road and escorted them to the inn.

In front of the inn stood four more guards. The party was led inside by twelve guards and once inside, they saw there was only one large table left. On the far side of it were Rufus, Burne and Elmo.

Once they had all entered, the guards who had been standing outside stepped inside, and barred the door from the inside. There were now more than a dozen guards inside. Rufus spoke first, asking the party to lay down their weapons and strip off their armours.

Father Fattyboy demanded an explanation, but was cut short by Rufus who warned him that he would not ask it again friendly. He snapped his fingers, and two guards approached to help Fattyboy to take off his armour.

The party got the message and disposed of all weapons and armours. After that, they were kindly invited to site at the long table. Fattyboy sat down right in front of Rufus.

Rufus once again spoke in a grave voice and informed the party that they were now officially arrested on the charge of multiple murder. The victims were the miller, his wife and several of the miller’s guests who were staying in the miller’s cellar at the time of the murder.
There were several witnesses who had overheard the party planning the murder and rob the miller of all his money, and other witnesses who had seen Father Dumbo and some ugly goblinoid go towards the miller’s house, fully armed. That same witness had also seen Master Wolf snooping through the miller’s house one day before the murder to scout the terrain.

Yaotl burst into an outrage but was quickly silenced by a ‘silence’ spell. He then decided to give Burne (the caster responsible for the silence spell) ‘the finger’, but this resulted in a ‘hold person’ spell, which completely immobilized Yaotl, his middle finger still pointed upwards.

Rufus heard out the party’s side of the story, but wasn’t convinced by their comments. The witnesses had proven to be speaking the truth and several party members had been identified during the raid on the miller’s house.

Fattyboy then asked for a ‘discern lies’ spell or a detect evil, but since most party members were neutral or chaotic this proved nothing new. There was one thing that troubled Burne however. He was unable to read Dumbo’s mind. The reason for this seemed to be a ring of mind shielding worn by Dumbo. This raised some questions which didn’t help the party’s case: why would a cleric to Pelor be wearing such a device?

Unfortunately for the party, Questin the barbarian, who had spent some time with the party while looking for his parents, had found his parents, and had brutally executed them for leaving him in the forests to die when he was a little boy. Charged with these crimes, he was found guilty and was hanged!

Father Fattyboy tried to destroy the motive for the murder, stating the party never had any financial problems, but this was insufficient.

Rufus stated the trial would not be held in Hommlet, but in Verbobonc, and that the party would be taken there the next morning by armoured transport. Fattyboy and his companions spent the night in the castle, awaiting their deportation the next morning.

Early next morning, the party was led to an armed convoy, composed of three heavy carts. The first one was filled with soldiers, the second one was the prisoner’s transport and the third one housed all the party’s possessions.

Three days later, the party arrived in Verbobonc. They were led into a waiting room, while their initial trial was prepared. Two hours later, they were led in front of the city’s Justicar.
After some misunderstandings regarding names, Roka the slayer was nearly charged with several more crimes.

Father Dumbo took a free council since he didn’t know enough about the local rules. The only problem was that his lawyer pleaded guilty. After some fierce discussion, the council was dismissed and Yaotl opted to speak for Father Dumbo as well, knowing that if Dumbo was found guilty, his punishment would be shared by his lawyer.

The trial was going really bad for the party, with two very strong witnesses who made the party look guilty to every charge.

The first witness was the miller’s worker who had been present during Master Wolf’s visit and during Dumbo’s and Questin’s visit. He claimed to have seen the defendants murder the miller and his wife and the miller’s guests in cold blood. He had barely escaped with his own life.

The second witness was the woodcutter’s aide, who had overheard the party talk about robbing the miller of all money and eliminating anyone who stood between them and their money.

The party suspected the miller’s worker to be the Tiefling bard Vacra, who they had chased ever since this adventure began, but were unable to prove it, since they were all trapped inside an antimagic field cast by Burne, who sat right behind them.

When the party asked the clerics of Pelor to take the stand, they mentioned the intervention of an unknown paladin of Heironeous. The clerics of Pelor had not heard of or seen anyone matching the description of a paladin in Hommlet so it was dismissed.

Father Fattyboy then used his stature as paladin to demand a retrial behind closed doors, since he suspected magical interference from people in the audience. He was granted a retrial to better prepare their case at a date in the future, which would be set as soon as possible.

They were led to the dungeons, where Dumbo was given a nice cell and Fattyboy was given a very nice cell, while the rest of the party was placed in standard cells.

After nearly two weeks, there still had been no word of a new date, so Fattyboy sent a message to the Justicar. When he still hadn’t received word a few days later, he demanded to be taken to the Justicar immediately. His request was granted, and he was chained hands and feet and taken to the Justicar’s quarters.

Once he was led inside the Justicar’s quarters, the guards silently withdrew, leaving the two men alone to discuss their business. Fattyboy demanded a retrial behind closed doors, with an independent mage present to cast a constant antimagic field, so that no magic could be used to influence the trial. He also requested that the trial be held at an unknown location and that only the material witnesses be told where it would be held on the day itself, to prevent tampering with testimonies.

He was granted this favour thanks to his status as paladin to Pelor, despite the accusations. The trial date was set ten days later on a non-existent location, using a non-existing mage to perform a non-existing trial.

Ten days later, the day of truth was finally upon them. They were all blindfolded and led to a safe house on the city’s outskirts. Once there, they were led inside and their blindfold was removed. Inside were several black hooded guards, with a white dove embroidered on their black cloaks.

The new trial started with the unknown and independent mage casting an antimagic field inside. Next, the witnesses were led in, one by one. Fattyboy interviewed them all, attempting to prove the party’s innocence by proving that there was no reason to kill the miller. After all, the party never had any financial problems. This was partially successful, but it still didn’t prove their innocence.

There were two new elements however. The main incriminating witness, the miller’s worker, had died in a freak accident in the city when a merchant’s cart ran him over. He was killed on the spot, making it impossible to counter his testimony.
Another witness was also absent. The stonemason had been the victim of an armed robbery, but since he had resisted, he had been killed by his attackers.

This made the case more difficult, since both witnesses were crucial to the case!

At a given moment, Fattyboy had an idea. He asked the mage to drop the antimagic field during the woodcutter’s aide’s testimony and cast a zone of truth. Everything went as planned, and as soon as the zone of truth was active, Fattyboy once again asked the witness to repeat his statement.

The witness refused, sensing the powerful magic present in the room. Fattyboy approached the bench and explained his plan to the Justicar, who made the witness answer. At first, the witness was hesitant but after a few moments, he regained his composure and once again stated he had overheard the party talking about the miller’s treasure and how they were going to kill him to get to the money.

Since there was no conclusive evidence to prove the party’s innocence, but there was also no conclusive evidence to prove their guilt, the Justicar made a temporary ruling.

The party received three months to prove their innocence by any means necessary. Should they fail to prove their innocence during this period, they would be found guilty and sentenced to death.

On their hand, the mage crafted the ‘tattoo of the accused’, a special magical tattoo that stated the accused nature and was impossible to remove, except by proving one’s innocence.

The party was released on parole and their house in Hommlet was seized as collateral.

The clock started ticking for the party, who now had less than ninety days to find a way to prove their innocence.

The guy from Belgium
Here for a while
(1/2/03 3:47:14 pm)
Re: Hi guys, wanna read my campaign log so far?
during all these sessions, my party looks as follows:

Father Fattyboy: Dwarven Paladin on Pelor, lvl 8

Father Dumbo: Human Fighter 4 / Cleric to Pelor 4

Yaotl: Sun Elf Wizard 7 / Loremaster 1

Kyoku: Elven Sorcerer 5 / Dragon Disciple 3

Master Roka: Halfling Monk 8 (xp worth lvl 6,5: this is because of house rules, you do lose levels, but not immediately, he wont be gaining levels until he has fulfilled his Xp penalty. For now, at least he wont hinder the party by laggig behind!

Lost so far: Master Wolf: Human Monk 8

For the full works:

I hope you've all enjoyed it so far!

Here for a while
(1/7/03 4:59:42 am)
Re: Hi guys, wanna read my campaign log so far?
I don't know about anyone else, but I have been quite busy over the holidays, and am getting back to this forum for the first time in a week and a half. This may explain why few people have checked out your site. I haven't read your log yet, but will post in the forum there once I do (hopefully later this week).

Zag:rollin ig

The guy from Belgium
Here for a while
(1/7/03 5:06:48 am)
Re: Hi guys, wanna read my campaign log so far?
well, you'll all be in for a large to huge amount of reading

i've been at it for four months now...

next up: the CRM's

next session: february 1st

we're talking about doing a D&D weekend with a sleep-over at the host's place and stuff... should put them deep into the crm by the time the weekend is over...

thanks to all you guys, i've come up (read: leeched) so many great ideas to add some roleplaying to this campaign in stead of hack 'n slash

can't wait, have to get bloody exams over first though ;)

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