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Still here? Wow.
(12/30/02 9:55:40 am)
New side-trek, great material!
There's another Free Original Adventure on WotC's website, and it looks like it has great tie-ins for RttToEE.,3

Specifically, the first encounter could easily be dropped in in Hommlet around about the time the PCs arive, with the note being left for them just before departing.

The second could happen around about when the PCs first reach the Air Temple, a bit before if the "focus PC" is about to hit 6th.

The third could occur on a trip back to Rastor, or a trip into Verbobonc if the PCs are doing so regularly.

The fourth through sixth could easily tie in to a post-CRM clearout encounter...something to distract them on the way to the Recovered Temple. The Third could potentially be substituted for one of the six, and could very well be in attendance in hopes that the ritual could provide an alternate means of summoning Yan-C-Bin without the effort of recovering the Node.

Thoughts? Please look the adventure over first before commenting.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

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(12/31/02 10:43:59 am)
Re: New side-trek, great material!
I gave it a healty skim and it's quite meaty for a free adventure!

My gut reaction is that, at least as written, it might not be best for a RTEE-alone campaign (like mine) since it has the potential to really confuse the plot line by introducing new mythos (the Presage and the Power Universal) that has the potential to sidetrack the PC's. I can see it working better (as-is) for those running RTEE as a mesh in with their own longer campaigns where there are always side disctractions running.

However, if those bits are changed to be more in line with the goals of the Inner Fane (pretty easy I think), it could be a nice addition. For example, I'd push further with your suggestion about the Third and say that Migos is being/has been strongly manipulated by the Third or her minions. Instead of her being present, put Lareth in there to keep with the Champion being important for calling forth the princes (perhaps robed/disguised to prevent the surprise later, or raised yet again if this happens after some of the Recovered Temple encounters).

The result of the summoning can be manipulated to mesh with anyone's campaign. It could just skip the nightwing altogether and have the prince be called, or it could be an alternative to opening the Air node itself, if you want your campaign to continue further even if the Power Gems are still "missing" or possessed by the party. In the latter case (node opening), Charad could be a fun RP encounter in the node since one of the PC's would then be his descendant. Or, maybe the nightwing does come but has to drain a certain amount of magic/kill enough before being able to call forth its true master (Yan-C-Bin), again perhaps through Lareth.

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