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Here for a while
(12/30/02 11:04:45 am)
Could someone explain this?
Poking around online, and I came across a series of adventures, at (Go to "encounters" then "adventures")

These "Lost Temple of the Elements" adventures sound awfully familiar :\ How do these fit into the history of Tharizdun, etc.? It's obvious this is the EEE aka Big T, and it's even in the Lortmil Mountains! So how does it all fit, if at all?


Still here? Wow.
(1/2/03 7:50:22 am)
Re: Could someone explain this?
The theme of Elemental Evil is an old one in Greyhawk. I didn't see a date (on an admittedly hasty lookthrough), so these may well predate RttToEE in their "publication". Or they may not. A lot of people hae drawn inspiration from the original ToEE.

I don't know if they would fit in or not, but it sounds like each could work as a "remote" base for the four elemental temples...somewhere to fall back to if they have to abandon the CRM, or somewhere they can send for reinforcements from if they run into trouble. One might be able to tie some of the lead-ins of these temples into the Rastor/CRM area and have it as possible side-treks.

Or then again, maybe not...that's a lot of extra XP floating around.

Still, a cool resource...thanks for pointing it out.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

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Here for a while
(1/2/03 2:03:08 pm)
I just want to know what the "official" history of everything Tharizdun-ish is. :p Yeah, I know that's a lot to ask. I've heard of some child avatar, the "Lord of Entropy" yadda yadda, and I thought that these adventures might fit in there somewhere. So if anyone could tell me as much as they know of, or a website to look at regarding the history of Tharizdun, that'd be great.


Here for a while
(1/2/03 8:34:38 pm)
Re: a;lsjf
Here are a few places that I've found helpful. Be aware that the published history/details are in conflict. The second link talks a bit about this in detail. RTEE certainly takes this issue to the next level and even a place that some long-time Greyhawk fans are not comfortable with. The last link in particular sheds a little light on their discomfort (look for the EGG Q&A section) and is included for curiosity more than info...

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Can't leave now (mod)
(1/2/03 10:08:47 pm)
Re: Nice!
These are great links, I'm adding them to the FAQ.

-Thrommel, who hastes to see a good link wasted.

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