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Here for a while
(12/30/02 12:25:55 pm)
What is he, precisely? In the room description it says he's a cleric of Tharizdun, then in the appendix it states he's of EEE, with the domains Madness and Water. I didn't think EEE clerics could take the madness domain, no have insanity scores, but I haven't really looked this up. I take it he's something like the second in command priest at the Water Temple back in the CRM?

Secondly, I've found numerous references at sites around the web that put a "Yeth Codex" on Festrath, also called "Book of the Dark Eye" by another site. This book gives a lot of info out, nor is it mentioned in the actual RttToEE adventure. Has anyone else used this?

Reason being my party is going -back- down into the obelisk room, trying to see if they missed anything. They already killed Festrath and found the note from the Water temple, but maybe they should find the Yeth Codex?


Tristan DArque
Here for a while
(12/30/02 1:46:10 pm)
Re: Festrath
IMC I changed Festrath to be a priest of the EEE (Water) and changed his domains. That seemed more consistent with the note he has about returning to the Water Temple. Of course, I then changed him into a ghast (when my party withdrew from the Moathouse before investigating the obelisk chamber), and 'transformed' him into a cleric of Tharizdun (see stats and notes here).

Incidentally, I think EEE clerics do have madness scores (at least, they do IMC).

Here for a while
(1/7/03 4:11:47 am)
Re: Festrath
I'm curious about the Book of the Dark Eye myself. I don't recall where I got a copy of it, but I can't find it in the adventure. Anyone know where it goes?

Zag:rollin ig

The guy from Belgium
Here for a while
(1/7/03 4:24:14 am)
Re: Festrath
here it is, enjoy!

i aim to please

Here for a while
(1/7/03 5:05:12 am)
Re: Festrath
Thanks. Seem to have lost my copy. However, I think that I miscommunicated, probably because I am about to hit the sack. I couldn't recall where in the adventure the party could get the Book of the Dark Eye. After looking in the book again, I found it in the room with Gren and the relics (24). It's not called the Book of the Dark Eye or the Yeth Codex. It's a worm-ridden scroll in a tube lying on the white blanket.

The guy from Belgium
Here for a while
(1/7/03 5:32:46 am)
Re: Festrath
either use this:

A scrollcase was recovered in the moathouse containing worm-eaten parchments:

The worm-eaten pages you are holding, about a dozen in number, are filled with a dense, crabbed script which occasionally becomes spidery and sprawling without apparent reason... extended readings prove nauseating and disorienting. The language is a corrupted form of Ancient Suloise, and marginal notes suggest that the pages are a translation from an older tongue. The author or translator displays an obsession with capitalization and interjections. Most of the text is a meandering prayer, both groveling and gruesome, to something variously called the Unmaker, the Destroyer, the One and the None, the Eater, and the Sleeper in the Void. There are also disgusting supplications, dedications, and vows from the author to the entity, and several portions of the text are divine spells.
In some instances, the text alludes to an imprisoned "Avatar" of the entity. A mention of a manifestation of the Avatar near the now-lost Baklunish city of Dharba-Aran places the Avatar on Oerth prior to the Invoked Devastation, although there is nothing to indicate whether the Avatar or its associated entity was linked to the Cataclysm. It is clear that the author of the text regarded the Avatar, like the entity it represented, as an object of abject terror and sniveling adoration.

It is also clear that the Avatar or its associated entity was at some point imprisoned by "The Others," a group held in contempt by the author, who seems incredulous that such a thing could or should have happened. At one point, there is also mention of "thousand-cursed Tsojcanth." The author refers to "the Black Cyst" as the venue of the Avatar's or entity's confinement; several descriptions of the prison as "Beyond" and "Outside the Prime" suggest an extraplanar location.

Or this: a few threads below, i also found it on some website a few days ago, forgot to bookmark it:

Go ye back if ye have any sense. If ye have none, follow where I lead and ye shall
find utter madness. Madness shall ye find and nothing else but darkness, behold!
Here ye find the blackness and the darkness and the madness and ye shall find it
elsewhere if ye looks hard enough but ye?ll not find the Cyst, not without the help of
this forgotten sage (ye shall call me the first Doomdreamer millennia from this
writing) ye shall ne?r find ye the Black Cyst. Ye shall need years of your own labor
to find it and ye shall need gold to find it and ye shall need Death to find it and ye
shall need utter and glorious Chaos surrounding you for miles while you seek this
glorious node, this plane that I myself have seen with my own tired eyes. In the first
case, ye shall need years of your own labor while you build with your own hands an
altar carved from a single Onyx weighing no less than a ton. Ye must curse it with
the most vile of magics (and I shan?t tell ye which for if ye read this and know not,
ye shan?t be prying the Secrets I hold). In the second ye need gold and ye need all of
it. All of the gold that the countryside holds, ye must melt it and all of it and no
less. Every gold bit and coin and tool must ye melt down from countryside round.
And all must be taken from it?s owner by force, ye must murder the holders of gold. It
is their soul, foul wretch, not their gold you must hold but they put such value in
gold that it serves. In the third Death and ye?ll need plenty of This. Ye shall need no
less than one thousand deaths in all. Five hundred of these deaths may be given at
any time ye choose, yet all must die on the Altar you cursed. Of these, no less than
fifty must be given freely from their suicidal owners who wish the world turned
asunder. Five hundred others must be taken at once, you must lure them to your
Altar and kill them at once! I myself murdered thousands upon thousands so that
Army?s would venture to my clutches. Choose whatever stratagem ye may but
know that they all must die. With your armies and their armies there will be
Chaos for miles and your own dead may make the equation. Within the hour the
five hundredth death ye must cast ye four wishes after smoking of the Lotus. The
first that your mind shall utterly fail, that the Dark One may bend it to his. The
second that your body shall be turned into dust and this Plane shall ye nevermore
seek. The third is your soul, which Dread Tharzidun shall eat and you have but an
hour before All-Consumption. The fourth is the glory to be transported there to the
bosom of our Lord, where your soul will set him free!

aim to please once again :D

Still here? Wow.
(1/7/03 7:12:47 am)
Re: Festrath
In my campaign he used to be a cleric of EEE (or more precisely my variant), but he saw the light (or should I say the darkness?) in the room of the Obelisk. The experience down there gave him the new domains and the new holy symbol. Where did he get the holy symbol of Tharizdun? Who knows... :evil

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