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Here for a while
(12/31/02 11:53:50 am)
Doppleganging a player
As I mentioned in another post ( ), I'm thinking of having Dunrat use Maridosen to attack my party overnight in the Welcome Wench. Maridosen's cover is pretty much blown, so if he doesn't use her now, he's lost his chance.

Two members of the party (a wizard and a fighter/rogue) are not staying at the WW. An idea I had to make the fight interesting for everyone was to have the wizard's player run Maridosen for the fight, and have the other player run the Jaroo doppleganger, in the form of his own chracter (the F/R). I'll tell the player that he's under some sort of compulsion to assist Maridosen, and attack the party sneakily. I'd have to keep track of the difference in BABs, and make sure that I "correct" some hits into misses, as well as the different HP totals.

Is this kind of thing workable? Presumably they'd eventually figure out that something's wrong with the fighter/rogue, especially when he doesn't remember the fight the next day (Dunrat doesn't know where the F/R and Wizard are staying -- they've rented a room at the back of Jinnerth's shop).

Another option is to let the F/R player in on it. He's a pretty good roleplayer, so I don't think I have to worry about him letting on about the DG in town (the party hasn't even met Jaroo, Yundi or Elmo yet), and that way he could keep track of the differences without letting anyone else know, and he could take better advantage of the doppleganger's abilities (especially the +4/+4 1d6+1 slam attacks).

The f/r character weilds a masterwork bastardsword, with an engraving -- I figure a DC20 spot check to notice that Jaroo is using a different sword each time Jaroo attacks someone would be reasonable?

Maridosen is an F3, and the Doppleganger is CR3, so against the other 4 members of the party (F2/R2, R4, Bbn4, C4), it should be a tough fight considering that the party will be out of armor, and the cleric won't have prayed yet (and he cast himself dry the night before healing everyone).

Here for a while
(12/31/02 12:23:53 pm)
Re: Doppleganging a player
Personally, I'd vote for the second option (letting the player in on it). That would be what I'd do in my campaign as well (also very strong RPers). This would allow even more deception during the fight as he could start looking to aid the party only to turn on them in the worst moment(s). Trying to correct everything from your end is asking for a painful session, IMHO.

The only bummer might be if Jaroo doesn't get killed here, you do have a player with intimate knowledge of his abilities. Even with good roleplayers, this can be hard to ignore. So, maybe don't let him in much on Jaroo's role in town and motivations that aren't directly related to getting rid of the party. :)

As for that spot check, I'd personally not make that automatic unless it's something normally very obvious. An engraving isn't something that I'd think would be something someone would notice in the heat of combat unless it was etched in a different color. I'd only allow those kinds of rolls if someone asks you about that or other details that Jaroo wouldn't know about or be able to duplicate.

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