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Here for a while
(1/1/03 12:53:25 pm)
Where does Utreshimon go?
If Utreshimon is driven off from the moathouse, but not killed, where does he go? Presumably he'll disappear for a while to lick his wounds, but I'd imagine he'd come back to hunt the party down -- but when and where?

The guy from Belgium
Looking around
(1/1/03 12:58:21 pm)
Re: Where does Utreshimon go?
a dragon lives a long time

considering how he is only a young dragon and stuff...

he'll track the party down from great altitude and decide what their most used route into and out of for example hommlet is.

remember that he has the burrowing ability

so let him dig in near the road half an hour before the party approached the location

also remember he has blindsight and the hover ability, so you want to hit them on a piece of road with a lot of dust and debris around

just before they approach his location, have them make a spot check to see the newly dug out soil or something (high dc)

then have big U pop up from underneath them (preferably) and make them try balance checks or fall prone and the likes, fly upwards with big U and have him breath down lightning on the prone party members (-2 or -4 to their saves)

then make him hover and extract a bloody vengeance!

it will work like a charm, trust me, i speak from experience, but beware, it might cost some of your party's lives !

Here for a while
(1/1/03 1:24:24 pm)
Re: Where does Utreshimon go?
If you read the Best of the Boards threat, someone came up with the idea of Big U taking over the Temple of Elemental Evil and making the hobgoblins his minions.

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