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Looking around
(1/3/03 11:25:34 am)
Recovered Temple map question
I have been staring at the Recovered Temple maps for far too long now, and have yet to find an answer to one nagging question...
Where do the stairs in Room 18 come from????
Lining up the "North" arrows on the maps, I cannot figure out how my players will get to this area. I know I am looking too hard at this, so someone please help before what's left of my sanity slips away...


Here for a while
(1/3/03 12:13:03 pm)
Re: Recovered Temple map question
The southeast passage of room 17 (which eventually heads straight east). Note the down stairs on the far left-hand part of the map. They must turn to the north before reaching 18. I'm not sure the maps are supposed to lie right on top of one another and I don't have my ToEE maps with me right now so can't match it up from the original adventure...

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Looking around
(1/3/03 12:26:49 pm)
Re: Recovered Temple map question
I thought that as well, but...

Room 17) "The blocked passage to the southwest was once a staircase going up to the level above."


Room 18) Described as "Entry into Lower Level". The stairs leading into this area "descend onto a wide landing..." Further, the Ropers attack "...a victem at the bottom of the stairs..." in this room. Clearly it is lower than the last room.

My question is: Descend from where? If the stairs in 17 go up...

Can't leave now (mod)
(1/3/03 12:50:49 pm)
Re: Recovered Temple map question
You're confusing the rubble in the southwest corner with the stairs to the southeast. Doublecheck your compass orientation.

According to the original description of the stairs in area 17: "The exit at the southeast corner of the lamia chamber opens into a 10' wide corridor, jogging south and continuing east, which ends in a set of stairs. The stairs descend 20 feet and turn northward, continuing down to Dungeon Level Four, area 401."

Area 401 is area 18 in RttoEE.

So neither map shows that the stairs turn northward, it just happens.

-Thrommel, who could stand to jog south and continue east himself.

Looking around
(1/3/03 1:01:12 pm)
Re: Recovered Temple map question
<TeraRanger spins his mental compass like the Wheel of Fortune...> Ahhh.... now it makes sense. The maps not lining up, and the obvious confusion on by part concerning East and West, had me thinking those steps to the SouthEast were the blocked steps. Thanks for the inclusion of the original description, it makes things much clearer.

-TeraRanger, who also tried jogging south and continuing east, but ran into imaginary rubble ...

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