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The guy from Belgium
Here for a while
(1/4/03 5:41:35 am)
a problem with the timeline!
ok guys, some help here!

i don't know if you've had the time to read my logs so far (few threads below this one)

but i've got a problem with the schedule!

in my campaign, my party has been wrongfully accused of multiple murders in the moathouse. the cultists framed them for the murder of the miller, his wife and several cultmembers who were 'executed' in the basement. The witnesses the cult provided were pretty convincing (the doppleganger as a passerby who heard the party discussing robbing the rich miller blind and disposing of witnesses, and vacra who changed herself into a miller's aid and barely escaped the slaughter herself.) On top of that the victims didn't have any arms or equipment and stuff...

so the justicar of verbobonc was confronted with a indicted paladin, a cleric, two casters and a monk who claimed to be innocent and who didn't have a motive (they had money of their own, ruining the motive)

he then decided to believe the paladin (for details, check my logs) and be lenient!

the party now has three months to prove their innocence!

BUT, here's my real problem: as in the real world, the courts are SLOW! so they've been in jail awaiting their trial for more than three weeks and now they'll have to spend some time collecting evidence of their innocence!

how should this affect the campaign? the doomdreamers will already be at the ruined temple (which has already been cleared), so they might have already commenced clearing the first node or something... the point is, there will be increased activity in the temple by now, as the party has lost precious time

by the time they've cleared the temple of all consumption, multiple nodes will already be opened...

but to state the problem: my party wants to head back to the temple, just to make sure they haven't missed anything... and to contact some goblins they left behind to act as character witnesses... WHAT if they stumble upon the well, and invetigate and head down and meet the excavation crew, which WILL slaughter an 8th level party?

it's not like i regret framing them, but should i delay the doomdreamer's plan a little?

because basically, time IS of the essence here!

Here for a while
(1/4/03 5:52:05 am)
Re: a problem with the timeline!
As near as I can tell, the module is pretty time-flexible at the point where you are -- you don't have to start the Recovered Temple clock until after the party has started the TOAC. The Doomdreamers just haven't figured out that that's where they need to be to release Tharizdun yet.

Considering how much punishment they're in for from the timeline once they start the TOAC (basically, every day they're healing/crafting/shopping is a restock day at the temple), you might want to give them a break at this point.

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