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Still here? Wow.
(1/6/03 8:03:57 am)
Game Plan (the hunt is on)
Ok, if you've been following my campaign thread recently, you'll discover that I've another week to plan and figure out what I'm doing.

Here's a brief recap for those who don't want to read up. The group departed the Outer Fane last session, after offing Naquient, the Minotaurs, the Naga, the Elder Earth Elemental and Bethe. Hedrack was attacked and driven from his quarters (having to Word of Recall for his very life from the paws of a dire bear).

They exited the Earth Door, and fought a running battle against Chymon across the length of the Earth Bridge. I didn't kill anyone (save the Dire Tiger and Dire Bear), but I came dang close and scared them half to death. Eventually, the Shifter escaped by becomming a Troll (and convincing Chymon that he works here, and would hunt down the Hippogriff that passed by...his last form), while the rest of the group dove under the Stalagos and swam/walked along the bottom to avoid Chymon. The Stalagos is deep and murky, so I gave them that even a dragon's senses can't see them that far down.

So, here's the question. They entered the Outer Fane in the morning. It's now about Noon. Shifter (in Troll form, his last change for the day) is hiding in the Water Temple area. Remainder of party is in the Earth Temple (I may amend this to the Water Temple, since I realized that this would represent an earlier chance to get out of the water under cover, possably on a single breath for the non-water breathers).

What's my plan now? Varachan hasn't shown his hand yet, and Chymon's out hunting the PCs, but knows not where to look. I'm thinking of having Chymon make a beeline for Rastor, thinking the PCs got past her, and then (when there's no sign of them) leveling the town out of sheer frustration...the PCs can see a huge pillar of smoke when they emerge from the mines, and I don't think there's anyone there who can even slow her down.

As for Hedrack, he doesn't know yet that Chymon has failed to stop them, but he's sure to have Varachan scry for them yet again, and will be quite upset to find them alive, well, and in the Water Temple area. What do I send after them? How would you handle this?

There's two time frames that are critical.

The afternoon, when Tsindin is going to try to get 8 hours and able to cast again (the Sorceress). She'll be ready for action again by evening, but right now she only has 1 4th level slot left.

Between Midnight (Remem for Hedrack) and Dawn (Remem for Lyssa the Cleric and the two Druids).

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

Here for a while
(1/6/03 8:43:42 am)
Re: Game Plan (the hunt is on)
Two questions:

Who (other than Hedrack, who's not going hunting, thank you very much, unless ordered to by the First or T himself) is left alive in the Outer Fane?

What spells do they (Heddy + any other casters) have prepared that can a)last a while or b) inflict doom at a distance?

I love the Chymon-razes-Rastor idea


Still here? Wow.
(1/6/03 10:04:45 am)
Re: Game Plan (the hunt is on)
So far, the only OF casualties are:

Ukemil and the Lions
Both Assassins
Both Naga
the Minotaurs
the Elder Earth Elemental

When things calm down (probably right after midnight and the mem of a Planar Ally), Heddy is going to have to replace the EEE as a door guard. He's less worried about the Naga as he's fairly sure nobody's coming in the Water Door.

Hedrack has already burned most of his good short-term buffs, and has his fairly standard spell selection to draw from...I haven't altered it much. I'll have to go back and review the thread myself to see what I have left there. Before anyone asks, they took Naquient's and Bethe's corpses in a sack with them, so Raise/Res is right out.

So far, the Drow, the Devil, the Succubus, the Annis, the Stalkers, the Ogres and the Arrowhawks have prettymuch done *nothing* about the assault. Hedrack was in the process of gathering some of them up to go chase down the PCs...and was discovering they were gone around about the point when the PCs emerged in the Water Temple.

I'm also thinking about turning out the Spider Eater Riders, having both the inner and outer rings of the Stalagos literally "abuzz" with troops trying to spot the PCs. I'm going to see if I can drive them into either staying in the CRM or into being "creative" in how they retreat.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

Here for a while
(1/6/03 10:15:31 am)
Re: Game Plan (the hunt is on)
I would give the party a full day's rest. They had quite a fight and fright in the Outer Fane and managed to flee with only the loss of a couple of animal companions (although not insignificant, better than a PC). I think Hedrack would wait until Chymon returns before sending out any force. Can Varachan stall for a day or two in the scrying? Perhaps, he could injure himself and say that he is too worn out and tapped on spells (quite believable since he has none). I doubt Hedrack would waste cures on him, even from some magical items.

I like the idea of Chymon razing Rastor, but even they she is chaotic evil, she is also very intelligent. Chances are that she realizes Rastor is meant as a real-world buffer to the Doomdreamers' plans and might not destroy the town out of hand. She could, however, get permission from Hedrack, then bring along a rider (Dirass?) to pull out whatever agents the ToAC has left in the town (covertly) before razing it. These are the effects from destroying Rastor:

1. Chymon is able to somewhat assuage her anger, and failure.
2. It punishes the PC's for failing to stop Chymon. This is important because it lets them know that their actions, inactions, or failures have more consequences than just themselves or just getting bruised up and allowed to fight again. They certainly will not forget it, especially if they were friends with the townspeople.
3. The ToAC has now played its hand. It informs the world that they exist and must be dealt with. This should only be done if they are very close to fruition. In fact, it is possible that the Inner Fane is gone by the time the PC's return from the Recovered Temple.

"I'm also thinking about turning out the Spider Eater Riders, having both the inner and outer rings of the Stalagos literally "abuzz" with troops trying to spot the PCs. I'm going to see if I can drive them into either staying in the CRM or into being "creative" in how they retreat."

That'll be a lot of fun suspense. The party will hear/see a lot of action around the entire CRM. If they decide to take out a few scouts, they risk alerting the temple of their location (each set of scouts assigned an area and if some don't return...even if the combat itself is not detected). On the other hand, this makes for a great RP session where the party could replace some scouts in an intelligence gather mission.

PS Kudos to your party for their quick thinking and effective retreat. I especially liked Bryan shifting into a Kuo-toa and then a troll to bluff Chymon. Very good.

PPS You're almost on your 9th page! What's the limit, 10 or 20?

Still here? Wow.
(1/7/03 12:15:00 am)
Re: Game Plan (the hunt is on)
I think I'd send off the drow, supported by the ogres. I'd have one stalker tag along with strict instructions NOT to commit itself to combat unless it stood a good chance of winning. Its main purpose should be to watch at a distance and carry the intelligence back to Hedrack. Of course, if it can bring a downed PC along, it'll just be better.

Hedrack has to play a dangeropus game here. He must hold the Outer Fane for as long as possible, but it's still not the main thing. Even the Inner Fane can be sacrificeed as long as the PCs romp around at Mt. Stalagos rather than head off to Hommlet and the Recovered Temple.

Consequently, he can't throw too much at the PCs lest he leave himself too exposed. Using the drow in the mines seems like a good use of their talents - better, I think, than sending them off into the open.

Oh, and using the Spider Eater Riders is almost a must. The constant drone of the wings, the shouts of the riders... Ahhh.

Siobharek is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

Here for a while
(1/7/03 6:39:19 am)
Re: Game Plan (the hunt is on)
How about:

SERs buzz the entire crater, more or less continually - taking one of these babies out without getting noticed will be tricky - they're huge and there are a lot of them about, so much stealth necessary...the PCs probably retreat into the CRM away from ways into the crater. SERs should be sent to aerially cover every known way into the CRM on both sides of the crater ridge...and if they go missing, this will be spotted by patrolling SERs fairly quickly.

Before or after scry attempt by H or V -
Succubus takes Dwarf form (for instance, if the PCs were known to be on friendly terms with the Rastor Dwarves and/or there are any Dwarves occupying the Temple of Moradin) and goes scouting...
if she runs across the PCs (and is spotted) she won't even TRY any charm/sugestion/combat - she'll stall for the few seconds it takes her to Teleport back to Hedrack and tell him EXACTLY where the PCs were - if they don't move, and move NOW, they're getting a visitor.

Heddy can then either Planar Ally, and/or send the Drow - while the Succubus is gone, the Cornugon can be given 'guardianship' of the Chamber of Hate - I don't see him being biddable as he's a visitor and spy.

Chymon has a door to guard, (possibly after a tantrum in Rastor) but could be sent out to wait on the Fire bridge in case of trouble in the crater - Heddy can wait in her lair until she returns - guarding the Door and her loot...

That should give the PCs food for thought - they're prey now and somewhat trapped, plus they've roused an enemy that strikes back...but they shouldn't get wiped out unless they panic and show up on 'SERadar', bringing waves of enemies down on them.


Can't leave now (mod)
(1/8/03 10:43:23 am)
Re: Game Plan (the hunt is on)
I've meant to post on this, but time has been in a crunch lately.

I think Varachan may need to take a chance and lie to Hedrack about the status of the party --- either he can't scry them at all ("Gee, they must be under some sort of non-detection effect like forbiddance") or he gives a false location (like Verbobonc).

I like having the spider riders buzzing the area, and Rastor burning is great. To be honest, I don't think that would tip off the cult's location. No one gives one whit about Rastor, except the doomdreamers.

As low on cleric spells as the party is, I don't think they can take another combat -- even after midnight. They need a night's rest.

Plus, Hedrack's strategy of keeping the forces on their home turf in the Fanes is working.

He's going to let them bring the battle to them, and take some steps to better seal off their escape route. (Drow on spider riders anyone?)

He's expecting their 'A game' so he's going bring his.

-Thrommel, who couldn't even make the B-squad.

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