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Here for a while
(1/6/03 8:36:39 pm)
Krynn and the Temple
Been a while since I updated, so here goes:

The Players:
Ulfgar - Human, Pal6 of Kiri-Jolith
Anna - Qualinesti Elf, Rog3/Wiz3
Teera - Human Clr7 of Mishakel
Starwind - Human Rng2/Brb4
Quixmael - Tinker Gnome Drd5

Riven - Human Rog2/Sor2
Gadrick - Hill Dwarf Ftr5

Up to this point, they have done the following:

Hommlet - didn't find the missing miller, ignored Jaroo. I had to hit them over the head with all the surviving cultists to make a point (and a White Dragon with a Dragonrider).

Moathouse - Killed Big U, resealed the Obelisk. Chat had a little accident with getting away after killing Anna.

Nulb - Killed Wat (not permanent) and beat up Lareth (who escaped after interrogation). They thought Lareth was a hermit of some sort.

Old Temple - Quixmael rode up as a scout, insulted the entire facility and then rode off. After an invisible scouting, the entire warrior complement and dire ape assaulted the party while they were camping. Deaths 2 & 3 were Riven (invisible sneak attack on Dire Ape; failed by 3 hp to kill it and was then rended apart) and Ulfgar's Paladin Mount (which was acquired only the session before!).
The rest of the Old Temple was an anticlimax with various looting etc. Two of the players have done the original ToEE and commented "what? that's all there is?".

There was a long break while we rotated GMs and have now restarted.

After several random encounters (a wagon of coal heading north - information gathering, displacer beasts - killed, and Dragonne - negotiated and bribed), they reached Rastor; realised there were half-goblins and goblins living with the humans and dwarves and kept riding. Amazing what racial prejudice does for paranoia.
*play note - there are no orcs or half-orcs in Krynn, so I generally substitute Draconians, but they didn't fit here.

The party get to the Main Gate. Quixmael and Starwind go up to check out the situation. Quix listens and hears barking voices talking; Starwind rings the knocker.

Needless to say things get a little messy. Quix casts Obscuring Mist and runs; Starwind trys to attack and then also retreats.
Standing on the plain, they see Mereclar and the Howler stand outside the entrance and note they have retreated.

Quixmael starts using Call Lightning to nuke the entrance and arrow slits.
The first strike leaves the gates on 1 hp; Ulfgar charges with his lance and sunders through the last section of door. He then wins initiative and manages to avoid being skewered by the Ballistae before retreating. He returns with about 3 lb of wood shards hanging out of his shield and armour from ineffective arrow strikes.

A made a small mistake at this point; since they stood there for 20-30 mins and the gate guard don't have mounts, I had them call for reinforcements. A Monster Summon VII (Huge Earth Elemental). I realised afterwards there are no casters in the Earth Temple capable of this, but wanted a good challenge to give them a wake-up call.

Ulfgar attempts to carve up the elemental, but is only carrying a MW greatsword at this point (he returned several major items to the Knights of Solamnia in a previous side-trek instead of claiming them as loot). 60+ points of damage later, Starwind charges in to cover the now dying Ulfgar but is dismounted by a casual blow due to reach. Quix starts using Produce Flame and throwing flaming bolts at it (which is the only significant damage inflicted on it).

Further carnage as first Anna (AoO taking her to -9 hp) and then Teera move in to pick up the pieces, healing Anna back to full with one cure spell.
More carnage and in the end Starwind lies dead on -22 hp, two light warhorses and a warpony lie dead and the time limit on the Elemental expires.
Lucky for the party, even at a run it took 9 rounds for the Elemental to reach the party and it only got to attack for 4 rounds.

I awarded full XP for the elemental, since there was no chance of encountering the wizard who sent it.

Quix then used his remaining Call Lightnings to cause a landslide and buried the Main Gate. Its going to take a week or two for them to dig it out enough to use again.

Game advancement at this point:
Starwind has to decide whether to come back or not and I have another player thinking of retiring and coming back as a boom-boom sorcerer (which they are badly lacking at the moment).

Teera is casting Lesser Planar Ally and is going to ask it to scout the complex and bring back a report.

Questions: what should I ask as payment for this task and how much information should I give her?
I was thinking a sketch of the CRM and a few notes that the South Gate is more heavily guarded.

'Neath Southern Skies

Here for a while
(1/7/03 3:18:18 pm)
Re: Krynn and the Temple
It will probably give her info on the Main Gate and South Gate only saying that, like you said, the South Gate is more heavily guarded. Shouldn't cost much for this, but since it will be an outsider devoted to Mishakel, the cost should be in line with Mishakel's goals. I think Mishakel is a godess of healing so some suggestions:
- remove Tambrosh addiction ("Rastor has a sickness that must be cleansed" or something like that)
- spend one day helping sick and injured
- go to goblin camp and help sick and injured there for one day (this sounds interesting)
If you have any character sub-plots going on, you could tie any one of them into this as well. Hope this helps.

Zag:rollin ig

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