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Here for a while
(1/6/03 8:52:59 pm)
CRM Situation, What Do YOU Think I Should Do Next?
Ok, I have of course not posted to my campaign log in months but I have been working on some sort of monster update to get me caught up.... (where are my notes?)

Anyhow, my group is very much alive and have entered in the Southern Entrance, Defeated the Air Temple handily, discovered the Dwarven Complex, and have Demolished the Psionic Lich and the Copper/Neg. Energy Areas.... thanks a bunch for that, it was just great! I never liked the orcs except for the "machine" and I will use that somewhere else when the replacements start coming....

So the group has been inside for over a week and they open up the door that leads to the gnoll guards and the Fire Door complex....

A HUGE battle breaks out and in the end there is a tad bit of a stalemate with the party retreating and the NEW leader taking charge...

Essentially Sllaazhh (something like that, right?) is in charge... with the three other trolls all alive...

D'Gran was defeated as well as many of the guards, Tippish died, as well as the dino's, and both giants...

The only ones left are Slaazh, Krall, two other trolls, 4 gnolls (2 injured), 6 human warriors, the wolverine (I made it Slaazh's pet instead) and Heunar (wounded).

At the end of the battle (one which Slaazh stayed back and did not attack, and the party noticed!) Slaazh then approached and told the already retreating party to withdraw, that the fight was over and that he was the NEW leader here... The party complied before they got whipped and Krall barred the door.

The party plans on finishing them off but has given them overnight while they lick thier wounds... Krall still has his dust of disappearance and I thought about sending him off to trail them to the secret door to the Dwarven Complex where the party holes up way too often in.... I'd love to ambush them overnight with the remainder of the force but is there something else....

Anyhow, I don't want them walking over the rest of the door guards and I have at least 24 games hours to play with...

What should I do? I want it to have some punch...


Still here? Wow.
(1/7/03 12:18:50 am)
Re: CRM Situation, What Do YOU Think I Should Do Next?
I think you've hit it squarely on the head: Use Kraal and his dust, find the PCs, hit 'em. Seems like your party has been very active and quite succesful, so it might be a good time to take off the kid gloves.

Oh, and I'd really like to know how the lich/golem/machine setup went :) My group passed the entire area, so I look forward to read how one group, at least, played the area.

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Here for a while
(1/8/03 10:16:00 am)
Re: CRM Situation, What Do YOU Think I Should Do Next?
Is there any chance that Fire Temple might be able to help OR that Slaazh goes to the Fire Door and begs fro help there?

What occurs if the Fire Door is overthrown?


Here for a while
(1/8/03 11:13:40 am)
Re: CRM Situation, What Do YOU Think I Should Do Next?
I wouldn't think Slaazh would go, but he'd send Heunar. Perhaps the help he seeks could be a raise dead for Tippesh (D'Gran cannot be raised as an outsider I believe) and a couple of salamanders. In return, all of the remaining forces would be permanently tied to the Fire Temple and they must deliver the live sacrifices to the temple. That would probably start scaring your party a lot if suddenly in the next combat, Slaazh uses the side of his blade to deal subdual damage.

Btw, I apologize if you explain this elsewhere, but Krall doesn't have dust of disappearance. Slaazh, however, has dust of tracelessness.

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