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Here for a while
(1/9/03 12:29:56 am)
Another thought on supply lines in the CRM
In another campaign, we recently ran into a problem transporting loot out of a demon's keep. Not having a wizard to cast Teleport, it dawned on my character that several celestials can Teleport Without Error at will (with up to 50 lbs of gear). Being 9th level, that's about 200 lbs per casting:
1 round to describe the destination
1 round to teleport away with 50 lbs of loot
1 round to come back for more
Rinse, repeat
Now, our cultists obviously can't go around summoning angels. Sadly, they're sorely lacking in the arcane spellcasting department. And unfortunately, demons and devils don't share their counterparts' teleportation abilities. But, succubi do.
At worst, The First can summon 3 succubi/day (using summon monster VIII). That's roughly 20 round-trips* they can make at 50 lbs a trip...for a whopping 1000 lbs of teleporting goodness every day! That should be more than enough to supply the hard-to-reach troops for a while.
Additionally, this method will help the CRM keep a low-profile. No huge wagons filled with foodstuffs ever need drive up to the old volcano--just send the succubi to your off-site storerooms to pick up the goods, and then have them distribute to your henchmen.
At best, someone might remember the succubus sitting in area 38 (the Chamber of Hate) and put her to work.
*(15 rounds/casting, minus one round to describe destination, that's 14/2 = 7 round-trips per casting)

The guy from Belgium
Here for a while
(1/9/03 1:41:00 am)
Re: Another thought on supply lines in the CRM
i read this somewhere:

there's no need for huge wagon trips in any case

the spider eaters, working in pairs, can haul huge freights...

just let them use a large net that they hold between them so the can transport the required goods at a safe altitude, or at a lower one, doubling as scouts for the entire area

as i said, this idea is not my credit, just repeating it for your use...

Still here? Wow.
(1/9/03 7:23:35 am)
Re: Another thought on supply lines in the CRM
Transport to.

Gather stuff.

Word of Recall the lot back to one's "sanctuary".

Clerics do have their own variety of teleport.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

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