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Looking around
(1/9/03 10:37:36 am)
Finally back!
After a one year pause from active gaming, I finally got to run a few sessions with the new group, I'm assembling. We're going to start up the RttToEE on Sunday and I cannot wait to restart this module.

As some might remember, I shared my thoughts and experiences from the summer-long sessions of RttToEE during summer 2001. This time my group is much smaller (3 players at the moment as opposed to the 8 in the old). My approach is going to be pretty much the same as last time, though:

- Based in the Chondath/Sespech area of the FR next to the Chondalwood. My old conversions should still do fine and I'm happy to see that many new and detailed ideas have flourished in all the time I've been gone from these boards....
- Personal character hooks established beforehand to tie the PCs into the story of Chondath, Sespech, Hommlet and/or the Temple of Elemental Evil and its history.

And I'm looking forward to seeing whether or not we'll have another near-TPK at the Moathouse like the first time around.

The group looks like this (the players here start out at 6th level - that should be necessary based on the experiences last time around when the group started at 4th but was double the size):

Human Fighter 5/Sorcerer 1
Moon-elf Rogue 4/Fighter 2
Human Cleric 4/Paladin 2 (NPC)
(I expect the last player to roll up an arcane spellcaster)

as opposed to the old groups:

Tiefling Rogue 3
Aasimar Paladin 3
Aasimar Sorcerer 3
Wild Elf Druid 4
Gold Dwarf Cleric of Moradin 4
Human Fighter 4 (killed in Moathouse, replaced with Human Cleric of Mask 5)
Human Barbarian 3/Ranger 1 (killed in Moathouse, replaced with Human Monk 5)

The second was one fun group, but I hope this second time will be as much fun. Well, now I've rambled enough. Good gaming!


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