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Looking around
(1/11/03 4:49:40 am)
Primordial Evil
Since I mentioned, the Primordial Evil, and another of it's manifestations (Zarrock - from where I took my nick), I thought I should post the deity here. He's pretty much completely the opposite of Tharizdun (even though, they are "related" IMC).

(Greater Deity of the Abyss)

The Primordial Evil, The Evil One, Lord of the Triple Z

Symbol: A golden eight-pointed star surrounded by swirling red and black mist

Alignment: NE (formerly CE)

Portfolio: Ambition, Corruption, Evil, Force, Mental Power, Time, Vengeance

Domains: Destruction, Evil, Force, Mentalism, Retribution, Time

Favored Weapon: "Staff of Zarrock” (Quarterstaff) or “The Ancient’s Teeth” (Dagger)

Zarrock (saa-ROCK) is an enigmatic god of pure evil. He is incredibly old and his knowledge is immense. His cool, cynical and calculating intellect carries through most of his schemes with clinical precision. Zarrock is also a great philosopher and carries the mannerisms of an aristocratic wizard. He is a very active deity, having learned to act quickly during his brief time as a mortal being. The arrogance and righteousness of the gods of goodness, angers Zarrock, he is convinced that Evil is a natural force of the multiverse that should be respected and admired. The false light of these gods has blinded the truth of existence and Zarrock shall bring the real truth – his truth - to the people of Faerűn.

Zarrock’s church is undergoing massive restructuring. The core clergy of Zarrock – the Retaliators – rule the forces of Zarrock with an iron fist rooting out the weak and the inefficient. In spite of the setbacks it has suffered in recent years, Zarrock’s church is thriving. The followers of Zarrock are determined and intelligent people furthering the church’s hunger for new knowledge and power. Inside the church younger followers are always encouraged to act patiently and intelligently – to strike against the enemy at the perfect time to maximise the damage caused. Clerics of Zarrock will ally with anyone if they see fit and any method is acceptable – no matter how cruel or despicable. Many evil outsiders make their way into the ranks the Zarokian clergy or support the armed forces of Zarrock – The Orders of Zarrock or the legions of Thenol and Hellgate Keep.
Zarokian clerics pray for spells at any time during the evening. The clergy of Zarrock celebrate two holy days: The Day of Ascendancy, the day on which Zarrock entered Toril, and the Dawn of New Truths, marking the Fall and Rebirth of Zarrock. The Day of Ascendancy is celebrated on the 7th day of Kythorn and the Dawn of New Truths on the 5th day of Mirtul. At these great gatherings members of the clergy are required to present their personal achievements since the last holy day. The clerics are then rewarded or punished according to their achievements. Failures are immediately eliminated. The church of Zarrock has no patience for ritual sacrifice. Zarrock's clerics often multiclass as psions, psychic warriors and wizards.

History/Relationships: Zarrock is an ancient entity, his essence stretching back to the dawn of time when the Primordial Evil was imprisoned on the last plane of the Abyss. He is believed to have been among one of the first Abyssal Lords and it is thought that he fell from grace because he was entangled in the plot of one of the first, great evil gods. For millennia he struggled to regain his power and during this time he even had to endure a short time of mortal existence. The exact details of his return to power are known to few. Most think he is a powerful interloper god with fiendish origins, little do they know that he carries in him some of the essence of the Primordial Evil – a mixed blessing even for a god of utmost evil. Zarrock would like to unite the Gods of Evil under his rule and deems it necessary to eliminate Bane, whom he considers a fool, and Talos, whom he deems inefficient and damaging to the cause of evil.
All the good gods are enemies to Zarrock – especially Mystra and her servants, whose portfolios he craves along with the portfolios of death, the dead and intrigue. He carries a strange admiration for Cyric and has developed a perverted (and mutual) attraction to Shar; truth is, he might have been destroyed during the fall of Castle Ironguard, Zarrock’s first Abyssal realm, had she not protected him.

Dogma: Promote the truth of Zarrock and thereby vanquish the false power of the gods of goodness. Serve Zarrock and evil for they are the same. Always seek new power and with it bring the truth to the unknowing – in death or in life matters not for with time Zarrock shall encompass all. Let the power of your mind mirror the genius of Zarrock and let the force of your ability show his might. Strike down with vengeance those who will not listen, or corrupt their souls so that in their own darkness and fall they shall know the truth. Accept no excuses for failure and root out all that will hinder the cause.

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