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Here for a while
(1/11/03 10:09:28 am)
Tharizdun and Nyarlathotep
In my campaign, Tharizdun is Nyarlathotep, a deity from the Cthulhu Mythos. Nyarlathotep has a thousand forms (his "masks") or more, and Tharizdun is merely one of them.

Does anyone else use this (or something similar) in their campaigns?

"Never punish creativity."

Looking around
(1/11/03 10:14:37 am)
Re: Tharizdun and Nyarlathotep
Tharizdun has a FR equivalent
There may be some other examples in earth based myths

Here for a while
(1/11/03 4:34:13 pm)
Call of Cthulu & the Temple
I'm using Azathoth as Tharizdun and Nyarlathotep as The Elder Elemental Eye. And Cthulu as the Water aspect, Shub-Niggurath as the Earth aspect, and two lesser known gods as Fire and Air.

You can check out the thread about my campaign, once I've posted it ;) .

Here for a while
(1/12/03 4:58:01 am)
to Lost Soul
Great idea! Have you considered using Cthuga for the fire aspect and Ithaqua (or even Hastur) as the air aspect?

Looking around
(1/12/03 12:02:31 pm)
I'm using the Cthulhu mythos...
...but in a pretty wierd way. The Cthulhu "pantheon" exists only in the future. But my players have already started to encounter evidence that something Really Wierd (TM) occurs in the next several thousand years or so. This will all eventually be explained to them when the campaign moves into its post-RTToEE phase. I've already integrated the Sanity rules, which has made every Will save a real adventure.

If there's interest, I'll lay out the details. But let's just say that the PC's just might conclude that letting Tharizdun out may not be the worst thing that ever happened.... :evil

Here for a while
(1/12/03 2:23:22 pm)
Re: to Lost Soul
That's exactly it. Although I don't find Cthuga or Ithoqua to be as "cool" or "scary" as Shub and Cthulu, we'll see what the players think. I think I'm going to have to read the stories in which Cthuga and Ithoqua are mentioned.

edit: Hmm, I haven't even thought about using Hastur for the air aspect. I'll look into that; the King in Yellow looks pretty cool...

Edited by: LostSoul at: 1/12/03 2:24:24 pm
Here for a while
(1/12/03 7:37:42 pm)
I just posted about this, missed this thread. I think best fit for Tharizdun is Hastur, but Nyarlathotep works as well... Now should I slip Cthugha in place of Imix at ToEE? :evil


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