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Here for a while
(1/12/03 12:18:28 pm)
They took BOTH gates!
My group reached the CRM last night, and I still can't believe what they did. Two of them are young players, about fifteen, while the rest of us are in our mid twenties. They learned (I hope) that you never, never, split the party.

Two of them, the sorcerer and ranger, wanted to talk their way into the south gate. The rest just wanted to storm the main gate. One of them's a paladin and isn't too keen on pretending to worship the EEE. The sorcerer puts on a symbol of the EEE while the fighter used his Hat of Disguise to look like Tal Chammish.

Their plan was good, but they didn't know anything about how the CRM worked. They went in and said there were a band of adventurers attacking. Kellial came out and talked with them, recognizing Tal. Their plan was to get the guys at this gate to go help defend the main gate, and when they were out of their defensive positions fireball the lot of them.

Of course, Kellial just said 'That's Mereclar's problem.' He asked them some more questions and they had some BAD rolls on bluff checks. He took them down to see Fachish. He told them to touch the tapestries in the Air temple to see where thier loyalties lie. The sorcerer went first, and wandered off, confused. The ranger pulled his scimitar and slashed at the tapestries in defiance. The ogres pummeled him into unconsciousness.

The two of them awoke in the arena in area 84 :) . The gargoyles told them whoever won got to go free. The loser would be eaten. Suprisingly, the sorcerer won. A couple buffs got his AC up to 24, and a few invisibilities helped him get some distance. Finally the acid arrows and magic missiles overcame.

The sorcerer said he wanted to join the temple. They took him to the air temple and made him lay his hands on the altar and swear devotion to Tharizdun. He did so, and his mind was overcome by madness. He's an NPC now, and the Air temple has a new ally.

The other group had a heck of a time at the south gate. They moved in and the alarm was qucikly raised. All the guards from the arrow slits came out and started fighting. They almost had them beat down, when the main door opened. Nearly a dozen humans and gnolls came out. The driuid quickly Stone Shaped a barrier to block their charge.

The dwarf and elf noticed that Terryngit and his zombies were coming from area 11-12, and worked on them while the rest of the group (paladin, archer, and druid) finished off the guards. The barrier was being bombarded by ballista.

Soon the barrier came down, and out came Wormspike, mereclar, and the Howler. The druid was killed immediately. Wormspike didn't last long, but the howler nearly killed the paladin. Her and the archer ran down to the arrow slits, as the howler was too big to get at them. The guards ran down there and the bodies quickly piled up.

The elf and dwarf weren't having much trouble either. By the time they had hacked through the zombies, Terryngit had buffed with Bull's Strength, Endurance, Shield of Faith, and Prayer. He'd also inflicted Angry Ache on the elf (BOVD, -4 to attacks). With his AC up to 29! and the elf at penalties, they had some trouble with him. The elf finally just used ALchemist's fire to damage him, and after some lucky rolls he finally went down.

On the other side, Mereclar got off his howler to deal with the paladin and archer himself. He got a couple good hits in, but they took him down. With the master dead, the guards pulled into room six and shut the door. The howler wandered off outside after a few minutes, since its master was gone and there was nothing to eat. He pickup up a body and went off into the mountains.

So far, six character have gone down to the meatgrinder. And we are having a blast!

"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense." -- Buddha

"Nothing's a cliche when it's happening to you." -- Max Payne

Here for a while
(1/12/03 2:24:12 pm)
I like meatgrinders, keep it coming .... ;)

Here to stay
(1/12/03 9:31:04 pm)
Re: Funny...
"And we are having a blast!"

You're mad, I say, mad! :)

So, I take it even the sorcerer and fighter had fun? I guess the sorcerer would...he's probably puffed up his chest, clamoring how he bested in the fighter in one-on-one combat!

Here for a while
(1/13/03 9:12:14 am)
Re: Funny...
Oh yeah, they enjoyed it. At that point they pretty well knew that their characters were toast anyway, so they might as well go out with a bang. The sorcerer appearantly thought I'd let him keep his character in service to the temple. Not with the dark tendrils of Tharizdun in his mind!

The rest was a blast as well. One of those really good fights where you thought you were looking at a TPK, but the characters pull through in the end.

And while we've had six deaths so far, one of them is always doing stupid stuff. He dies virtually every game, and has for the last two years. Three out of the six deaths have been his. So far

- One to the dire ape in the ruined temple. (the stupid guy, though this was a fair death)
- One to the ghast under the moathouse - rogue stealthing alone when he should have been.
- One (the stupid guy again) leapt at the grell while it was floating 150' off the ground.
- One to the howler
- The two in the arena.

"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense." -- Buddha

"Nothing's a cliche when it's happening to you." -- Max Payne

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